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BFS Machine

Blow fill seal machine for sale
What is a BFS filling machine?
What is BFS technology for IV fluid?
What are the applications of BFS?
What is the principle of BFS technology?
Benefits of BFS machine
What are the disadvantages of BFS?
BFS ampoules
Blow Fill Seal Process
How to buy BFS machine


What is a BFS filling machine?

BFS machine (Blow filling and sealing) are used for the packaging of liquids in bottles, cans and jars. BFS machines come in different sizes, depending on the size of the container being filled. The machine consists of a hopper, where the product is stored and fed into a metering spout. This metering spout feeds the product into a transfer tube that leads to the blow molding head. The blow molding head then fills the bottle or jar with the product using compressed air pressure until it reaches its predetermined fill level. After which, it seals it with a cap or lid using a capper mechanism.

The BFS machine is an automatic packaging machine that performs all three steps of blowing, filling and sealing in one process without any manual intervention required by operators during its operation. In addition to this advantage, another major advantage of BFS machines is their ability to produce small batches of products at high speeds compared with other packaging systems such as rotary or reciprocating pumps used for continuous blending processes.

What is BFS technology for IV fluid?

The BFS technology allows for blow filling sealing technology in IV fluid solution manufacturing. This is a process that has been used for years, but it involves a lot of manual steps and can be time consuming. The BFS technology has replaced the manual process with a machine that does all of this work for you.

The main benefit of this technology is that it reduces the amount of time it takes to fill an IV bag. The machine can do the job in less than one minute while still ensuring that the bags are filled correctly.

The BFS technology also allows people who don’t have experience with IV bags to fill them correctly without any issues or complications. This is important because many people want to make sure they are using safe and effective products when treating patients at home or in their offices.

What are the applications of BFS?

BFS is a process to seal the bottles, pouch, can or tube, which provides moisture-proof and dustproof effects. It has been widely used in various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

BFS can be applied to the following industries:
Food industry: beverage, wine, fruit juice, pickles and other liquid foods;
Beverage industry: beer, soft drinks and other beverages;
Pharmaceutical industry: medicine, health care products and so on;
Cosmetic industry: shampoo and other hair care products;
Electronic industry: electronic components packaging and other electronic products packaging.
Chemical products: Chemical containers such as those for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; industrial detergents; household cleaners; bleach; paint thinner; etc.

What is the principle of BFS technology?

BFS technology is based on the principle of "blow, fill and seal", that is, first blow air into the bottle neck to create pressure, then fill in liquid and finally seal. The whole process is automatic and can be finished within seconds.

Benefits of BFS machine

1. This technology is environment friendly. It does not require any chemical or heat treatment for filling and sealing.

2. The product quality is superior as compared to other methods because there is no contact between the product and any chemicals or heat during filling, sealing and cooling process.

3. There are no chances of contamination of product during filling, sealing and cooling processes because all these processes are carried out in a closed system (vacuum).

4. BFS machines can be used for products which are sensitive to heat and chemicals like cosmetics, pharmaceutical products etc., which cannot be filled by conventional methods.

BFS ampoules

BFS ampoules is very popular in cosmetic industry. Such as: boosting serum, hyaluronicacid, etc.

Blow Fill Seal Process

1. Insert plastic material into mold
2. Blowing and forming bottle or pouch
3. Filling medicinal liquid into bottle or pouch
4. Place header and seal it with bottle or pouch
5. Finish

How to buy BFS machine?

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