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Earmuffs used in laboratory

What are earmuffs?

Earmuffs are ear protectors that cover the entire ear. The noise protection earmuff consists of two round shell-like bodies connected by a bow frame, with sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets inside the shell, and the whole is shaped like an earphone. They are suitable for high noise environments and can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. Suitable for people with various ear shapes. Easy to take off and wear; but there is a stuffy feeling after a long time.
Many high-decibel operating environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers, so reasonable choices should be made for workers according to the actual site environment. The soundproof earmuffs are guaranteed to reduce the possibility of damage to the operator's hearing.

What are earmuffs used for?

Ear muffs are suitable for higher noise environments, with a sound attenuation of 10 to 30 dB. It can be applied separately or combined with earplugs. Suitable for all ear types. Easy to take off and put on, but there is a sense of heat after using for a long time.

How do earmuffs work?

The effect of soundproof ear muffs depends on the sound insulation value, generally you can look at the NRR factor, the higher the NRR the better the general sound insulation performance.

According to the sound insulation method of earmuffs, there are two types of active noise reduction and passive noise reduction, and the working principle is as follows.
Passive noise reduction is the direct use of the sound insulation material inside the earmuffs for sound insulation, generally using sound insulation cotton to prevent noise from entering the ear;

Active noise cancellation is the addition of a device in the ear cups, when the external noise wave is received at the same time emits the reverse sound wave, the two positive and negative sound waves will be offset to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Because sound is a longitudinal wave, the superimposed nature of the wave can be used to make the wave reflected from the material and the incoming wave form the sum of the wave peak and the wave trough, that is, to cancel the noise.

Then there is a kind of electronic noise reduction earmuffs with sound pickup function, generally also called tactical earmuffs, sports shooting earmuffs, which can be used not only for the firing range but also for noisy workplaces. For example, long-term work at the construction site will be subject to long periods of noise interference, and hearing is very hurt; wearing earmuffs can effectively reduce the noise, but if the site is in danger, the sound pickup function plays a role, the shouting of others, outside the warning sound can be cleared into the ear, thus allowing you to reduce the noise of work at the same time can also be ear view eight.

Structure of the earmuffs

The structure of the earmuffs is shown in the figure

1: Bow-shaped connecting parts
2:  Inner cavity of ear cups
3:  Seal gasket
4:  Outer shell of earmuff
The elasticity of the ear muff head ring should be moderate, the length should be freely adjustable, the height should be between 112mm and 140mm, and there should be no pressure pain or obvious discomfort when wearing the ear muff. Usually, the tighter the earmuffs are to the human ears, the better the seal and the greater the sound attenuation, however, considering the comfort of the personnel wearing them, the tightening force of the earmuffs should be moderate.

Earmuff advantages

Earmuffs are made of sound-insulating shell compounded with acoustic sealing flexible cushion layer into ear muffs to surround the ear to isolate the external noise. This way, because it is external sound insulation, there is relatively enough space for the design of sound insulation ear cups to achieve better sound insulation and sealing, and the sound insulation effect is guaranteed.

Protective earmuff is a kind of ear protector that can cover the whole ear. It consists of two round shell-like bodies connected by a bow frame, with sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets inside the shell, and is shaped like an earphone. Suitable for high noise environment, sound attenuation up to 10 ~ 30dB, can be used alone, can also be used in combination with ear plugs. Protective earmuffs can significantly reduce the noise, effective protection for ear hearing products. Widely used in factories, airports and other places where there is strong noise. Many high-decibel operating environment seriously affects the hearing safety of workers, so the operator should reasonably choose the protective ear protector according to the actual site environment to reduce the probability of injury to the user's sense of hearing.

Types of earmuffs


Soundproof earmuffs

Many high-decibel operating environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers, so a reasonable selection of soundproof earmuffs should be made for workers according to the actual site environment
Therefore, soundproof earmuffs should be selected according to the actual site environment to reduce the possibility of hearing damage to the workers.
Soundproof earmuffs are classified according to their shape into two types: stand-alone earmuffs and earmuffs with helmets.

Soundproof earmuffs are a product that can significantly reduce noise and provide effective protection for the ears.
They are widely used in factories, airports, and other places where there is strong noise.
Independent acoustic earmuffs have the following features
Streamlined design, light, soft and comfortable sound-absorbing ear cushions.
Adequate handling of high and low-frequency noise, with an average noise reduction of 26 dB.
Widely used in factories and construction sites and other noisy places.

Sound-absorbing earmuffs for safety helmets have the following characteristics.
Streamlined design, light, soft and comfortable sound-absorbing ear cushions.
Adequate handling of high and low-frequency noise, with an average noise reduction of 26 dB.
Widely used in factories and construction sites and other high-noise places

Communication earmuffs

Communication earmuffs have built-in active noise reduction so that users can hear ambient sounds. Harmful impulse noise can be immediately reduced
Features voice menu and adjustment buttons to control the sound level of active noise reduction, equalizer, adjustable reduction time, equalizer, adjustable external input volume, and external input mode
Battery life of approximately 1000 hours. Low battery automatic shutdown is preceded by a low battery warning signal from the ear cups. Save the last setting when shutting down.
Anti-failure feature ensures communication if the communication earmuffs run out of battery power.
Leather headband, breathable and comfortable, folding headband type optional.

Warm earmuffs

warm earmuffs are ear muffs that protect your ears in winter, and now there is a new evolution of music-warming earmuffs, which can keep you warm and listen to music. Because the connection hole is hidden, and the earmuffs are plush models, so when inserting the headphone cable avoid lint into the jack.

Over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphones are connected by the left and right two cover body by the cover even, each cover body with the lead out, for the signal connection; its characteristics are the cover body when wearing to the ear surface, the protrusion of a cover protrusion, its size corresponds to the ear hole, the cover protrusion open with sound hole, so that when wearing the sound can be transmitted through the sound hole and into the ear hole.

How to use earmuffs?

a. Stretch the headband of the earmuffs to the maximum "open" position and across the top of the head, placing the cups over both ears

b. Loosen the headband and adjust the height of the cups until the headband can support the cups and both ears are comfortable;

c. Adjust the head strap to ensure a proper tightening and efficient noise isolation.

How to clean earmuffs?

1. Follow the recommended maintenance and cleaning methods for the earmuffs to maintain optimal noise reduction and performance.

2. Clean the surface of the earmuffs only, using neutral soapy water and warm water, not submerged in water.

3. Do not use solvents such as alcohol, acetone, waterless hand soap, or products containing lanolin to clean the earmuffs.

4. Do not store the earmuffs in an environment where the temperature is higher than 85 degrees Celsius, such as behind the windshield of a car or in a window location.

5. To ensure stable noise reduction, good hygiene, and comfort, it is recommended to check the earmuffs regularly for cracked or broken parts, especially the gasket.

How to choose earmuffs?

Choose protective earmuffs according to the brand. Large brands of earmuffs usually also have a higher quality assurance, the better the quality of the earmuffs, the higher the price.

According to the environment to choose earmuffs, for example, you only sleep when using, then choose anti-noise earplugs on the good, if it is in the high decibel place of operation, you should choose better sound insulation earmuffs.

Wearing on the ears, it is important to be comfortable, if you wear uncomfortable, it will be very uncomfortable. Then you should try them on in advance when choosing, and choose protective earmuffs that are more suitable for your head shape.

Precautions for using earmuffs

Due to personal safety needs, appropriate noise reduction products should be worn in noisy environments. For optimal noise reduction, the earmuff gasket needs to fit closely to the head. Any object that interferes with the fit (long hair, poorly fitting eye legs, pens or hats) may reduce the effectiveness of noise reduction. Do not bend or modify the headband of the earmuffs, as this will result in a poor fit and reduce the noise reduction effect.
Please wear the earmuffs correctly, incorrect wearing will affect the noise reduction effect.

How to buy earmuffs?

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