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Pipette Tip Filter

Pipette tip filter is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sintering forming, compact structure, strong and lightweight, can withstand the high filtration pressure, non-toxic tasteless, the acid and alkali solvent has good corrosion resistance, can prevent liquid aerosols and contaminant into the liquid inside, this will help reduce the risk of cross contamination, make the products more health and safety.

Characteristic of Pipette tip filter

1.Material performance: PE with UHWM-PE as the main medium, with non-toxic odorless, no foreign body dissolution, physiological safety characteristics, in line with the requirements of GMP.

2.Chemical properties: PE filter medium has excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to all kinds of non-strong oxidizing acid, alkali resistance, aldehyde resistance, resistance to fat hydrocarbon, radiation resistance, etc., excellent chemical properties, resistance to organic solvents is also very good, under 80℃ can be resistant to ester ketone, ether and other organic solvents.

3.Temperature resistance: maximum 30min resistance to saturated steam temperature up to 130℃, long time continuous use of PE does not exceed 80℃.

4.Mechanical properties: good toughness and strength, impact resistance, installation and transportation is not easy to damage.

5.Filtration performance: the highest filtration accuracy up to 0.3 micron, high filtration efficiency, control the starting pressure can effectively remove 0.3 micron below the solid particles.

6.Physical properties: medium specific gravity is light, theoretical specific gravity is about 0.5-0.7g/ ml.

7.Regeneration performance: PE medium pores have the elasticity of microscopic expansion, can use water pressure, air pressure or water-pressure joint action for efficient reverse cleaning regeneration. It can use the appropriate concentration of acid to chemically dissolve the plugging material regeneration, so that the filter performance of the medium is restored as before, improve the service life of the medium.

8.Processing performance: can use turning, milling, planing, hot, hot fusion welding, bonding and other ways for secondary processing.

9.In summary, PE filter element aperture distribution is uniform, strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, has a strong resistance to organic solvent erosion ability. Production of large water treatment equipment, can use automatic or manual recoil slag removal method, solid particle recovery can use dry slag, do not need to change the filter element often, can be automated operation, low filtration cost advantages, well received by users.

Parameters of Pipette tip filter

110ul Pipette tip filter(F10-16, F10-18)1000 / bag
2200ul Pipette tip filter(F200-45, F200-47)1000 / bag
3200ul Pipette tip filter(F200-45, F200-47)1000 / bag
45ml Pipette tip filter(F5000-90-40)300/bag
510ml Pipette tip filter(F10000-142-40300/bag
Order No.Diameter(mm)Thickness(mm)Aperture(um)Suggested usepackaging
F10-141.43.510With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-14s1.41.610With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-161.63.510With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-181.83.510With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-212.13.510With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-222.23.510With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F20-252.53.510With 20ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-252.53.510With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F10-262.63.510With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F50-343.43.510With 50ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F363.63.510With Pipette tip10000/bag
F100-383.83.510With 100ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F100-38MY3.83.210With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F414.13.510With Pipette tip10000/bag
F434.33.510With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F200-454.53.510With 200ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F200-474.73.510With 200ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F200-47MY4.73.210With 200ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F200-494.9410With 200ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F200-515.1510With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F555.5410With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F585.8410With 10um Pipette tip10000/bag
F500-606410With 500ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F60-506410With Pipette tip10000/bag
F1000-707410With 1000ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F1000-717.1410With 1000ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F1000-727.2410With 1000ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F1000-747.4410With 1000ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F78-807.8810With 10ul Pipette tip10000/bag
F80-408410With Pipette tip10000/bag

Packaging of Pipette tip filter

diameterCustomize according to customer requirements
lengthCustomize according to customer requirements
Black, white, (any color can be customized)
PackagingPacking with plastic tape inside and 7 layers corrugated carton outside
Custom madeTo map to sample, OEM/ODM custom processing

Overview of Pipette tip filter


How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the Pipette tip filter?

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the Pipette tip filter?
Glue-free melt filter elementTraditional adhesive filter
1. Melting production process, no peculiar smell, no looseness, no chipping, no mold1. There is a peculiar smell, it is easy to loosen after soaking in the liquid, easy to fall off, and easy to mold
2. Use non-volatile matter in the production process or in the finished product2. There are volatiles
3.No yellowing during storage3. Prone to yellowing and "rust"
4. The surface is smooth and regular, without blemishes4. The surface is rough and flawed
5. The hardness can be adjusted as required5. It is not easy to adjust the hardness
6. Uniform porosity, non-sticky, non-water soluble, even volatilization6. Inconsistent porosity, easy to block holes, easy to dissolve, and inconsistent volatilization
7. Strong absorption and large water storage capacity7. Poor absorption and no water absorption
8. Diameter, length, small tolerance8. Diameter, length, large tolerance

The principle of Pipette tip filter


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