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Fat Analyzer

Fat analyzer is a scientific device used in laboratory

What is fat analyzer?

Fat analyzer is special equipment mainly used to determine the fatty acid value of grain including corn and rice quality judgment index, and it is also applicable to the determination of the fatty acid value of other grains and grain products. Fat analyzer machine is sometimes referred to as fat extractors because fat is repeatedly extracted and finally obtained.

Fat analyzer application

Fat analyzer is based on the principle of Soxhlet extraction using the weight method to determine the fat content in samples, mainly used in agriculture, food, environment, and other laboratory fields, mainly to detect the determination of fat content in samples of food, oil, feed, cereals, etc. It can also be applied to the extraction and determination of soluble organic compounds in drugs, soil, sludge, detergents, and other substances.

Fat analyzer working principle

Fat analyzer machine is based on the principle of Soxhlet extraction to determine the fat content by weight determination method. The fat can be dissolved in a specific organic solvent, and by repeated extraction, the fat is finally separated out, and then the fat content is calculated by drying and weighing. The fat can be dissolved in ether solution, soak the fat with ether, then heat it, the boiling point of ether is about 50℃, when the ether evaporates and passes through the cooling tube, it becomes ether solution again, which is in full contact with the fat sample, so that the sample is fully dissolved. This type of step is repeated several times until the fat is completely dissolved. Then the container with the fat is removed and the ether is recovered. The sample is weighed and finally the fat content of the sample is calculated. Because there are also pigments, volatile oils and other substances dissolved in the ether, it is also called crude fat.

Fat analyzer composition

Fat analysis machine is composed of three main parts.
Heating system
The heating system of the fat analyzer allows the heating temperature to be adjusted during operation depending on the boiling point of the reagents and the ambient temperature.

Extraction system
The extraction system can not only realize the repeated soaking and extraction of the sample in the extraction process, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid extraction; but also the extraction time can be adjusted, with the alarm function to remind the attention of the testing personnel when the time comes.

Solvent recovery system
The solvent recovery system of the fat tester can automatically recover the solvent without the need for the user to manually recover the solvent, which greatly facilitates the usage of the user.

Advantages of using fat analyzer

Using fat analysis machine for testing is fast, the whole process of determination can be completed on the same day, and the results can be known, in addition to the simultaneous determination of six samples, compared with the classical method, greatly improving the efficiency, simplifying the operation process, reducing costs, saving more time, energy, and can better meet the needs of daily production and trade and commerce work on the determination of fat content. In addition, the results obtained from different samples measured by the fat tester several times show that the precision and accuracy are very good, which means that the results measured by the fat tester are very accurate and reliable.
There is another advantage of the fat tester, in terms of the overall structure of the instrument, it is relatively small, and the use of water bath heating and heating is relatively fast and uniform heating. The whole series of instruments all use glass grinding mouth joints to avoid the use of rubber sealing rings by the ether deformation leakage problem. Digital display temperature control with timing integrated high integration instrument, control free and convenient.

Fat analyzer specifications

Digital fat analyzer

Number of extracted samples per batch4
Extraction bottle volume 250ml/each
Extracted sample volume 0-5g/each
Maximum heating temperature 100℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.5℃
Power supply voltage 220V.50Hz
Electric heating power1000W
Overall dimension750*230*820mm
Weight 31kg
1. The operation of the digital fat analyzer can adjust the heating temperature according to the boiling point of the reagent and the different ambient temperatures.
2. An optional automatic solvent recovery type is available, which greatly facilitates the user's use and saves a lot of time.
3. The extraction time is adjustable and equipped with an alarm alert system.

Automatic fat analyzer

Measurement samples6
Working voltage 220V AC
Temperature control range room temperature +5℃-90℃
Electric heating powerElectric heating power 600W
1. Automatic fat analyzer has good sealing facilities, and a solvent recovery rate of up to 80%.
2. Automatic digital display temperature control, more convenient operation.
3. Timing alarm, automatic stop heating, over temperature protection function.

How to use fat analyzer?

The operation steps of the fat analysis machine are as follows.
Preliminary preparation
a. The test sample should be dried and finely ground, weighed quantitatively, and put into a filter paper cartridge, the filter paper cartridge containing the sample should be tightly packed, and a layer of skimmed cotton should be added above the sample.

b. Samples containing large amounts of sugar and dextrin should be treated with cold water first, and then dried and put into the filter paper cartridge together with the filter paper.

c. If the organic solvent used is water-free, alcohol-free, and peroxide-free organic solvent, if it contains water, it may draw out the sugar as well as inorganic substances in the sample, causing errors, and peroxide leads to fat oxidation.

d. Wash the solvent cup sufficiently and dry in an electric blast dryer at 103±2°C until constant weight (the difference between the two weighings before and after does not exceed 0.002g).

In the experiment
a. The extraction solvent level added to the extraction chamber should be 1.5-2cm higher than the sample in the filter paper cylinder, otherwise the organic solvent does not easily penetrate the sample, and the fat cannot be raised in full, resulting in errors.

b. The heating temperature during extraction should not be too high, generally the extraction solvent just boiling, the reflux rate is not less than 12 times / h is appropriate.

c. Extraction is over, the solvent cup placed in the oven when drying, the bottle mouth to the side tilted 45 ℃ placed so that volatiles easy to form a convection with the air, so dry quickly.

d. Samples and organic solvents proposed in the oven drying time should not be too long, because some very unsaturated fatty acids, easy to be oxidized into insoluble in organic solvents during the heating process; medium unsaturated fatty acids, easy to be oxidized by heat and increase the weight, in the absence of vacuum drying oven conditions, can be dried at 100-105 ℃ for 1.5-3h.

After the experiment is completed
a. Wash the solvent cups promptly and dry them.

b. After the heating plate is cooled to room temperature, put six solvent cups again and recover the solvent in the instrument.

c. If in winter, the experimental environment is below zero degrees, the tap water in the condenser tube should be discharged to prevent freezing and cracking.

Precautions for using fat analyzer

The following are precautions when using the fat analyzer to measure samples.
1. Before using the fat analyzer machine for dissolution, the sample is ground first, the degree of grinding can directly affect the speed of fat extraction, and grinding can make the fat better dissolved in a solvent such as petroleum ether.

2. When the sample is ground, the sample is loaded into a filter paper cartridge, which should be tight at this time, and the height of the cartridge should not be higher than the reflux elbow, otherwise, the solvent will not easily penetrate the sample. 

3. Extraction is done with C4H10O as the solvent of fat, the boiling point of C4H10O is about 40℃, so the temperature should not be too much, about 70-85℃ in general. 

4. The reagent used in the experiment shall be an anhydrous reagent, for example, if C4H10O is used in the experiment, then C4H10O shall make anhydrous C4H10O, because if it contains other substances, such as water, it may draw out the sugar or inorganic substances from the sample and affect the fat determination results. Therefore, the solvent cup and other items used in the experiment must be dry. 

5. A calcium chloride drying tube is connected to the upper end of the condensation tube so that moisture in the air does not enter and C4H10O does not evaporate in the air, thus not polluting the tiny ambient air of the laboratory. If there is no such device, a ball of dry skimmed cotton balls can also be plugged in. Generally, fully automatic or semi-automatic machines will have a cap on top of the condenser tube, which can also better protect the experiment and will not make the solvent evaporate. 

6. After using the fat tester to extract the fat, you can dry the sample and the ether extract or dry the solvent cup. The drying time should not be too long, because some unsaturated fatty acids are easily oxidized during the healing process and affect the results of the fat determination. In the absence of a vacuum drying oven, the sample can be dried at 100-105°C for 1.5-3 hours.

What are the lab environment requirements for fat analyzer?

When using the fat analyzers, the laboratory environment must have the following requirements.
1. Fat analyzer is placed no more than 1.5 meters away from the tap water source.

2. The normal laboratory power supply must be ensured.

3. Must ensure the smooth supply and drainage of the laboratory.

4. The laboratory has good ventilation conditions.

How to order fat analyzer?

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