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Dialyzer Assembly Line

1 million dialyzer to 10 millions filter production line

What is dialyzer?

Dialyzer also called Hemodialyzer, is a pipeline and container for solute exchange between blood and dialysate, and is a key part of hemodialysis treatment. The dialyzer is mainly composed of a support structure and a hollow fiber membrane. It is a semi-permeable membrane that only allows molecules smaller than the membrane pore size to pass through. The membrane materials are improved cellulose membranes and synthetic membranes.

Dialyzer function

Hemodialysis is a form of renal replacement therapy for patients with acute and chronic renal failure. By draining the blood from the body to the outside of the body, through a dialyzer composed of numerous hollow fibers, the blood and the body's concentration of electrolytes are similar. In the root hollow fibers, material exchange occurs through diffuse convection.

Dialyzer function is mainly to remove the metabolic wastes in the dialysis patients, maintain the electrolyte and acid-base balance in the patients, and at the same time remove the excess water in the uremia patients, and return the blood after dialysis to the patients. Generally, maintenance hemodialysis patients Hemodialysis treatment is required about three times a week.

How dialyzer works?


What items need for hemodialysis treatment?

Dialysis products:
1. Dialyzer 
2. Blood tubing set
3. AV fistula needle
4. Dialysis catheter
Dialysis equipment:
1. Dialysis machine
2. Dialyzer reprocessing machine

Dialyzer types

By flow: high flow dialyzer, medium flow dialyzer, low flow dialyzer 
By hollow fiber(popular type): PES dialyzer, PS dialyzer, TAC dialyzer 

Dialyzer price

In market, different brand has own sale price strategy, but generally, dialyzer price from USD15~USD20/pcs

Dialyzer cost

For manufacturing dialyzer, cost will depend on your automatic assembly line and its production scale, for example, if you only manufacture 1 million dialyzers per year, of course, its cost will be higher than 10 million dialyzers production. But generally, it will be around USD2.5 ~ USD5/pcs.

Dialyzer membrane types

There are two categories: Cellulose membrane and Synthetic membrane
Cellulose membrane:
1) Regenerated cellulose
   A. Copper-modified membrane
   B. Cuprammonium membrane
2) Modified cellulose membrane
   A. Hemophan membrane
   B. Diacetic acid membrane: Nipro dialyzer, baxter dialyzer, etc.
   C. Triacetyl Cellulose: Nipro dialyzer, baxter dialyzer, etc.
Synthetic membrane:
1) Polysulfone membrane (PS): Fresenius dialyzer, Weigo dialyzer, B.Braun dialyzer, Asahi dialyzer, Haidylena dialyzer, etc.
2) Polyamide membrane (PA): Gambro dialyzer
3) Polyacrylonitrile membrane (PAN): Baxter dialyzer AN69
4) Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA): Toray dialyzer
5) Polyethersulfone membrane (PES): Bellco dialyzer, Nipro dialyzer, etc.

Parameter of dialyzer membrane

ItemRegenerated celluloseModified cellulose membraneSynthetic membrane
MaterialCelluloseCellulose derivativesHigh polymer
FeatureContains a lot of hydroxylHydroxyl modificationPolymer physicochemical modified
HydrophilicHighWeakHigh hydrophobicity
Ultrafiltration ratioLowMedium High
Complement activationHighMediumLow

Dialyser membrane function

Dialysis membrane is a separation membrane driven by concentration difference. According to the particle size of the separated solute, the dialysis membrane is required to have suitable pores with uniform pore size. Dialyser membrane function is to separate the waste from blood and remove it out from body, remain good substance and return it back to the body.

Dialyzer manufacturers

European/America: Fresenius, Gambro, B.Braun, Baxter, Bellco,
Japan: Asahi, Nipro, Kawasumi, Toray
Egypt: Haidylena
China: Bain, Peony, Sanxin, Tuoren, Zoey, BenQ, BLT, Shinva, Juguang, Delaifu, Huading, Hongda, Junkang, Enttex, Baihe, Zhongai, Oci

Fresenius Medical Care (listed company), one of the three divisions of the Fresenius Group, is a world leader in dialysis products and services and currently employs 90,690 people. The company serves 270,000 patients worldwide through its 3,250 dialysis centers across the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The company first established the standard production specifications for dialyzers in 1983 and has been leading the development of artificial kidney (dialysis) products worldwide ever since.

Gambro is a global medical technology company focused on the research and development, production, and manufacture of kidney and liver dialysis treatment, myeloma renal dialysis treatment and other extracorporeal treatment products for acute and chronic patients. The company was founded in Rand, Sweden in 1964 by the industrialist Holger Crafoord, who was determined to develop and supply one of the world's first artificial kidneys. It currently employs 8,000 people and has 13 production sites in 9 countries. Available in over 100 countries.

Founded in 1931, Baxter International has 48,500 employees worldwide and production bases in 27 countries. Baxter is a diversified multinational medical supplies company with two business segments: bioscience and medical products. Baxter, which launched peritoneal dialysis products and treatments 30 years ago, is the world's leading manufacturer in the field, with around 80% of the global market share. The third largest provider of hemodialysis products in the world prior to the acquisition of the hemodialysis business of Sweden's Gambro.

Nipro Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 and currently has 15 medical production bases around the world. Nipro's main businesses include medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and glass. The main products of its medical device business are hemodialysis equipment and consumables. According to the company's annual report, in 2013, the operating income of medical devices was 167.5 billion yen (about 1.64 billion US dollars), accounting for 69% of the operating income, and the operating profit was 14.558 billion yen.

Founded in 1839, B.Braun has nearly 50,000 employees in 61 countries and is one of the world's leading home businesses of health solutions. The hemodialysis business is one of the four core businesses of B.Braun.

Asahi Kasei Group was established in 1931, and its main business areas currently include chemicals, textiles, housing, building materials, electronics, medical care, and medicine. The main business of Asahi Chemical Medical Co., Ltd. is: production and sales of blood purifiers (artificial kidneys and blood purification), leukocyte filters, virus filters, etc. In 2013, the operating income of Asahi Kasei's medical business was 133.5 billion yen (about 1.3 billion US dollars), accounting for 8% of the total revenue, and the operating profit was 15.9 billion yen, accounting for 15.5%.

In 1957, Kawasumi was the first company in Japan to produce disposable blood collection, blood transfusion and other medical consumables, and is a leader in the field of disposable medical consumables in Japan.

Founded in 1926, Toray Group is a world-renowned multinational enterprise with organic synthesis, polymer chemistry and biochemistry as its core technologies. It mainly includes the following business divisions: Fibers and Fabrics, Plastics and Chemicals, IT-related Products, Carbon Fiber Composites, Life Sciences and Others.

What ANTITECK can do for you?

ANTITECK can help you produce in hemodialysis products: dialyzer, dialysate, blood tubing set, av fistula needle, hemoditoxifier, dialysate tube, etc.
Hollow fiber manufacturing line
Dialyzer assembly line
Dialysate manufacturing line
Bicarbonate cartridge manufacturing line
Blood tubing set assembly line
AV fistula needle assembly line
Peritoneal dialysis tubing set assembly line
Hemoditoxifier assembly line
Hemodialysis disinfectant production line

Dialyzer Assembly Line

filter production line

Part I
House making
There are two materials: Polycarbonate  & Polystyrene for making dialyzer housing.
Equipment require:
1 Molds for dialyzer housing
2 Injection machine for dialyzer housing
Part II
Dialyzer assembly processes:
1. Preparing housings: automatic feeding
2. Laser printing: print barcode on housing
3. Inserting bundles: insert hollow fiber into housing
4. Heat sealing: seal fiber to avoid sealants flow into fiber inside
5. Assembling potting caps
6. Dispsenser unit positioning: loading dialyzer and fix it before sealants injection or take out dialyzers after injection
7. PUR-mixing and injection: inject sealants
8. Carousel
9. Curing line: make sealants be hard set
10. Removing potting-caps and pre-cutting
11. Fine cutting
12. Inspecting surface: avoid any fiber block by sealants
13. Blood cap assembly
14. Wetting
15. Leak test
16. Water surplus removing
17. Protector cap assembly
18. Drying process
19. Air test
20. Automatic screw blood cap
21. Stick lables
22. Integrity test
23. Packaging

Dialyzer manufacturing flow chart:


How many workers need for 3 million dialyzers production per year?

1Injection & centrifuge12
2Wetting machine3
3Leak Test3
4Drying process4
5Cutting, inspection4

Molds list for dialyzer manufacturing

1Housing2One for 1.3 m2 - 1.5 m2
One for 1.7 m2 - 2.0 m2
2Blood cap (red)1
3Blood cap (blue)1
4O-ring of blood cap1
5Sealing cap1
6O-ring of sealing cap1
7Injection box A1Cover and bottom
8Injection box B1Cover and bottom
9Tubing connector1

Dialyzer manufacturing cost

1Hollow fiber1 bundle$1.7 (1.3m2)
2Housing1 pcs$0.35
3Blood caps2 pcs$0.035
4Protector caps2 pcs$0.011
5Sealants10 gram$0.012
6Sealing caps2 pcs$0.007
7Plastic bag1 pcs$0.05
8Box1 pcs$0.1
9Labor cost
10 Electricity cost
11Water cost
The above cost will be change according to local raw materials price, different countries has its own production cost. It will not all same.

How much space for dialyzer manufacturing?

The space only for reference.

Workshop layout


Other equipment require but not list out:

1. Air supply system
2. Water supply system

How to order filter production line?

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector.
If you are interested in our dialyzer assembly line /  filter production line or have any questions, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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