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Digital Caliper

Digital caliper used in laboratory

What is digital caliper?

Digital caliper is a kind of measuring tool to measure length, inner and outer diameter, and depth. Digital display caliper has the characteristics of intuitive reading, easy to use, and various functions.
Digital vernier caliper, is a length measuring tool with a digital display of the measurement of the indicated value, is an instrument for measuring length, inside and outside diameter. Digital vernier caliper adopts measuring systems such as grating and capacitive scale.

What is digital caliper used for?

General digital calipers will be used together with a data acquisition instrument, using the data acquisition instrument can be directly connected to the caliper for automatic data acquisition without the requires operators to record their data manually, and saves money on labor costs.
Many digital vernier calipers are connected to the QSmart data collector for automatic data collection and data analysis. The caliper is connected for efficient mobile data collection.
Therefore, digital calipers are mainly used in the current factory internal quality inspection method for measuring data, the measurement personnel manually recorded on paper, or a person measures, and another person records the operation, when the need for analysis, by the operator to enter into the computer EXCEL table; such a way to lead to the problem of low efficiency, data is easy to remember the wrong, while some operators Since some operators are not clear about the measurement specifications of the product, they cannot take timely measures when the product exceeds the specifications, and they need to repeatedly enter the data into the computer when data analysis is needed.
The main goal of using an electronic caliper is to realize paperless measurement, improve the accuracy of measurement and efficiency of inspection, and alert the operator when specifications are exceeded.

In addition, digital calipers are mainly used to measure the thickness of leather, rubber, paper fabric, and various paper metal sheets, plastic sheets, etc.

How does digital caliper measure?

When using digital caliper measurement, the body of digital caliper is equipped with a high-precision rack, the rack operation drives the rotation of the circular grid, with the principle of photoelectric pulse counting, the displacement of the caliper measuring jaws into pulse signals, through the counter and display will measure the size of the digital display on the screen.

Advantages of using digital caliper


Digital calipers can save labor and increase efficiency

Digital vernier caliper is used to connect directly to testing instruments for automatic data acquisition such as digital calipers, percentages, height gauges, thickness gauges, electronic scales, tensiometers, depth vernier calipers.

Digital caliper can be connected to multiple instruments

Digital caliper's data collector is equipped with two serial ports, allowing the simultaneous connection of two instruments for automatic measurements.

Digital caliper for easy data analysis

Electronic caliper measurements are automatically saved on the system's memory card and can be exported to USB for analysis, or the user can access the measurements directly via the Internet.

Digital caliper supports mobile measurement

The Digital caliper supports mobile measurement and can be operated by the operator in the field for product quality inspection.

Digital vernier caliper supports manual entry

Digital vernier caliper can be entered manually, compared with the traditional paper recording mode, avoiding manual secondary entry and saving labor costs.

Digital calipers use environment

Ordinary digital calipers should not be used in environments such as humidity (relative humidity greater than 80%), contact with water, or conductive dust. Digital display calipers with IP65 and IP67 levels of protection can be used in the environment. If the use environment is humid but rarely contact with water, you can buy IP54 digital display calipers with a lower protection level, whose selling price is slightly higher than ordinary digital display calipers.

Accuracy requirements of digital caliper

Ordinary digital caliper resolution 0.01mm, high precision digital caliper resolution 0.005, 0.001mm. the limit error of measurement according to international standards (ISO/DIS13385-1996) is as follows.
Measuring range mm Limit error mm

Digital caliper specifications

Electronic caliper

Net weight0.5g
Materialstainless steel
Measuring range0-150mm
Operating temperature0-35℃

Digital vernier caliper

Net weight0.5g
Material measuring claw, ruler body using stainless steel
Measuring range0-150mm
Operating temperature0-40℃

How to use digital caliper?

1. Gently remove the caliper, digital caliper is a high-precision instrument, avoid damage caused by the caliper drop or expansion. Check whether the caliper is in the closed state, slide the digital caliper to check whether the slide is smooth.

2. Turn on the digital caliper switch, there are generally three buttons on the digital caliper, namely "Unit", "On/Off" and "Zero". Press the OFF/ON switch. The value will be displayed on the digital display screen. If the value is displayed, the status is normal.

3. Zeroing the digital vernier caliper, when the displayed value is not correct, put the digital caliper in the closed state and press the "zero" button to zero the value.

4. Measure the object demonstration (outside diameter), hold the object to be measured in the left hand, hold the digital display caliper in the right hand, pull open the vernier caliper, align the digital caliper to the measurement part, slowly lock the electronic digital caliper, the digital display screen will show the size of the object.

5. To measure the object height demonstration, use the end of the digital caliper to measure, first pull away a part of the digital vernier caliper, put the digital caliper vertically inside the object, slowly move down to the top of the object, and the digital display shows the height value of the object.

6. Convert units, when you need to convert units in the digital caliper, just press the "mm/inch" button above, you can freely convert between millimeters and inches. After conversion, the value displayed on the digital display screen is the value of the selected unit.

How to maintain digital caliper?

a. Before applying the digital caliper must first scrub the measuring surface, to maintain the digital caliper measuring surface, LCD monitor, and other drive system parts clean.

b. After measurement, the digital vernier caliper should be smoothly covered with measuring claws to avoid dust, small stones, metal materials cutting, and other things to destroy the transmission system position.

c. Measurement of digital calipers should be carried out with static data. When applying, the measurement amplitude should be moderate, and the calipers with micro rollers should be applied with micro rollers.

d. Moving the caliper ruler frame to be stable, should prevent rapidly driven to the tail or front end development impact.

e. Should prevent collision and fall to avoid common failures of the power circuit, magnetic induction failure, Led and measuring claw, and other components destroyed.

f. It is strictly forbidden to put the digital caliper near the electromagnetic field or place it on the block with magnetic objects. If you find that the vernier caliper contains magnetic, should immediately go to the magnetic side before application.

Precautions for using digital caliper

1. Care must be taken when applying digital calipers to electronic devices.

2. It must be prevented from touching water and other liquid chemicals.

3. When applying the digital vernier, when the display information appears bright and dark or cannot be displayed, it should be removed and replaced by a new rechargeable battery of the same specification.

4. In all positions, digital calipers can not release the working voltage and do not need to use the power pen to print, to prevent damage to electronic components.

5. When not applying for the statistical data output port number in the caliper, it is not necessary to remove the port number cover, not to mention the metal material components touching the output end product to prevent damage to electronic components.

6. If the display can not record the number (large numbers locked up), should be the power supply circuit inadvertent elements caused by all normal problems, it is appropriate to use the next rechargeable battery, and so on 2-3 minutes after reloading.

7. When using digital calipers to measure outside diameter dimensions, the two outer measuring surfaces should be fitted to the surface to be measured.

8. When measuring the inner hole size, the measuring jaw should be measured in the direction of the hole diameter.

9. When measuring the depth dimension, the depth ruler should be made perpendicular to the bottom surface of the measured workpiece.

10. Before use, loosen the fastening screw on the ruler frame, pull the ruler frame away smoothly, and wipe the measuring surface and guiding surface clean with a cloth.

11. Check the "zero" position: lightly push the ruler frame, make the caliper two measuring claw measuring surface combined, observe the vernier "zero" engraved line and the ruler body "zero" engraved line should be aligned, the vernier tail engraved line and the ruler body corresponding engraved line should be aligned. Otherwise, should be sent to the measurement room or relevant departments for adjustment.

12. If the display can not record the number (large numbers locked up), should be the power supply circuit inadvertent elements caused by all normal problems, it is appropriate to use the next rechargeable battery, and so on 2-3 minutes after reloading.

13. Digital calipers with depth gauges should be combined with the measuring jaws after use. Otherwise, the finer depth ruler exposed to the outside is easy to deform or even break. Calipers must be wiped clean and oiled after use, and put back into the caliper box (or bag). Do not put the caliper on the magnetic object. Calipers found with magnetic should be demagnetized in time before use.

14. Loosen the fastening screws when moving the frame and micro-action device.

15. Do not use the caliper as a caliper or screw plate hand or use the tip of the measuring jaw as a scribing tool, round gauge, etc.

How to order digital caliper?

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