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How To Setup Electron Beam Irradiation Plant For Medical Devices Sterilization?

Electron Beam Sterilizer For Medical Devices and Supplies Sterialization

What is irradiation?

Irradiation is to use the interaction between rays and substances, ionization and excitation of activated atoms and activated molecules, so that a series of physical, chemical, and biochemical changes occur between them and substances, resulting in the degradation, polymerization, crosslinking, and degradation of substances. and undergo modification. In this way, a new purification route is provided for certain pollutants that are difficult to remove by conventional treatment methods.

Irradiation meaning

Radiation processing refers to the energy transfer of electron rays (β rays) produced by electron accelerators (0.2MeV~10MeV) or gamma rays produced by radioactive isotopes (Cs-137 or Co-60) to irradiated substances. On the irradiated substance, ionization and excitation are generated, orbital electrons are released, and free radicals are formed. By controlling the radiation conditions, the physical properties and chemical composition of the irradiated substance are changed and can make it what people need A new substance, or cause organisms (microorganisms, etc.) to suffer irreversible loss and damage, and achieve the desired goal. This new processing technology is called radiation processing technology. For example, polymer materials can be grafted, polymerized, fissioned or cross-linked to inhibit or stimulate biological growth, and effectively kill pests, eggs, germs, etc.

Irradiation sterilization benefits

Irradiation sterilization benefits are that the radiation released by the radioactive source has a strong penetrating ability. It can go deep into the substance for "processing", which is carried out at room temperature. Since the processor is the high-energy ray and the highly active intermediates caused by it, rather than the thermal movement of molecules, it has low energy consumption, no residue, and no environmental problems. So it's clean processing technology. Moreover, the reaction is easy to control, the processing flow is simple, and it is suitable for industrialization and large-scale production.

Irradiation sterilization advantages

Its advantages are summarized as:
1. The process is simple and easy to control.
2. Energy saving and high processing efficiency: the energy consumption of irradiation processing is only 1/40-1/200 of thermal processing and chemical processing; it is 1/20 of freezing method.
3. No environmental pollution; no chemical residues; no damage to the appearance quality and intrinsic characteristics of processed products.
4. No impurities will be brought in during the processing; it can be processed with packaging, which improves efficiency and has no secondary pollution.
5. Do not change the temperature of the processed material, also known as cold processing.

Type of irradiation sterilization

Electron beam sterilizer

The energy of the electron beam (or electron beam to target X-ray) generated by the electron accelerator (0.2MeV~10MeV) or the gamma ray generated by the radioactive isotope (Cs-137 or Co-60) is transferred to the irradiated substance, and the effect of ionizing radiation is On the irradiated substance, ionization and excitation are generated, orbital electrons are released, and free radicals are formed. By controlling the radiation conditions, the physical properties and chemical composition of the irradiated substance are changed and can make it what people need A new substance, or cause organisms (microorganisms, etc.) to suffer irreversible loss and damage, and achieve the desired goal.

The composition of e beam sterilization equipment includes three parts: one is electron accelerator, transmission system, radiation safety chain system, agricultural product loading and unloading and storage device; the other is auxiliary equipment such as power supply, cooling and ventilation; the third is control room, dose measurement and agricultural product quality inspection facilities.

Gamma sterilizer

Gamma sterilizer use cobalt-60 as the irradiation source, and its radionuclide cobalt-60 emits two high-energy photons each time it decays, with energies of 1.17MeV and 1.33MeV respectively, forming a strong penetrating γ Rays, the process of inducing physical and chemical changes through interaction with matter. Because the gamma rays produced by cobalt-60 have strong penetrating ability, acting on microorganisms, they can directly or indirectly destroy the ribonucleic acid and protein ribozymes of microorganisms, thereby killing microorganisms and playing the role of disinfection and sterilization.

Gamma sterilizer is mainly composed of gamma radiation source, radiation source lifting system, irradiation room, transmission system, dose measurement system, ventilation system, safety chain control system and other parts. Among them, the specific activity of the gamma radiation source is generally 0.74~4.44TBq/g (20~120Ci/g), and the dose rate outside the shielded body of the irradiation room does not exceed 2.5μSv/h. In the composition of radiation sterilization equipment, the dose measurement system is used for radiation safety monitoring and process dose monitoring. The former is used to monitor the working status of the radiation source, and the latter is used to monitor the dose distribution and dose limit of the irradiation field and agricultural products. The functions of the safety interlock control system are, first, to prevent and avoid personal radiation accidents caused by staff; second, to control the completion of various working conditions in the radiation processing process according to technological requirements, to ensure operational safety and the quality of agricultural product irradiation.

Electron beam sterilizer VS Gamma sterilizer

VSE beam sterilizerGamma sterilizer
Timerapid (seconds-hours)long (hours-days)
Color changenoyes
Cobalt 60noyes
Radioactive contaminationnoyes (always)
Irradiation costlowhigh
Large scaleyesyes
Small equipmentyesno
Radiation wastenoyes
Low energy consumptionyesno
Ir radiation sourceelectron acceleratorcobalt 60
Safetytop levelmedium level
Batch irradiationyesyes

What products can use electron beam sterilizer?

Food products
Medical devices
IVD test kits
Lots product can use electron beam sterilization, no special limit.

About electron beam irradiation plant in worldwide

Electron beam irradiation sterilization is a clean and safety radiation method of sterilization. It’s popular in worldwide.

Why choose electron beam sterilizer for your irradiation plant?

Cobalt-60 is restricted to purchase due to its high radioactive characteristic. Electron beam is much high safety than cobalt-60, as long as turn it off, never will have radiation rays generate. Electron beam technology is acknowledged worldwide, and it’s green technology for sterilization. There are lots advantages to use electron beam sterilizer.

1) Rapid irradiation. The irradiation processing time is short, for example, it takes only 1 minute to sterilize a box of products; while it may take dozens of minutes to irradiate with a gamma source.

2) The absorbed dose is uniform. The dynamic conveying device is adopted, and the non-uniformity of the absorbed dose of the product is less than 5%. One-time large batch processing can also be processed in small batches, the processing method is flexible and the processing speed is fast.

3) There is no toxicity and residue, no chemical reagents are added, and the original ingredients and quality of the product are not affected.

4) The product can be sealed and packaged in advance, and the product packaging box will not be opened during irradiation. Can pass quickly and safely. No secondary pollution.

5) No environmental pollution. No rays after shutdown. Safe and reliable! However, the use of gamma sources has the problems of waste of sources and processing of cost sources.

6) Degradation of residual chloramphenicol in aquatic products and bee products is currently the only method at home and abroad.

7) Low investment, high output.

Electron beams produced by electron accelerators have many advantages, such as large radiation power, high dose rate, fast processing speed, large output, low irradiation cost, and convenience for large-scale production, so they are more and more widely used in food processing and other fields.

How to setup electron beam irradiation plant?

Contact our sale representative discuss details about the project. We provide turn-key project include irradiation facilities installation, commissioning and training services, but exclude plant construction.

We will use high energy and high power electron beam accelerator, 10MeV, 20KW to setup a modern irradiation plant.

Let’s do as below steps:
1.Prepare a land that can build at least 2000m2 factory, height at least 9.5m.
2.Start design plant and create layout of plant (Month 1-3)
3.Plant construction by local team to build it up. (Month 4)
4.Irradiation facilities by seller to manufacture (Month 1-9)
5.Plant Decoration by local team (Month 6-8)
6.Irradiation facilities shipment to buyer’s plant (Month 10)
7.Installation (Month 12)
8.Commissioning (Month 13)
9.Training (Month 14)
10.Trial running (Month 14 - 17)
11.Finish project (Month 18)

How to buy irradiation facilities?

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector.
If you are interested in our irradiation facilities or setup an irradiation plant, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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