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Coolbox used in laboratory

1. What is coolbox?
    1.1 Feature of coolbox
    1.2 Advantage of coolbox
2. Type of coolbox
3. Precaution of coolbox
4. How to buy coolbox?

What is coolbox?

Many laboratory test materials, samples, and reagents are required to be stored at low temperatures, so a coolbox is an essential piece of laboratory equipment. The coolbox has the advantages of a smooth surface, easy to clean, good insulation effect, and not being afraid of falling and touching.

Coolbox generally uses PE high-quality raw materials, and anti-UV, not easy to fade; uses one piece of molding technology, high strength, durable products, and service life of up to 3 years. Good insulation effect, insulation up to 8 ~ 10 hours; box lid can be separated, convenient to place items; box body installed on the large plastic latch, the lid can be firmly fixed, not easy to fall off; using specialized stacking structure design, easy to stack, easy to transport; generally applicable to hotels, hotels, restaurants, takeaway, cafeteria, group dining, and other food need a long-time turnover insulation industry.

The ice bag is put into a -20℃ freezer for 24 hours to fully store cold. According to the standard configuration, the temperature inside the coolbox to maintain below 8 ℃ can reach more than 80 hours, which is suitable for a variety of medium and long-distance low-temperature drug transportation. For example, some drugs in clinical medicine need to be kept for a long time in a sub-zero temperature environment, the use of a non-energy-consuming refrigerator is not possible, must use a coolbox with temperature control capabilities.

Feature of coolbox

A. Good performance of heat preservation and refrigeration

a. Inside the coolbox is currently the best insulation performance of polyurethane insulation material and overall foam molding. This is very effective in eliminating heat transfer inside and outside the box.

b. Each kind of insulation and coolbox is designed with a professional structure, numerous experiments have to ensure the sealing of the box, effectively blocking Stopped the insulation refrigerator inside and outside the air convection heat dissipation.

c. The inner layer of the insulated coolbox is made of food-grade PE material, which can be in direct contact with food without breeding bacteria, safer and more environmentally friendly.

d. If you need to refrigerate, you can put the hot and cold energy storage box inside the ice, completely frozen into ice cubes, and then put it into the insulation freezer. The temperature inside the insulation refrigerator can be maintained at -5 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius below, and probably can be insulated in about 20 hours.

B. Robust and impact resistant

a. The insulation coolbox is formed by the rotomolding process. The middle filling layer is made of PU overall foam process, thus ensuring the strength of the box from the processing technology.

b. The outer layer of the box is made of imported food-grade plastic material, thus ensuring the strength of the box from the material.

c. The use of more professional structural strength design, from the design of the box to ensure the overall strength of the box.

C. Easy to clean

a. Insulated coolbox is made by the overall molding of the rotomolding process, with no hidden seams.

b. Made of food-grade antibacterial PE plastic material.

c. Suitable for car, home, medical, laboratory, and for keeping food and drinks fresh, cold, or warm during excursions, sports, shopping, fishing, and long trips.

Advantage of coolbox

a. Microcomputer control, temperature digital display, can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature constant between 2-48 degrees, small fluctuation range.

b. High precision of temperature control.

c. Noiseless design. Adopt environmental protection compressor refrigeration technology.

d. Adopt an air-cooled structure, reasonable design of air duct and air volume, and stable and uniform temperature inside the box.

e. Reasonable design of evaporator, effective cooling area, improve the cooling speed.

f. Coolbox has high requirements for heat and cold resistance, will not be deformed in high-temperature water, and can even be disinfected with boiling water.

g. Coolbox needs to have superior impact resistance, not easy to break or leave scratches when heavily pressed or hit. It can be used for life.

Type of coolbox

Due to the different temperatures and environmental requirements of the items to be preserved, there are various types and specifications of coolboxes.

According to the cooling method, the coolbox can be divided into direct cooling and intercooling type.

Direct cooling coolbox is the use of the box air up and down the natural flow of direct cooling. Simple structure, low price, energy saving, easy maintenance. But the disadvantage is that the box temperature is not uniform, frost.

The inter-cooled coolbox principle is to use the fan to make the box air force flow through the evaporator and cooling, which is also known as an air-cooled refrigerator. The advantage of the inter-cooled refrigerator is the box temperature uniformity, frost-free, and adjustable temperature. The disadvantage is the power consumption, the price is higher.

At present, there are also some coolboxes with direct cooling + intercooler mixed mode.

Insulated coolbox

Temperature class of coolbox for laboratory use

Laboratory in accordance with the temperature zone to be roughly divided into 4 ℃ blood box, 2 ~ 8 ℃ medical refrigerator, -25 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -40 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -60 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -86 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -105 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -135 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -152 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator, -164 ℃ low-temperature refrigerator.

The temperature in -40 ℃, -60 ℃, and -86 ℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerators is suitable for electronic devices, special materials of low-temperature tests and preservation of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents preservation, etc.

Laboratory in the purchase of coolbox should be based on the temperature required to store items to choose the appropriate refrigerator refrigeration temperature, and then also need to look at the volume of the refrigerator.

In addition to volume, laboratory coolboxes are divided into two categories: horizontal/vertical. Horizontal coolbox is open upward, similar to the home freezer, and the vertical coolbox is open forward. In terms of use, horizontal ones are suitable for long-term storage, and vertical ones are suitable for frequent switching operations; vertical ones have a smaller footprint, but horizontal ones have stronger load-bearing performance.

When purchasing a refrigerated box, customers also need to pay attention to the equipment's temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity, refrigerant type, and other indicators. In addition, whether the instrument has a high and low-temperature alarm, fault alarm, power-on delay protection, power-off interval protection, high-pressure protection, over-current protection, and other functions also need to be considered. All these will affect the service life of the instrument and the experience of using it.

Precaution of coolbox


The cool box

During routine maintenance, to prevent electrical shock or injury to persons, you must disconnect power to the equipment before making any repairs or maintenance to the equipment. Ensure that you do not inhale medications or suspended particles around the equipment during maintenance, as this could be hazardous to your health. Please remember to always wear dry gloves to protect your hands during maintenance.

A. Cleaning the coolbox

a. The medical refrigerator is cleaned once a month. Regular cleaning will keep the refrigerator looking new.

b. Use a dry cloth to wipe off a small amount of dust on the medical refrigerator shell, inside the box and all accessories. If the medical refrigerator is very dirty, use neutral detergent to clean, and then wipe the detergent clean with a cloth soaked in water.

c. Do not pour water on the medical refrigerator shell or inside the box, otherwise it may damage the electrical insulation and lead to failure.

d. In the rainy season, the surface of the glass door of the refrigerator is easy to condense water vapor, serious cases will appear dripping water situation. Please use a dry rag to dry it at the appropriate time, it will not affect the normal use.

B. Defrost

In the case of high humidity in the summer environment, there may be condensation in the mouth frame part of the refrigerator. This is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to dry with a dry rag.

C. Care and maintenance

a. Do not place heavy objects on the door or top cover of the coolbox, so as not to deform the door body or top cover under pressure.

b. Every once in a while, you need to clean and maintain the coolbox.

c. Wipe the inside and outside surfaces of the medical refrigerator with a warm, wet, soft cloth.

d. When the soiling is serious, use the neutral detergent for washing food utensils to wipe, and then wipe the water stains with a clean soft cloth.

e. Once the coolbox is activated, it is better to use it continuously.


a. Do not spill water directly on the medical refrigerator, so as not to cause the electrical components’ insulation performance to decline and metal rust.

b. Do not use hot water and corrosive cleaning agents or organic solvents to clean the medical refrigerator.

c. Do not use hard brushes, wire brush cleaning.

d. Do not allow children to coolbox to do games.

How to buy coolbox?

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