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Beard Cover

Beard cover used in laboratory

1. What is beard cover?
    1.1 Feature of beard cover
    1.2 Function of disposable beard cover
2. Importance of a cleanroom with beard cover
    2.1 What is hidden in the beard?
    2.2 What are the requirements for clean suits in each clean area?
3. How to wear a beard cover?
4. How to buy beard cover?

What is beard cover?

Sometimes, laboratories need to purchase beard scarves and beard covers to ensure protection from facial hair in clean rooms. Disposable beard covers are also widely used in the food industry and in the food service industry. One of the largest single causes of contamination in laboratories is hair. In general, if access to the lab is required, each person entering the room is required to wear a beard cover if their beard is longer than 3 mm. This ensures that any contaminants are trapped and cannot be spread during work.

Beard cover, beard net, and beard bib are all terms for disposable beard protectors. Hair nets can also be categorized as bibs along with other hair coverings. Lightweight disposable beard nets are not comparable to old-fashioned bibs made of yarn or other materials, but modern variants are more suitable for everyday use.

Feature of beard cover

a. Prevention of facial hair contamination.

b. Non-woven material.

c. Elastic design, comfortable and breathable.

d. Beard cover: white, sterile, and clean available.

Function of disposable beard cover

Beard covers provide full coverage of dust, dirt, and other particulates. The protection is twofold: to keep hair out of your facility and to protect your employees from potential hazards. Beard covers are common in the food service industry but are also used in laboratories and security environments.

In its most basic form, a beard net keeps the work environment clean and safe by preventing loose hair from falling into food or sensitive areas. Typically, beard covers serve the same purpose as hair nets and are often made of the same materials. At Harmony, we stock disposable beard covers in polypropylene construction because we find this material to be ideal for everyday protection.

Disposable beard covers are economical, lightweight, and breathable, making them ideal for everyday use. Choose whatever size you need from spun-bond polypropylene or nylon honeycomb designs. Beard covers are not suitable for full coverage by themselves but can be used with disposable coveralls and other garments to provide the full coverage you need.

Importance of a cleanroom with beard cover

When it comes to preventing any contamination in the cleanroom, all measures must be taken to ensure that any risk is mitigated by appropriate clothing. A beard cover is an important part of cleanroom attire. If you have bearded staff, then this cover will be a must-have tool to have on hand. Just as it is vital to cover the rest of the body to prevent contamination, it is also important to ensure that the beard is covered correctly.

What is hidden in the beard?

While you may think that washing your beard with soap and water will ensure that it is clean and free of any contaminants, this is not the case. According to an investigation called "Microbial Laboratory Hazards of Bearding," experiments have shown that even after washing with soap and water, beards retain microbes and toxins. Washing the beard will reduce the number of toxins and microorganisms present, but will not completely remove these contaminants from the beard. When a person with a beard enters a cleanroom, the risk of these contaminants entering the air or falling off the beard onto nearby surfaces incbefore

It is well known that any type of contamination can affect cleanroom use, which is why it is critical to take proper precautions prior to entering a cleanroom. One way to prevent this risk is to require everyone entering the room to wear a beard cover if their beard is longer than 3 mm. This will ensure that any contaminants are trapped and cannot spread during the workday. A good beard cover should cover dandruff, hair, and any toxins from the beard.

Make sure that not all employees know the specific requirements for beard coverage, but that they also know how to properly secure the beard cover. The hood should be adjusted to fit snugly over the beard and the beard should not stick out anywhere along the face, chin, or collar. It should fit snugly on their face without any visible gaps.

When you buy beard covers for your cleanroom, you want to know that you can count on them to provide the necessary protection. Our polypropylene beard covers feature a high-tech conversion design, with quality products, fair prices, and constant innovation.

These beard covers are ideal for industries that are concerned about body contaminants. These covers will provide valuable protection against human contaminants, including hair and dandruff. Some of the other benefits you will get from these quality clean room beard covers are as follows.

a. Affordable price.

b. Lightweight. You don't have to worry about adding bulk to your staff with this beard cover. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear.

c. Secure fit. With any type of covering, a firm fit is essential to ensure it is effective. This beard cover comes with an elastic band for a tight fit.

d. Latex-free polypropylene material. This product is made of latex-free material, which is ideal for avoiding allergic reactions. Staff can wear it comfortably.

What are the requirements for clean suits in each clean area?

Clean suits should be designed with the five basic elements of a laboratory in mind: cleanliness, static electricity, comfort, and durability. No pockets on the outside of the suit should be allowed to minimize the number of wrinkles and wrinkles. Minimize the area where clothes can accumulate all over. A high standard of cleanliness is the only way to sell high quality. This provides a better guarantee for the quality of our pharmaceutical products.

The clean suit has both dust-free and anti-static properties. High-quality polyester filament fabric is chosen to meet all special requirements. It should have the characteristics of dust-free, filtering, comfort, durability, high-temperature resistance, cleaning resistance, and so on, and adopt high-quality conductive silk to ensure the excellent anti-static performance of the product.

Clean work clothes and their quality should be appropriate to the requirements of the operation being provided and the cleanliness level of the area being operated in a style and manner that will protect both product and personnel. The requirements of each clean zone are as follows.

a. Class D clean area. Hair, beard, and other relevant parts should be covered, with a protective cap and beard cover. The staff should wear appropriate work clothes and shoes or shoe covers. Appropriate measures should be taken to avoid bringing in contaminants from outside the clean area.

b. Class C clean area. Hair and beard should be covered and a face mask should be worn. With a protective cap and beard cover. Wear a coverall that can be tightened at the wrists or work clothes that are separated from the pants, and wear appropriate shoes or shoe covers. Work clothes should be free of fibers or microscopic particles.

c. Class A/B clean area. A hood should be used to cover all hair, beard, and other relevant parts of the body. The hood should be tucked into the collar, and a mouthpiece should be worn to prevent droplets from escaping.

Improper cleaning can lead to serious deterioration of the anti-static and dust-free properties of the upper clean suit and damage the cleanliness of the clean room, thus affecting the quality of the product. For cleaning, the following points need special attention.

a. Professional washing and drying equipment, not industrial washing machines, must be used for cleaning.

b. The cleaning agent used for cleaning should be a non-highly electronic surface active agent with a neutral pH value to ensure the performance and service life of clean clothes.

c. The cleaning environment must be in a clean room that meets its cleanliness requirements. The cleaning, drying, packaging, and inspection after cleaning must be done in a clean room environment of the same or even a higher class than the environment in which the garment is used.

How to wear a beard cover?

a. Hold the elastic in one hand and the beard cover in the other hand.

b. Put the elastic behind the head and make sure the beard net covers your nose.

c. Put the beard cover under your chin and the elastic should be over the ears and around the back of the head.

d. Put on a hairnet and locate it under the ears to ensure the beard cover is covered by the hair net.

How to buy beard cover?

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