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Cell Culture Flask Assembly Line


The cell culture flask assembly line is a new type of intelligent multi-functional automatic packaging line for biomedical consumables. The equipment is a floor-standing production line. It is used for the secondary production equipment of culture flask in biological laboratories. The equipment is fully automatic and only need 1 person to process materials.



VoltageAC 220V
Size6m length * 1m width * 1.7m height
WeightAbout 3 ton

Equipment characteristics

①  The equipment is a floor-standing production line type

②  Secondary production equipment for the production of laboratory culture flasks

③ The equipment is fully automatic only need 1 person to feed in the process

④ Using chain assembly line work method

⑤ All processes from welding, gas measurement, coding and capping are completed by robots

⑥ Fully enclosed positive pressure working environment

⑦ Suitable for 25ml, 50ml, 250ml, 600ml and 850ml cell culture flask

⑧ A single cycle is less than 4 seconds

⑨ The machine adopts automatic loading and unloading, automatic turning and closing;

⑩ Automatic detection, automatic stacking, automatic bagging;

⑪ The standard parts of the machine adopt imported well-known brands, which are durable;

⑫ All parts and components adopt surface treatment, exquisite and generous;

⑬ High working precision, high efficiency and higher cleanliness.



①  The machine adopts a microcomputer control core, a touch screen operation interface, which is simple and easy to understand, combined with gas and electricity, and easy to use.

② The culture bottle production line uses a liquid filling machine to produce a variety of liquids with good flow properties, high precision, easy operation with touch color screen, automatic counting function, high degree of automation, and frequency conversion speed regulation.

③ It is suitable for bottles of different specifications, easy to adjust, can be completed in a short time to adapt to a wide range of bottle types, a wide range of dosage adjustment, and realize all automatic bottle unscramble, bottle washing, filling, capping, capping, and capping operations.

④ The bottle unscrambler, which is the supporting equipment of the culture bottle production line, saves the time of manual bottle placement and realizes unmanned production.

⑤ Special supporting equipment for the bottle washing machine production line can be equipped according to customer product requirements to realize unmanned rapid bottle washing and achieve clean and aseptic effects.

⑥ The culture bottle production line adopts 22-head liquid filling, which can complete automatic quantitative filling of different bottle types; the filling head has its own suction function to prevent oil spills. The top of the filling machine is equipped with a storage box.The filling method and the material contact part are made of sanitary stainless steel 304. There is no pollution during the filling process, and each material is easy to change and clean.

⑦ The man-machine interface directly sets the filling volume. The system is easy to operate and adjust to achieve high-precision filling. The filling range is large and the filling accuracy is high.

⑧ The automatic medium filling machine automatically completes the capping and capping. It adopts a rotary capping type while conveying and capping at the same time, which doubles the work efficiency.

⑨ The adjustment is simple and convenient. The capping speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the user's output. The capping speed can be adjusted freely, and the tightness can be adjusted freely according to different caps and needs.


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