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Drug Dissolution Apparatus

Drug dissolution apparatus in laboratory

What is drug dissolution apparatus?

Drug dissolution apparatus is also known as drug dissolution testing, is an instrument to measure the degree of dissolution of drugs, which is a kind of mechatronic product with a high degree of automation. Drug dissolution apparatus is an effective alternative method to study and evaluate the bioavailability of drugs in vitro, and is also an important means to ensure and measure the reasonableness and stability of the production process and quality of solid oral preparations. It replaces the disintegration time limit check in the past with scientific and advanced measurement methods, thus improving the scientific nature of drug quality control methods and ensuring the clinical efficacy of drugs.

Application of drug dissolution apparatus

Drug dissolution apparatus instrument is specially used to detect the dissolution degree of tablets, granules, capsules, and other solid preparations of drug testing instruments, can give the simulation of the human gastrointestinal digestion process, with the UV spectrophotometer can detect the dissolution degree of drug preparations.
Besides, drug dissolution apparatus can also be used in the food and cosmetic industry for necessary dissolution testing, as well as widely used in drug testing departments, school laboratories, scientific research departments, and laboratories of major pharmaceutical companies.

Drug dissolution apparatus working principle

The working principle of drug dissolution apparatus is mainly that the main machine adopts the mechanical structure of double column lifting and driving, with a beautiful appearance, stable and reliable working performance, the circuit part adopts the circuit design of Ying, and the clock control module adopts the advanced program presetting chip, which can preset the unit time control and multi-stage time reminding program during the experiment, with high automation program, convenient operation, superior performance and high precision of test data. The dissolution instrument is mainly composed of a head including a lifting system and control system, water bath box, dissolution cup, rotating basket, temperature sensor, etc. The test data show that the level of dissolution meter, the verticality of dissolution cup and basket axis, basket rotation speed, and temperature will have different degrees of influence on the dissolution effect.Therefore, it is necessary to verify the mechanical part of the drug dissolution meter periodically to ensure the stability of the mechanical performance of the drug dissolution meter continuously.

Types of drug dissolution apparatus

1. Semi-automatic dissolution apparatus
2. Automatic dissolution apparatus
3. Single cup drug dissolution apparatus
4. Three-cup drug dissolution apparatus
5. Six-cup drug dissolution apparatus
6. Eight-cup drug dissolution apparatus
7. Twelve-cup drug dissolution apparatus

Drug dissolution apparatus specifications and features

Single cup drug dissolution apparatus

Number of cupsA 185mm dissolving cup can be installed
Dissolving cup volume1000ml
Oscillation range of stirring paddle ≤±0.5 mm
Swinging amplitude of rotating basket≤±1.0 mm
Rotational speed setting range 25-250 rpm/min
Temperature rangeRoom temperature ~ 45.0℃
Temperature resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature control accuracy≤±0.5 ℃
Heating power 300W
Continuous working timemore than 48h
Power supply AC220V,50Hz
1. Single cup drug dissolution apparatus can clear readings, simple and convenient operation.
2. Speed control adopts subdivision power supply driven stepper motor method, accurate speed, smooth operation, low energy consumption.
3. With self-test function and automatic protection function, giving a variety of fault signals.

Three-cup drug dissolution apparatus

Speed range20-200rpm
Speed regulation accuracy±2rpm
Temperature control rangeroom temperature-45℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.3℃
Timing range5-900min
Swing range of basket±1mm
Swinging amplitude of slurry rod±0.5mm
Rotor shaft eccentricity±2.0mm
Electric heater power500w
Power supply220V/50Hz
1. Three-cup drug dissolution apparatus using three cups and three rods, a single row mode.
2. The head part is manually reversed, smooth and flexible.
3. The rotating basket and pulp rod are made of SUS316 stainless steel, more solid.
4. Adopt magnetic water pump circulating water flow even heat system, the temperature of water bath is even.
5. Automatic intelligent control of temperature, speed, and time parameters.

Eight-cup drug dissolution apparatus

Speed range 25-250 rpm
Speed accuracy resolution 0.1 rpm
Temperature range of water bath 5ºC(room temperature)-45ºC
Temperature display resolution 0.01ºC
Temperature control accuracy≤±0.3ºC
Cumulative timing time99 h 59 min 59 sec.
Working noise<60db
Working environment 5-35ºC
Electric heating power 1500W
1. Eight-cup drug dissolution apparatus uses industrial high-resolution color touch screen, easy and fast operation, precise control.
2. Dissolving cup and water tank without gap design, to ensure automatic center positioning. Eliminate system error.
3. With self-test and automatic protection function, it can give a variety of fault alarm tips and secondary overheating protection.
4. The instrument provides intelligent temperature calibration function, users can easily, easily and reliably complete the temperature calibration and correction through interactive operation.

Twelve-cup drug dissolution apparatus

Resolution 0.1RPM
Accuracy ±4%
Oscillation amount≤1mm
Range Room temperature-45℃
1. Twelve-cup drug dissolution apparatus adopts DC brushless water pump, low noise, and long life.
2. Equipped with a solvent temperature monitoring system, which can realize 12 cups of solvent temperature monitoring.
3. Equipped with an electric, independent multi-channel and automatic dosing system, which can realize synchronous dosing and sequential dosing mode, and when sequential dosing, it can choose whether to suspend stirring or not, and the dual-zone stirring does not affect each other.
4. The lower flap multiple dosing method can avoid the loss of small tablet dosing and the requirement of granule dosing.

How to use drug dissolution apparatus?

The following are the operating standards for the use of the drug dissolution apparatus.
1. Firstly, put the dissolution cups into the corresponding holes of the drug dissolution instrument respectively, adjust the position with concentric ring covers, and then fix them with positioning pieces.

2. Select the basket or paddle according to the method provided by the quality standard, adjust the distance between the basket or paddle and the bottom of the dissolution cup with the positioning lever, and then tighten the knob to fix the basket or paddle.

3. Add the specified amount of solvent to the dissolution cup and then fill the water bath to the waterline position.

4. Plug in the power outlet, turn on the power switch, and control the parameters of rotational speed, dissolution time, sampling interval time, and water temperature preset by each button of the control panel.

5. When the temperature of the solvent in the cup reaches a constant temperature of 37±0.5℃ through the water bath, put each specimen into the corresponding rotating basket or directly into each rotating paddle cup, put the rotating basket or rotating paddle into the container, select the "Run" key to start timing immediately, cover the Plexiglas lid and insert the sampling needle into the outer hole.

6. When the intelligent drug dissolution instrument is called at the specified dissolution time, an appropriate amount of solution should be inhaled at the specified sampling point (the upper end of the basket or paddle is 10 mm from the middle of the liquid surface), filtered by 0.8-micron microporous filter membrane and injected into the test tube.

7. After sampling is completed, turn off the power switch, unplug the power supply, lift the rotating basket or pulp, remove the basket body, pour out the solution in the cup, clean all the apparatus, invert to dry, and set aside.

Precautions for using drug dissolution apparatus

To ensure the accuracy of the test results, we need to pay attention to the following points when using the drug dissolution apparatus daily.
1. Before use, we should check whether the drug dissolution apparatus is running normally, and check the temperature control, rotational speed, etc., and the flexibility of lifting the pulp leaf.

2. Should always pay attention to making the water bath and the water level to maintain a slightly higher than the height of the solvent level in the dissolution cup, the water level is too low not only affects the experimental results, and easy to destroy the pump and heater, do not turn on the power in the case of water shortage.

3. When using the basket method for the dissolution test, we need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the basket and observe whether the gap is blocked.

4. Make sure that the shape and size of the pulp leaf are used to match the arc of the bottom of the vessel.

5. The movement of the leaf needs to be uniform without oscillation, otherwise, it will cause a certain liquid flow and accelerate the angular velocity.

6. The volume of the solvent needs to be kept constant during the test.

7. After the test, the spinner basket and dissolution cup should be rinsed clean.

8. The water in the peripheral tank of the dissolution apparatus may also evaporate due to heat, causing the liquid level in the tank to drop. If the height of the peripheral water bath of the dissolution instrument is lower than the liquid level of the dissolved medium in the dissolution cup, it will affect the temperature of the dissolved liquid in the dissolution cup, resulting in changes in the dissolution degree of the sample and affecting the dissolution results. Therefore, the height of the peripheral water bath of the dissolution apparatus should be paid attention to when conducting the dissolution test.

How to maintain drug dissolution apparatus?

The routine maintenance of drug dissolution apparatus should not be neglected, the following is about the maintenance method of drug dissolution apparatus.
1. After each dissolution experiment, wipe off any spilled dissolution media on the system with a damp cloth.

2. Check the two water bath circulators weekly to see if the air filter head is clogged and if the air bubbles are flowing properly, and replace the water in the water bath at least once a month and the air filter head of the water bath circulator every six months.

3. Check the accuracy of the temperature every six months. If the temperature difference between the temperature probe and a calibrated glass thermometer is more than 0.1oC, the temperature of the probe and the water bath must be calibrated in turn.

4. Once a year, check the flexibility of the rotation of the idle wheel, the wear of the drive belt, and the tightness and vibration of the drive belt movement. If excessive wear is found, the drive belt must be replaced with a new one.

How to order drug dissolution apparatus?

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