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Vial Making Machine

Vial making machine and glass vial making machine for injection vial manufacturing

What is injection vial?

Injection vial, also called injection glass vial, are often used to hold penicillin, other antibiotic medicine, as well as used as freeze-dried products.

According to manufacturing process, injection vials are divided into moulded glass vial and tubular glass vial. The price of the molded bottle is slightly lower, but the thickness of the vial wall and the bottom of the bottle is uneven, and the aesthetics is poor. The price of the tubular is little high, but the tubular vial is beautiful, transparent and stable.

According to the color: Flint, clear and amber glass vial.

Types of injection vial

According to glass material:
Moulded glass vial:
There are sodium calcium glass injection vials and high borosilicate glass injection vials.
Soda-lime glass is α=(7.6~9.0)×10(-6)K(-1)(20~300℃), which belongs to the international class II and III glass materials. This kind of glass materials are generally vulcanized, and the surface water resistance can reach level 2. High borosilicate glass belongs to international class I material, borosilicate glass includes α=(4~5)×10(-6)K(-1)(20~300℃) neutral glass and α=(3.2~3.4)×10(-6)K(-1)(20~300℃) 3.3 borosilicate glass.

Tubular glass vial:
It is medium borosilicate glass vial. Because medium borosilicate glass has good physical and chemical properties, good compatibility with drugs, and the injection vial has strong thermal shock resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, so, the medium borosilicate glass is popular material for injection vials production.

Vial vs ampule

They are all used medium borosilicate glass to produce, but different in outward appearance, dimension, volume, with or without cap, etc.
Glass vial usually storage multiple dosage.
Glass ampoule only for single dosage.

What is vial making machine?

Vial making machine, also name as glass vial manufacturing machine or vial forming machine, is special designed to use tubular glass to manufacture injection vials.

What type injection vial can be produced by vial making machine?

testosterone vial
ceftriaxone vials
ketamine vial
lidocaine vial
dexamethasone vial
solu cortef vial
epinephrine vial
gentamicin vial
ampicillin vial
adrenaline vials
solu medrol vial
sodium bicarbonate vial
sodium chloride vial
sodium vial
diphenhydramine vial
clindamycin vial
sterile water vials
phenylephrine vial
potassium chloride vial
furosemide vial
xylocaine vial
lignocaine vial
vecuronium vial
zofran vials
bupivacaine vial
ketorolac vial
ranitidine vial
testosterone enanthate vial
antibiotic vials
sterile 10ml vials
labetalol vial
ceftriaxone 1 gram vial
powdered vial
b complex vial
ampicillin 250 mg vial
cyanocobalamin vial
metoclopramide vial
kenalog vial
testosterone cypionate vial
benadryl vial
decadron vial
vitamin b complex vial
vitamin vial
dextrose vial
testosterone 10 ml vial
genotropin vial
lidocaine 1 vial
lidocaine 2 vial
ceftriaxone 500 mg vial
shot vial
bicarbonate vial
dexamethasone injection vial
injection glass vials
iron sucrose vial
omeprazole 1 vial
calcium chloride vial
injectable vials
1g vial
testosterone multi dose vial
doxycycline vial
triamcinolone acetonide vial
penicillin g vial
gentamicin injection vial
vitamin b vial
insulin injection vial
progesterone vial
bupivacaine 0.5 vial
trt vial
dextrose 50 vials
ascorbic acid vials
ceftriaxone 1 vial
promethazine vial
lidocaine multidose vial
hydroxocobalamin vials
inj dexamethasone vial
lidocaine 2 50ml vial
empty injection vials
folic acid vial
paracetamol 1g vial
testosterone 200mg ml vial
solumedrol 125mg vial
water for injection vials
testosterone 1ml vial
mg sulfate vial
promethazine hcl 25 mg ml vial
epinephrine 30ml vial
diphenhydramine 50mg ml 1ml vial
epinephrine multidose vial
bacteriostatic water vial
testosteron vial
hydrocortisone 250 mg vial
ketamine 50mg ml vial
testosterone cypionate 1 ml vial
triamcinolone acetonide 40mg 1ml vial
sodium chloride 0.9 vial
caninsulin 2.5 ml vial
medrol vial
lidocaine glass vial
heparin injection vial
depo vial
tt vaccine vial
single use testosterone vial
5 fluorouracil vial
lidocaine 50ml vial
lidocaine injection vial
testosterone cypionate 10 ml vial
heparin sodium vial
sterile water in vial
lidocaine hcl vial
lidocaine 1 multidose vial
tobramycin 80 mg 2ml vials
traumeel injectable vials
lidocaine 1 50ml vial
vitamin b12 injection 30ml vial
sodium chloride 10 ml vials
testosterone cypionate multi dose vial
single dose testosterone vials
sterile multiple dose vial
kenalog 40 vial
solu medrol 40mg vial
carnitine vial
lidocaine single use vials
testosterone injection vial
vecuronium 10 mg vial
epinephrine 30 ml vial
sodium bicarbonate 50ml vial
tobramycin 40 mg ml vial
alprostadil vial
botox injection vial
testosterone single dose vial
1 lidocaine vial
lidocaine 50 ml vial
2 lidocaine vial
100 mg vial
glucagon 1mg vial
10mg vial
gram vial
sodium bicarbonate 8.4 vial
b12 injectable 30ml vial
sodium bicarb 8.4 50 ml vial
sterile water 10ml vial
lidocaine hcl 1 vial
sodium chloride 0.9 10ml vial
dexamethasone 20 mg 5 ml vial
sterile mixing vials
pyridoxine vial
gentamicin 80mg 2ml vial
10 ml injection vial
lantus injection vial
lidocaine 1 20ml vial
epinephrine injection vial
injectable saline vials
0.9 sodium chloride vials
multi dose testosterone vial
epinephrine single dose vials
vecuronium liquid vial
usp vial
ketorolac 60mg 2ml vial
delestrogen 20 mg ml vial
diphenhydramine 50 mg ml vial
benadryl 50 mg vial
ketorolac 30 mg ml vial
bacteriostatic saline vial
sodium bicarbonate 10 ml vial
diphenhydramine 50 mg vial
testosterone cypionate 200mg ml vial
10 ml sterile water vials
kenalog 40 40 mg ml vial
lidocaine single dose vials
lidocaine 1 50 ml vial
hcg mixing vials
methotrexate 25mg ml vial
injectable vial

Tubular glass vials manufacturing process

1. Glass tubes automatic feeding
2. Use flame to stretch and shape neck
3. Use flame cutting
4. Flame seal the tubular bottom
5. Injection vial preform
6. Annealing furnace to reduce temperature and curing process
7. Finish to box packaging machine

Characteristics of vial making machine

Capacity4,000 pcs/hour
Glass tube diameter13.7mm - 22.50mm
Ampoule lenght25mm - 70mm
Ampoule volume1 ml - 20ml
Ampoule sizes1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, 7ml, 8ml, 9ml, 10ml,12ml, 15ml, 20ml
StandardISO international standard
Yield rate> 95%
Weight4,000 kg
Dimension8.5 * 4.0 * 2.6m (L*W*H)
Power supply380V, 50Hz
Camera inspection system1
Max. tubes loading240 tubes

Consumptions of vial making machine

GAS6 m3/hour0.5 Bar
Oxygen6 m3/hour0.5 Bar
Combustion air20 m3/hour1 Bar
Compressed air20 m3/hour6 Bar
Installed power9 KW-

Glass tubes consumption of vial making machine

Tube diameter (mm)Volume (ml)10k pcs / TonPcs / Tube

What size injection vial can be produced by vial making machine?

Vials (ml)Body OD (mm)Vials Height (mm)Neck OD (mm)Neck ID (mm)

How to make injection vial?

Below video help you easy understand how to make injection vial.

How to buy vial making machine?

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector, pharmaceutical sector, medical industry.
If you are interested in our vial making machine or have any question, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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