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Desiccant Film

Desiccant Film For Aluminum Foil Bag Of Rapid Test Packaging

What is desiccant film?

Desiccant film is formed by perfectly mixing desiccant and polyethylene resin and then using a special process to laminate with multiple layers film. It has the characteristics of rapid & continuous moisture absorption, absorbing moisture without reverse drainage. Desiccant film mainly used in the packaging fields of medical devices, medicines, food and health products, and semiconductor parts, and can replace traditional silica gel packets.

Desiccant film is a magical water-absorbent material that tightly absorbs moisture on the inner layer of the aluminum foil film to remove moisture from the packaging cavity, improve packaging efficiency and greatly avoid the risk of the desiccant being accidentally eaten. Its core is the inner layer contain desiccant ingredient coated on PE layer. Desiccant film technology is a landmark flexible packaging solution for medical products.

Structure of desiccant film

Usually four layers, also can be more than 4 layers if more functional layer.
1st layer: PET or OPA layer (Outside)
2nd layer: Aluminum layer
3rd layer: desiccant layer
4th layer: PE layer (Inside)

Features of desiccant film

1. The desiccant film can quickly and efficiently absorb the moisture in the inner packaging of the product and the moisture that penetrates into the product.

2. The interior of the packaging is fully hygroscopic, protecting the product with uniform and efficient dehumidification, and is stable under extreme conditions, keeping the contents from being affected by moisture, and has excellent long-term stability and safety.

3. Reduce the process of filling desiccant and eliminate the steps of adding desiccant and random inspection, which can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

4.Packaging does not require additional production equipment or subsequent processing processes, the degree of automation is greatly increased, and the overall cost is greatly reduced.

Desiccant film VS traditional desiccant bags

Desiccant filmDesiccant bags (Silica gel bag)
Coated on aluminum surface, don’t need extra space, 100% substitute silica gel bagNeed much more space place desiccant bag
No need extra silica gel bagNeed manually insert into packaging bag, or robot feeding into packaging bag
Good for powder product keep out of moistureCan not use for powder product
Good for blister product, such as: pill, capsule, syringe, etc.Can not use for blister product
Desiccant film sandwiched between aluminum layer and PE layer, never directly contact product, no pollution for productRisk of breakage and contaminate product
Strong barrier functionLow barrier performance with large amount silica gel bag
Low moisture absorption capacityUltra high moisture absorption capacity
Longer keep on absorption with slowly absorb speedFast absorb speed
Able to make bag or sealing filmOnly as additive

Desiccant film VS regular aluminum film

Desiccant filmRegular aluminum film
Easy for shading
High barrier function
Good for printing
Easy for shading
High barrier function
Good for printing
With desiccant functionNo desiccant function
Manufacturing at dry and humidity control roomManufacturing at normal room without humidity control
Good for product that need high humidity rate requirementNormal bag

Experimental testing of desiccant film

Absorption capacity in high RH50% environment 
Absorption capacity in low RH20% environment
Absorption capacity in different RH% environment
Absorption speed of different material

Moisture absorption capacity of desiccant film

Product: desiccant film
Equipment: Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Temperature/Humidity: 23°C, RH90%
Samples: 5 groups, 10pcs/group, each pcs 0.01㎡
Days: 9

Application of desiccant film

Desiccant film is suitable for the products that must keep out of moisture. 
1. Rapid test strip
2. Glucose test strip
3. Pill and capsule
4. Chemical powder that keep out of moisture and can't use silica gel packets
5. Medical products: scalpel, syringe, needle, etc.
6. Fook products
Lateral flow test strip
Glucose strip
Pill / capsule
Medical products
Food products

How to use desiccant film?

It’s very easy to use, just like regular aluminum film. It can be made as multiple type format, such as: foil roll, foil sheet, foil bag, sealing film, etc.

Foil roll
For aluminium foil pouch making machine to produce innovative aluminum bag.

Foil sheet
A fixed dimension sheet, can use for make four sides sealed bag.

Foil bag
It’s 3 sides sealed bag, the open side insert product, after that start sealing.

Sealing film
Use for sealing, such as: pill, capsule, etc.

How to order desiccant film?

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector.
If you are interested in our desiccant film or have any questions, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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