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Electron Beam Sterilizer

E beam sterilization equipment for medical supplies

What is e beam?

In the electron beam process, the product is bombarded with high-energy electrons, causing these electrons to cascade through the target material. The electron beam process utilizes high-energy electrons as its radiation source. Electrons produced by a normal electric current are accelerated to nearly the speed of light by an accelerator. The electrons are focused onto a scanning horn of defined size and scanned in a sweeping pattern, forming an electronic curtain. The product then passes through a scanning curtain at a strictly controlled and measured speed.

The process itself takes place behind a radiation shield, usually a large concrete structure, that prevents radiation from leaving the battery. As the scan occurs, the accelerated electrons inactivate any living microorganisms.

Electron beam definition

Electron beams are produced by electron accelerators. The electron beam is a beam of electrons, which hit the object as a circular spot of about 1-1.5 cm, and then use scanning technology to expand the spot to form a line with a width of 1-1.5 cm and a length of 100-120 cm. Expand this line into an irradiated surface by mechanical means, and carry out irradiated processing.

What is e beam sterilization?

Electron beam (EB) irradiation technology is to irradiate substances with electron rays accelerated in a high-voltage electric field, and ionize and excite molecules of various substances through the interaction between high-energy electrons and substances, thereby triggering chemical reactions to improve the performance of materials Or generate new materials, which is a new processing technology and process. Certain processes that could not be handled with heat or light are now easily and consistently performed by electron beam irradiation. Not only that, but this method is also very energy efficient.

Electron beam technology

The interaction of electrons with matter. The interaction of electrons produces ionization or excitation in the processed material, releases orbital electrons, forms free radicals, and changes the original molecular structure. Free radicals or other activated groups can form new molecular forms. The real function is to destroy chemical bonds while generating new chemical reactions, decomposition of organic matter or dislocation of atoms.

Electron beam accelerator

Electron accelerator is an electromagnetic device that artificially accelerates charged particles in an electric field to achieve high energy. Its classification and basic composition can be divided according to different principles. For example, according to the type of accelerated particles, it can be divided into electron and ion accelerators; according to the difference in energy, it can be divided into low-energy, medium-energy and high-energy accelerators; according to the form of particle motion orbit, it can be divided into linear, circular and spiral orbit accelerators, etc. wait.

Electron beam applications

As one of the core technologies for preparing and processing refractory metals, electron beam technology has been widely used in the fields of forming and refining superalloys, welding, surface modification and coating preparation of superalloys, and will continue to enter aviation Aerospace, national defense and nuclear industry and other fields. In addition, with the continuous improvement of performance requirements for superalloys and the development of new superalloys, the application of electron beam technology in superalloys is also facing new challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously develop new methods and new processes for electron beam technology. For example, the combination of computational simulation method and electron beam technology can effectively guide the preparation and processing of materials. In addition, the application of electron beam automation technology can realize the precise control of material preparation and processing, and improve the efficiency of materials while reducing labor intensity. Use performance. The development of electron beam technology and superalloy promotes each other, and the application of electron beam technology in superalloy is bound to develop in the direction of high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption. In addition, the application of electron beam technology greatly improves the performance of high-temperature alloys, and at the same time makes it possible to prepare and process ultra-high melting point alloys. Electron beam technology is closely combined with the development of superalloys, and with continuous development, the application fields in superalloys will continue to expand.

Electron beam services

We provide ebeam services for multiple products: food, medical, cosmetics, drug, etc.

Electron beam sterilizer VS gamma sterilizer

VSE beam sterilizerGamma sterilizer
Timerapid (seconds-hours)long (hours-days)
Color changenoyes
Cobalt 60noyes
Radioactive contaminationnoyes (always)
Irradiation costlowhigh
Large scaleyesyes
Small equipmentyesno
Radiation wastenoyes
Low energy consumptionyesno
Ir radiation sourceelectron acceleratorcobalt 60
Safetytop levelmedium level
Batch irradiationyesyes

Electron beam sterilizer benefits

1. Green and environmental protection, no chemical substances are added in the whole process, only the radiation generated by the electron beam penetrates, no radiation is generated when the power is turned off, and there is no radiation residue. It is the most environmentally friendly sterilization method at present.

2. It does not bring side effects to the product. The processing process is carried out at room temperature, which will not cause loss of nutrients in the product. Therefore, electronic rapid sterilization is also called cold processing.

3. The sterilization speed is fast, and it only takes a few seconds for a box of products to achieve the expected effect;

4 Sterilization is convenient, the product can be sterilized by direct irradiation without removing the outer box, and the ray can evenly penetrate the interior of the product under the condition that the packaging specification meets the ray range.

5. Sterilization is controllable, and technicians can formulate radiation intensity according to the microbial content of the product before sterilization to meet the expected standard after sterilization. Sterilization can be carried out at will according to the microbiological standard of the product.

6. Sterilization data is measurable. After formulating the intensity of sterilization, technicians can test whether the sterilization has reached the industry standard of the product and meet the customer's requirements according to the microbiological test.

7. The cost of sterilization is low, because the processing only uses high-voltage electricity and the time is short, so the cost of sterilizing a product is only a few seconds of electricity and labor costs, and will not cause too much cost.

8. Sterilization is safe, because the entire processing process uses computer-controlled electron accelerators, without direct contact with radiation, and the radiation is generated in a sealed room, so the processing process will not cause any harm to the human body.

Electron beam sterilizer

Small electron beam sterilizer

Benchtop electron beam sterilizer


Floor standing electron beam sterilizer


Medium electron beam sterilizer

Customized according to customer’s requirement. 

Large electron beam sterilizer

Big irradiation factory, it can sterilize multiple type products. We provide one-stop solution for create an irradiation factory that can service to whole country and mutiple sectors.

How to order electron beam sterilizer?

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