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How To Manufacture Glucose Strip?

Fast to setup your glucose test strips manufacturing plant

What is glucose strip?

Glucose strip is a kind of consumables used in blood glucose meter, coated with biological enzymes and can detect the presence of a certain glucose in peripheral blood through its color change.

The test strips are coated with an ultra-thin conductive layer (electrode). In blood glucose meter, a chemical coating (which contains either glucose oxidase or glucose dehydrogenase) is applied to the end of the strip. This biochemical mixture reacts with glucose in the tester's blood to generate an electric current. Some of the common blood glucose test strips on the market suck blood at the top, some suck blood at both sides, and some have blood on the surface. It is because the tracks opened during production are different. Finally, cut the prepared test strips into individual small test strips and seal them well to protect them from moisture and oxidation, which will affect the test results.

Principle of glucose strip

The blood glucose test strip consists of two sheets containing sensitive chemical components. Drop the blood on the test area, put the test strip flat for one minute and then flush the blood. Compared with the standard color guide, the chemical reaction will produce different degrees of color changes according to the glucose content in the blood. Glucose oxidase on the test strip, peroxidase reacts with glucose in the blood. A color indicator accompanying the reaction and non-reactive components will appear in the test area.

The working principle of a common blood glucose meter: glucose in the blood reacts with glucose oxidase and potassium ferricyanide immobilized on the surface of the test strip to produce gluconic acid and potassium ferrocyanide. The blood glucose meter applies a constant working voltage to the test strip to oxidize potassium ferrocyanide to potassium ferricyanide to generate an oxidation current. The magnitude of the oxidation current is proportional to the glucose concentration. The blood glucose meter records the magnitude of the oxidation current and converts it to out the concentration of glucose.

Structure of glucose strip


Two options for manufacturing glucose strips

Option 1: For startup company
Option 2: For massive production
Fully automated 1 million/day glucose strips automatic assembly line
Option 1: For startup company
For a small quantity production, it's easy start your business. Here to show what materials and machines will need for startup company
Glucose strip uncut sheet
Blood glucose uncut sheet
Blood glucose meter
For startup company, manual device is a good choice. Strip Cutter Machine
Sheet cutter
Strip Cutter
Option 2: For massive production

Manufacturing process of glucose test strip

1. PET roll slitting into sheets
2. Wash PET sheets
3. Dry PET sheets and forming shape
4. Electrode print
5. Insulating oil print
6. Enzyme print or dispense
7. Double-sided adhesive cutting
8. Double-sided adhesive laminated hydrophilic layer
9. Lamination (Basis layer + spacer layer)
10. PET roll slit into sheets
11. Dust elimination
12. Logo print
13. Sticker print and cutting
14. Top layer lamination
15. Sheet cutting
16. Strips cutting
17. Curing & Packing in bottle

Glucose strip manufacturing machine

1. Sheet slitting machine
2. Washing machine
3. Tunnel dryer
4. Insulating oil printer
5. Enzyme dispenser or printer
6. Double-size adhesive cutter
7. Laminator machine
8. Sheet cutter
9. Strip cutter

Automation machines for glucose strips manufacturing

Electrode Printer
Fully automation punching machine
Enzyme Printer
Enzyme Dispenser
Tunnel dryer for glucose strip manufacturing
Fully automation lamination machine
Fully automatic laminator
Fully automatic sheet cutter machine
Fully automation sheet cutting machine
Fully automatic strip cutter machine
Fully automatic strip cutting machine
Bottle labeling machine
Carton packing machine

How to buy fully automatic glucose strip assembly machine?

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