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September 5, 2022
What Is Centrifuge Tube

It is indispensable to have centrifuge test tubes in the experiment of sample separation, stratification, or density gradient separation. You can find different kinds of centrifuge test tubes widely used in biology, clinical healthcare, chemistry, and other industrial applications. By using special construction and good technology, centrifuge tubes can support the centrifugal force with a very high […]

May 25, 2022
What Is Centrifuge Machine?

What is the centrifuge machine?1.1.Definition1.2.The applications of centrifuge machine Types of centrifugal machine .Features of major centrifuge machine3.1.Tubular bowl centrifuge3.2.Disc centrifuge3.3.Horizontal centrifuge3.4.Plate centrifuge3.5.Mini centrifuge machine The installation requirements of centrifuge machine How to use centrifuge machine Precaution of using centrifuge machine Maintenance of centrifuge machine .How to order centrifuge machine? What is the centrifuge machine? […]

April 9, 2022
What Are Urine Test Strips?

Contents: What are urine test strips?What components do urine test strips test in urine?·Bilirubin urine test strips·Creatinine urine test strips·Urobilinogen urine test strips·Ketones urine test strips·Vitamin c urine test strips( Ascorbate urine test strips)·Glucose urine test strips·Protein urine test strips·Microalbumin urine test strips·Leukocytes urine test strips·Red blood cell urine test strips·Urine pH level test strips·Urine […]

April 9, 2022
What Is Specimen Bag?

Contents: What is specimen bag?What is specimen bag used for? Specimen bag used in doctor’s offices and clinics Specimen bag used in hospitals Specimen bag used in medical laboratoryWhy is it important to use specimen bag?Appearance of specimen bag Compressive strength of specimen bag Sizes of specimen bagHow to use a specimen bag?Famous brands of […]

April 9, 2022
What Is 96 Deep Well Plate?

Contents: What is 96 deep well plate?Application of 96 deep well plate What is 96 deep well plate used for? Application Scope of 96 deep well plate How is 96 deep well plate used for microbial cultivation?Types of 96 deep well plate 96 round deep well plate 96 square deep well plate U-shaped 96 deep […]

July 6, 2021
20 Important Organic Chemistry Lab Equipment In Every Laboratory

Introduction Organic chemistry deals with the study of composition properties, reactions, preparation, and structure of those compounds that contain carbon. Therefore the need for equipment in the labs of organic chemistry brings the practicality which is required to carry out the reactions and make the observations for a particular reaction or process. Different equipment is […]

July 3, 2021
10 Important Lab Safety Equipment Alternatives In Every Laboratory

Every lab must have its safety equipments. Here is the list of the some lab safety equipment alternatives. Every modern lab must have these safety equipments but some informal or school laboratories have not these equipments and if not then, they must have their alternatives. Every person in the laboratory should know their exact locations. […]

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