ANTITECK - Provide Lab Equipment, Industrial Automation, Medical Molding and Turnkey Solution.


ANTITECK majorly active in 4 types business:
1) Lab equipment (include lab consumables)
2) Industrial automation
3) Medical molding
4) Turnkey solution

ANTITECK only focus on medical sector, include biological and pharmaceutical industry. Our R&D team has more than 25 years experience in precise injection molding, non-standard automation equipment design and manufacturing, lateral flow test strip manufacturing, medical device components from injection molding to automated assembly line, some medical / biological / pharmaceutical product turnkey manufacturing solution.

So, ANTITECK can help you below:
1) If you need to upgrade the manual production line to fully automated production line. Contact us and send detail about your production steps with consumables need, we can help you soon.

2) If you want to setup new plant for rapid test kit manufacturing, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experience, we can provide you customized rapid test kit assembly machine.

3) If you want high precise and tight tolerances medical plastic components, contact us! Our team has more than 25 years in medical molding experience. Even design a special & customized mold for your medical device, it’s only for you.

4) If you want to setup a new plant to manufacturing high precise & tight tolerances medical components for equipment in local to fill a gap in the market, no problem, we can help you, contact us!

5) If you want some products turnkey solution, for example:
Dialyzer manufacturing
IV cannula needle manufacturing
Blood collection tube manufacturing
Urine test strip manufacturing
Lateral flow test strip manufacturing
IV fluid manufacturing
... ...

ANTITECK can help you a lots, just contact us and describe your requirement, our sales representative will reply you within 24 hours.

Come on, guys, fill below form or send email directly to [email protected]
Hope to see you soon.

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