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How To Setup Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing Factory?

Machinery Solutions For rapid test manufacturing

What is lateral flow test kit?

Lateral flow test kit is a fast diagnostic test kit, one type of POCT, usually based on Immune colloidal gold technique or Immuno fluorescence technique to produce. 

Type of lateral flow test kit

There are hundreds type lateral flow test kit, below list out common rapid test kits:
Typhoid igg/igm test, typhoid ag, malaria pf/pv/ ag test, chagas ab test, chikungunya igm test, dengue ns1 ag test, dengue igg/igm test, leishmania igg/igm test, filariasis igg/igm test, leptospira igg/igm test, tb igg/igm test, toxo igg/igm test, hav igm test, hev igm test, hbs ag test, hcv ab test, syphilis ab test/ hiv 1/2 ab test, hiv ag/ab 4th gen test, saliva hiv test, fob test, rotavirus ag test, adenovirus ag test, cea test, afp test, psa test, troponin I test, ferritin test, influenza A test, influenza B test, H. pylori ag test, H. pylori ab test, cTnI test, CKMB test, Myo test, d-dimer test, NT-proBNP test, LP-pla2 test, crp test, SAA test, pct test, il-6 test kit, fer test kit, VD test kit, FA test kit, hcg test kit, LH test kit, prog test kit, AMH test kit, PGI/PGII test kit, G17 test kit, H.P. IgG test kit, HbAlc test kit, CP test kit, aflatoxin m1 test kit, aflatoxin b1 test kit, OTA test kit, DON test kit, ZEN test kit, cpv test kit, cdv test kit, ccv test kit, ccrp test kit, crn test kit, cprog test kit, fssa test kit, MOP test kit, MET test kit, KET test kit, MOP/MET/KET 3 in 1 test kit, THCA test kit, cocaine test kit, MDMA test kit, fentanyl test kit, etc.

Application of lateral flow test kit

For human being diseases or fertility diagnostics (for example: pregnancy test kit, HIV, HCV, etc.)
For animal diseases diagnostics (for example: FMD, brucellosis, etc.)
For pet diseases diagnostics (for example: CDV, CPV, fSAA, etc.)
For plant diseases diagnostics (for example: rice blast, rice bacterial blight, etc.)
For food safety diagnostics (for example: drug residuals in milk, meat, drinking water,  etc.)
For fish disease diagnostics (for example: gill rot disease, Branchiomycessanguinis, etc.)
For natural environment diagnostics (for example: heavy metal pollution, air contamination, etc.)

What kind of lateral flow test kit more popular?

Colloidal gold lateral flow test kit is more and more popular, because it's quick test, read result within 15 minutes, visible by eye, friendly to use as well. It can bought online, supermarket or drug store.
Immuno fluorescence lateral flow test kit must need a READER to tell test result, not convenient, usually use in laboratory.

How to setup a manufacturing unit for lateral flow test kit?

Here to show you based on Immune colloidal gold technique, what machines will use.

For Startup company

Before manufacturing, you need to prepare two rooms:
1. Manufacturing room 
2. Warehouse
Requirements for room:
1. Manufacturing room
It's very important to control temperature and relative humidity, special relative humidity, it will affect test kit's quality
Relative humidity: must be below 30%! 
Temperature: room temperature 
Decoration: use color coated steel sheet to create a room with glass window, it must be a confined-space, otherwise, it's difficult to control relative humidity. The floor coated with paint. Clean room ready.
Control machinery:
1. Dehumidifier (better to use industrial rotary dehumidifier)
2. Air-Conditioning

Clean room size requirement
For startup, use a small room enough, such as: 100m2 or 200m2

Warehouse room size requirement
For startup, 50 ~ 400m2, basis manufacturing capacity.

Power supply requirement
If use industrial rotary dehumidifier and Central Air-Conditioning System, need to use 380V power supply.
If use normal dehumidifier and air-conditioning system, meet your local regular power supply.

Manpower requirement
Depend on manufacturing capacity, will have different requirement.
If small quantity production, then
1. Manufacturing room:  3 - 5 workers
2. Warehouse room: 3 - 5 workers

What machinery will use for a startup company?

Three basis machines enough for small quantity manufacturing
Lateral flow strip cutter
Lateral flow cassettes presser
Pouch sealing machine

What lateral flow assay materials will for a startup company?

Uncut sheet rapid test
Lateral flow cassette
Desiccant bag (0.5g)
Aluminum foil bag

What ANTITECK can help for a startup company?

ANTITECK provide below items:
1. lateral flow manufacturing equipment
2. lateral flow assay materials
Submit your request via below form

    For medium company who has R&D team

    The company who want to manufacture rapid test uncut sheet by self, but not mass production.

    Factory need to divide some rooms for research, production, warehouse, etc. There is a simple layout for reference, please remind it's only for reference, can not use it directly because your building space maybe not same.
    Humidity control system: industrial rotary dehumidifier 
    Temperature control system:  Central Air-Conditioning System
    Building matcrial: color coated steel sheets
    Floor treatment: paint coated

    What machines will need for lateral flow assay development? 

    Lateral flow dispenser
    Membrane cutter
    Lateral flow cassette presser
    Pouch sealing machine
    Test strip cutter
    Conjugate Pad Strip Cutter
    Lateral flow printer
    Lateral flow reader

    What lateral flow assay materials need for lateral flow development?

    Antigen and antibody
    NC membrane
    Lateral flow backing card
    Lateral flow sample pad
    Absorbent pad lateral flow
    Lateral flow cassettes
    Desiccant bag (0.5g)
    Aluminum foil bag
    Conjugate pad
    Extraction tube
    Saliva collection tube
    Colloidal gold

    What ANTITECK can help your R&D team?

    ANTITECK supply you below items:
    1. Lateral flow manufacturing equipment
    2. Lateral flow assay materials
    Submit your inquiry through below form:

      For big company who want a mass production 

      Large scale production can use automation machine as below:
      Continuously dispenser
      Flow laminator (2 channels)
      Flow laminator (4 channels)
      NC dispense & dry system

      Rapid Test Kit Assembly Machine

      Here are some cases for reference
      Rapid Test Kit Assembly Machine
      (Semi Automation)
      Rapid Test Assembly Machine
      (Semi Automation)
      Test Kit Assembly Machine
      (Semi Automation)
      Buffer Filling & Sealling Machine
      (Fully Automation)
      Rapid Test Kit Assembly Machine
      (Fully Automation)
      Rapid Test Assembly Machine
      (Fully Automation)
      Test Kit Assembly Machine
      (Fully Automation)
      Test Kit Assembly Machine
      (Fully Automation)

      Lateral Flow Cassettes Printer

      Laser Printer
      Silk Screen Printer
      UV Printer
      UV Printer
      ANTITECK also accept customized machine order, please contact our sale representative via email: [email protected]  or submit inquiry through contact form.
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