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Cooling Pack

Cooling pack in laboratory

What is cooling pack?

Cooling pack is a biological product, that is also a novel freezing medium, used to refrigerate items, and maintain its low-temperature state, for the aviation ban on the use of dry ice and have to use dry ice, dry ice can not repeatedly used high cost of service, remote areas challenging to buy dry ice and many other difficulties, the cooling bag can be used on the aircraft aviation, can repeatedly be used low cost of use, a refrigerator place can be used and other obvious advantages, in the use of cost, safety and convenience of many aspects are beyond the dry ice, changing the aviation low-temperature distribution process both the ban on the use of dry ice, but also have to use dry ice embarrassing situation.

What is in cooling pack?

Ice pack is mainly composed of polymer, water-absorbent resin. cool pack content is made of cold capacity, a non-toxic, odorless polymer as the basic composition of raw materials, its content is crystal clear non-corrosive non-anti-radiation, and elastic. The main material is CMC.

What is cooling pack used for?

Cooling packs are used as a means of preservation for biological products such as vaccines, toxoids, immune preparations, insulin, serum, etc. Biological vaccines have to be kept cold continuously in all aspects of preservation, transportation, and use. Since biological vaccines are temperature sensitive, they may fail due to high temperatures at every step between the department where they are manufactured and the site where they are used. To ensure that vaccines used in immunization programs are properly refrigerated throughout the entire process from production, storage, transportation, and distribution to use, the vaccines are always kept under the specified refrigeration conditions to ensure that the reasonable potency of the vaccines is not compromised. The emergence of ice bags for vaccine refrigeration has changed this problem.
Bio-ice is a novel freezing medium formulated with high-tech biological materials, which is clean and non-toxic and has no water pollution when thawing and melting. Its specific heat capacity is high, 3 to 4 times that of ice, so it has good heat transfer and thawing melting rate and good cooling performance, and it can be directly shaped and reused.

Ice pack is also used for long-distance refrigerated fresh transportation of biochemical reagents, tin paste, veterinary drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish, dairy products, meat products, agricultural products, flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Cool pack can also be used for medical fever cooling and antipyretic, patient fever cooling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold beauty, sprains, falls, hemostasis, skin care, suppuration, and another auxiliary physiotherapy.

Advantages of using cooling pack

Not restricted by airlines, trains, etc., can be carried on planes and trainsCooling pack has passed all kinds of aviation safety certification, like the use of ordinary gel ice bag can be used on aircraft, completely changed the process of low-temperature distribution of aviation by prohibiting the use of dry ice, but also have to use the embarrassing situation of dry ice, is a revolutionary scientific research achievement of low-temperature transport refrigeration of goods.
Reusable and low cost of useReusable pack's content is gelatinous, can be reused N times, cost saving, hot and cold dual-use, high cold capacity, its cold source release evenly and slowly (release cold speed than ice 6 times slower), with a good time to keep cold, because the ice in the release of cold will produce water stains, easy to make the goods moisture and affect the quality, so the biological ice pack in air cargo is widely used. Unlike dry ice as a one-time use, the use of huge costs, which is some low-temperature goods back and forth repeatedly transported occasions, will undoubtedly greatly reduce the cost of use.
No geographical restrictionsIce pack is not like dry ice that can only be purchased from a major city of first class, as long as there are insulation boxes, foam boxes, and cryogenic refrigerators, you can use the technology-based ultra-low temperature ice pack, which is a revolutionary change for cryogenic transportation in remote areas and field sampling in research institutes.
Long heat retention timeTested by independent institutions, the technological ice of instant ice packs is 6 times longer than ordinary ice of the same volume. It is widely used in the preservation and distribution of vaccines, diagnostic reagents, blood, low-temperature food, and other goods that need freezing and refrigeration.

Types of cooling pack


Reusable ice pack

Reusable ice pack consists of two non-woven textile layers, which combine a trade secret formula and compressed into a special form of cross-linked, polyacrylic polyol polymer refrigerant. Inside, two key plastic layers utilize a unidirectional, finely perforated technology that allows the plastic layers to be bonded to the textile layers, ensuring that this new model can withstand the harshest of weather during transport.

Disposable cooling pack

Disposable cooling packs are made up of two sides, one is high-density plastic and the other is non-woven.
Mainly used for perishable products, biological agents, and all products that require refrigerated transport (if transported with the product and cannot be retrieved for reuse, it is recommended to use disposable ones) Although designed for single use, they can be used many times under careful use.

Medical ice pack is a kind of disposable cooling pack that is mainly used for medical fever cooling and antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprains, hemostasis, septic, skincare, and other auxiliary physical therapy and perishable products, biological agents and all products that need to be refrigerated transportation (if the ice pack is shipped with the product, can not be retrieved for reuse. (It is recommended to use the standard two-layer) standard medical ice bag although designed for single use, but in careful use of the case, can also be used many times (Note: but can not be compared with the HDR type four-layer ice bag) its most important feature is to avoid cross-infection caused by the use of patients.

Cooling pack specifications 

Large ice pack

Size: Available in all sizes
Capacity: Each capacity is available

Small ice pack

Size: 15*11cm
Capacity: 350ml

Instant ice pack

Instant ice pack
Size: 28*21cm
Capacity: 100ml

How to use cooling pack?

Water-absorbing ice pack

First, put the ice bag in the water, and knead by hand, so that the technology ice expansion, expansion to about 1 cm for the best state, after the expansion of good take out the surface of the water dry, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze can be used.

Bio cooling pack

Used and unbroken package of biological cooling packs is chilled in the freezer layer of the refrigerator for at least 12 hours, when the liquid inside completely changed to solid, can be reused.

The cooling packs can keep warm for 12-24h at room temperature. Bio ice bag is a polymeric refrigerant of polyacrylic polyol, which is an upgraded alternative to ice with more applicability, and its use is convenient, hygienic, and versatile. Reusable ice bags are recycled and environmentally friendly.

Put the biological ice pack in water, and knead by hand, so that the technology ice expansion, expansion to about 1 cm for the best state, expansion is well taken out to dry the surface of the water, and finally put in the refrigerator to freeze it can be used.

Precautions for using cooling pack

The following points need to be noted when using a medical ice pack
1. Every 10 minutes observe the condition of the skin with cold parts, if there is pale, blue, gray, trembling, pain or numbness must immediately stop using.

2. Pay attention to observing the cooling pack, and ice capsule at any time there is no leakage, the cloth set should be replaced immediately after wetting. After the ice melts, should be replaced promptly.

3. Cooling pack with cold water slightly higher than 1/2 full. Ice bags are too full in the cold local pressure is too large, affecting local blood circulation.

4. Cooling at the same time can be placed in the heart of the foot hot water pack to reduce congestion of brain tissue, promote heat dissipation, and increase comfort.

5. If used for cooling, ice packs need to measure body temperature 30 minutes after use, after the axillary ice bag cooling, axillary temperature measurement should not be carried out within 50 minutes. Because local cold stimulation will make vasoconstriction, local blood supply is reduced, cellular activity is reduced, and the temperature is reduced, 30-60 minutes local can return to normal.

How to buy cooling pack?

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