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Tip Loader For Pipette Tip Refill

Fully automatic pipette tip refill system, let machine do its boring job!

What is tip loader?

Tip loader is special designed for pipette tip refill. Also name as Pipette Tip Refill System or Pipette Tip Sorter. Antiteck Tip Loader is fully automated filling pipette tips into rack without any manual intervention.

Why use tip loader?

In lab routing work, pipette tip refill is a bored job. Usually need one or two laboratory assistant to do this job. It will take very high cost to pay salary and get the inefficient work.

For example:
The laboratory assistant’s average salary is $US20/hour. Pipette tip refill system $3/box (96 pcs / rack). Bulk pipette tip $5/bag (200ul/1000pcs).
This calculation is an estimate, the costs and environmental impact can vary individually.
Release manpower, let machine do the boring job!

Parameters of tip loader

Dimension: 67*51*55cm
Filling time: 48 boxes / hour
Feeder capacity: more than 1.000 tips
Set up time: less than 2 minutes
Weight: 40kg
Power supply: 220 V 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: 40 W

Features of tip loader

1. Fast refilling, up to 48 boxes per hour
2. Touch screen control panel
3. Friendly and easy to use
4. Very simple operation
5. Key parts made of 304 stainless steel (medical grade)
6. Bench top design easy to use in lab
7. Suitable for the most commonly used pipette types of all brands and volumes from 0.1 to 10 μl as well as 10 - 1250 μl.

Pipette Tip Rack Loader VS Tip Loader


What type of pipette tip can use tip loader to refill tip rack?

0.1-10ul, 20ul, 50ul, 100ul, 200ul, 300ul, 500ul, 1000ul, 1250ul

What brand’s pipette tip can use tip loader to refill tip rack?

Biotix LTS
Biotix Universal Tips
Labcon Tips
Oxford Lab Products
Sartorius (Biohit)
Thermo (MBP)
Thomas Scientific

How to use tip loader to refill pipette tip?

1. Feed the bulk pipette tips into feeder
2. Select the program
3. Run & Wait For Finish!

How to order the tip loader?

    AntiTeck Life Sciences Limited

    A1-519, XingGang GuoJi, Yingbin Road, Huadu, Guangzhou, China, 510810
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