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Constant Flow Pump

Constant flow pump in laboratory 

What is constant flow pump?

Constant flow pump is one of the several growing types of positive displacement pump on the market. In the past, this pump is almost exclusively used in the laboratory. But after redesign, the flow rate and pressure of this pump have been improved. Now, a large number of constant flow pumps have been successfully used in chemical process control and production.

Constant flow pump working principle

First of all, the pump works by squeezing the hose through a roller or a briquette. This means that the pump can turn dry, self-priming and handling high viscosity, highly abrasive media.
Therefore, the working priciple of constant flow pump is to rely on several rollers along a flexible tube alternately squeeze / release the pumping efficiency to work inside the tube by the squeezed fluid flow output occurs, the pressure disappears when the tube relies on its own elasticity to return to its original state, just like the repeated contraction of muscles, relaxation can make blood flow in the blood vessels, the volume increases, a vacuum occurs, the suction of fluid.

Constant flow pump parts and functions

Constant flow pump mainly consists of drum part, frame part, head part, pulley part, sliding bearing group part, drive body part, and receiving plate part. Rotating drum section
The drum consists of four parts: the top cover, the adjustment ring, the bottom cover with a hollow shaft, and the tubular drum. The drum is equipped with four symmetrical fins along the axial direction so that the liquid entering the drum quickly reaches the rotational angular speed of the drum. The separated liquid is discharged from two outlets at the upper end of the drum, into two liquid accumulation trays, and then into tanks, jars, and other containers.

Types of constant flow pump

Constant flow pumps are classified according to the flow rate as follows:
* Low flow constant flow pump: mainly used in experimental and medical industries, with high flow accuracy
* Medium flow constant flow pump: mainly used in experiments, medical and small production and distribution, etc., with high flow accuracy
* High flow constant flow pump: mainly used for large flow rate experiments, production filling and distribution and industrial liquid transfer, etc.

Constant flow pump specifications

Small flow constant flow pump

Housing materialPPS
Rotational speed range0.1-100rpm
Flow range0.001-720ml/h
Power consumption30W
Speed resolution0.1rpm
Power supply usedAC220V 50Hz
1. Small flow constant flow pump equipped with high brightness LCD display, easy to understand the operation, easy to carry.

2. Adopt a stepping motor to control the speed, not affected by the change of load, large torque, low power consumption, and strong adaptability.

3. Fast operation speed, stable work, and high precision transmission.

4. Rich functions, with automatic correction, sound reminder, infinitely variable speed adjustment, and other functions.

5. Low working noise, good heat dissipation, smooth operation, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment.

High flow constant flow pump

Flow Range0.2-200ml/min
Incremental volume0.01ml/min
Flow Rate Accuracy±0.5%
Flow Rate Repeatability﹤0.1%
Pressure Range﹤4Mpa
Pressure pulsation﹤0.1mpa
Corrosion resistanceResistant to strong acids, bases, organic solvents and strong oxidizing agents in PTEF, ceramics and Hastelloy
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz
1. High flow constant flow pump is compact and can be stacked with multiple pumps to improve space utilization.

2. Support the user to correct the flow rate.

3. Remote start/stop function, more convenient operation.

4. Special design of tetrafluoro pipeline with anti-dislodging joint and thick-walled tetrafluoro tube for safe use.

5. Stable conveying capacity, high precision, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, micro-pulsation.

Constant flow water pump

TypeHigh flow constant flow pump
Maximum flow rate6.5L/min
Power 5.16w
Inlet and outlet outer diameter14/9.4mm
Service life20000H
1. Constant flow water pump uses imported PPE, high-temperature resistance, more safe and reliable.

2. Long service life, no aging, high energy efficiency.

3. Light weight, greatly saves space.

4. The pump cavity isolates the liquid and the motor to avoid leakage from the gap caused by the long-term operation.

Constant flow pump calibration

Here's how to calibrate a constant flow pump:
1. Selection of calibration fluid
How to use due to the pump tube transmission of different liquids when the pumping efficiency is different, try to use pure water for calibration, which can ensure the measurement accuracy to a large extent. Due to the actual use, the user can not replace the pure water, other fluids can be used instead, but should specify the type and density of the fluid.
2. Determination of test time
According to its principle, try to extend the test time when conducting the test, which will try to avoid the error caused by the difference in the volume of the liquid pillow and the difference in the number of liquid pillows. The test time is recommended for five minutes of fluid collection time, taking into account the operability of the small flow, according to the size of the flow can be adjusted to collect time.
3. Calibration method for flow rate error and flow rate stability
Before the start of the experiment instruments and experimental pure water should be in the experimental environment to stand for more than two hours. Install and record the pump head and pump tube type, measuring the density of pure water for experiments. Adjust the speed knob, to have a stable fluid flow at the outlet, with a clean beaker weighed in advance to collect fluid, while using an electronic stopwatch timing, the fluid collection time is generally five minutes to measure the fluid quality, each set flow rate, repeat the measurement three times. For turning reversible peristaltic pumps should be calibrated separately in two directions: forward and reverse.

How to use constant flow pump?

1. When using the constant flow pump for the first time, first set the speed knob to a small position, then turn on the power, the indicator light is on, the "T" wheel begins to operate, adjust the speed knob, observe whether the rotation of the instrument is normal after normal can be used.

2. The flow rate is controlled by the speed knob, and the flow rate can be continuously adjusted within the range of 1-600ml/hour.

3. The adjusting screw of the distance plate (i.e. the sliding plate before and after the pump head) is used to adjust the liquid pressure, generally just screw to have the liquid flow, the adjustment needs to be careful not to screw too sharply and too tightly, otherwise the roller will screw dead.

4. Use the constant flow pump with the reverse switch, you can change the flow reversal, will make plus liquid change to pumping liquid, pressure change to pumping pressure.

5. The role of the acceleration (button) switch is mainly suitable for use when cleaning the pipeline at slower speeds without changing the original flow rate.

6. Other tubes can be connected at both ends of the silicone tube as needed to deliver the liquid to where it is needed. Constant flow pump has two specifications of the tube, according to the flow needs to chosen, when using the thick tube, as long as the thick tube in the thick tube slot can be.

Precautions for using constant flow pump

1. When using constant flow pump regulator do not please do not screw in too tightly, so as not to "tie" the pump head, generally adjusted to have liquid outflow, so as not to pump head, silicone tube inside the pump head should be coated with a lubricant to extend its service life.

2. Pump head in rapid operation, do not press the "down / reverse" switch, if you want to press, then first slow down the speed and then press, and then the speed to the original speed, that is, the voltmeter reading to the original value.

3. During the use of constant flow pump, one should always pay attention to the silicone tube is intact, generally in the case of medium speed operation is good, when found that the use of an aging silicone tube, should promptly replace the silicone tube. When the constant current pump starts to run, the silicone tube may have to one end of the swelling phenomenon, which can be straightened by hand.

4. After use, the pump head should be cleaned, if not used for a long time, the silicone tube should be removed to extend its service life.

5. When the constant flow pump is not used for a long time, please take the silicone tube out of the pump head to prolong its service life. Silicone tube is a perishable item, please replace it in time after using it for a period of time. Otherwise, it will cause liquid leakage and damage the instrument!

6. According to different media and the different flow rates, please choose different thicknesses of the silicone tube.

How to maintain constant flow pump?

1. Add bearing lubrication oil to the bearing body, observe the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark, and the lubricant should be replaced or replenished in time.

2. Constant flow pump long-term disuse, need to disassemble all the pump, dry moisture, the rotation parts and the combination of grease installed, proper storage.

3. Regularly check the wear of the shaft sleeve, wear larger should be replaced in time.

How to buy constant flow pump?

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