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10 Important Lab Safety Equipment Alternatives In Every Laboratory

Posted on July 3, 2021 by AntiTeckLab Equipment

Every lab must have its safety equipments. Here is the list of the some lab safety equipment alternatives.

Spill containment kitPaper towel
Eye wash stationHand held shower
Fire extinguisherPot of sand, baking soda
Laboratory showerCommon shower, washroom shower
Fume hoodExhaust fan
Safety gogglesOrdinary glasses
Laboratory safe refrigeratorsCommon freezers
PPE kitCotton coats
Protective glovesPlastic gloves, Disposable Polythene gloves
Fire blanketWoven fabric, Bucket of sand, bucket of water

Every modern lab must have these safety equipments but some informal or school laboratories have not these equipments and if not then, they must have their alternatives. Every person in the laboratory should know their exact locations. Here is the detailed explanation about the lab safety equipment alternatives.

1 Spill containment kit

A spill containment kit is a basic need for lab safety. While working when a highly acidic substance or corrosive liquid is a spill in the workspace area acid, then we can use a spill containment kit to clean the area. This kit contains some absorbing material that surrounds the whole spill and neutralizes it .An example of it is mercury in-line vacuum trap kit, a container of sodium bicarbonate.

The best substitute for this is paper towel .we can use this paper towel to clean the spill. We can also use kitty litter or oil absorbent material as an alternative if spill containment kit is not available.

2 Eye wash station

All laboratories must have their safety equipment to wash hazardous chemicals from the eyes. A formal eyewash station is like a water fountain with two faucets that directed up like this that they match the space between the eyes. In case of an emergency the Person’s head is placed between these faucets while the eyelids of that person are held open so the water can flush into the eyelids and wash away all the chemicals.

As a substitute of this a local shower or sink can be used. A hand-held shower wand could be a alternative for an eyewash station. When the eyes thoroughly washed, a person should consult to physician.

3 Fire extinguisher

There are many types of fire extinguishers, at least one of which should be present in all types of laboratories. Students should know how to use the particular type of fire extinguisher in their Laboratories.

If a fire extinguisher is not present than there is be a bucket full of sand and large supply of water should be present. Another substitute for this is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

4 Laboratory shower

This shower is used in modern laboratories to put out fires or those people who have caught on fire. It can also be use for those who suffers large chemical spill.

A best substitute for this shower is bathroom shower. You can use that if modern laboratory shower is not available.

5 Fume hood

Fume hoods are those hood that is used reduce the exposure of hazardous fume to the operator and laboratory area. In this hood Air is filtered by HEPA filters and the air is re circulates back into the laboratory, then a fume exhaust system combined with a chemical fume hood to move out harmful air outside of the laboratory.

In school or some common laboratories fume hood safety equipment is not present. Then there is a simple alternative for that. An exhaust fan should be present in those laboratories where fume hood is not present. Exhaust fan expels unpleasant fumes from the laboratory. If the exhaust fan is not present then these kind of experiment which produce harmful vapors should be experimented near the ventilation area or window.

6 Safety goggles


It is important to wear safety goggles when working with harmful chemicals and other substances because they protect our eyes from inflammation and infection. while experimenting certain spill or splash may occur which can easily damage our eyes. These goggles should be worn at those kinds of experiments. This safety goggles reduce the risk of eyes inflammation.

While working on highly hazardous chemicals safety goggles is must. But while working in informal or school laboratories, there is a substitute for that when you perform some spill experiment wear normal glasses. This will reduce the risk of eyes inflammation.

7 Laboratory safe refrigerators

Laboratory safe refrigerators have the most important role in modern laboratories. it can be used to store many corrosive, highly flammable liquids, chemicals and hazardous materials. These refrigerators work as a storage cabinets and greatly reduces the risk of damages and fire in workspace area.

As storage purposes special laboratory refrigerators are designed like this .but for common laboratories we can use common freezers for the storage of chemicals or highly flammable liquids

8 PPE Kit

While working in microbiology laboratories when the experiments are highly specific and infectious, PPE KIT is worn. These kits include face shield, mask, coverall or gown and head shield. These are used to protect from viral infections.

In simple laboratories where highly infectious experiments are not done simple cotton lab coats should be worn. They are highly comfortable and provide protection. They are made of polyfin fabric.

9 Protective gloves

It is compulsory to wear gloves when a person is working with hazardous chemicals and other acidic substances because they protect our hands from infection and inflammation. Protective gloves should be worn on the basis of the harmful chemicals involved.
1. Nitrile gloves protect from strong infectious agents
2. Neoprene gloves protect from oil corrosive materials

Some people avoid latex gloves because they are allergic to this material.

For common laboratories simple polythene disposable gloves can be used as an alternative. Or Rubber gloves also protect against mild hazard agents.

10 Fire blanket

This is very important safety equipment. This is tightly fabric used to extinguish a fire. When one person caught with fire immediately cover him with this safety blanket.

When fire blanket is not available at the moment any woven fabric can be used to protect someone from fire. Another substitute is damp tea towel.
Another alternative is a bucket full of sand which can be used or a bucket full of water which helps to extinguish the fire.


The lab safety equipment alternatives are very important for every laboratory. Every lab person should keep the list in mind to avoid any error occur.

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