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Finger Cots

Finger cots used in laboratory

What are finger cots?

Finger cots, also known as finger condoms, are latex sheaths designed to fit over the finger up to the root of the finger. The tip goes to approximately the root of the finger. Finger cots are typically used to cover wounds on the finger and finger cots are typically used to cover incisions and open wounds on the finger.

Finger cots are usually made of natural latex or polyurethane material. They are a wide range of protective products used in industry, medicine, and life.

Application of finger cots

Finger cots boots

A. General finger cots for daily use

a. When picking purple cabbage moss, hedge artemisia, thorny mustard, and other colored vegetables, prevent hands from being stained by vegetable juice; when peeling peanuts, beans, and other food with shells, prevent hands from being rubbed and abraded.

b. Finger, or toe injury after bathing wear, to prevent water into the wound infection.

c. It can be worn when taking CDs, beads, etc., without leaving fingerprints and sweat stains.

d. When using plastic bags, it is not easy to open the mouth of the bag, so it is easy to solve the problem by wearing a finger cover.

B. Finger cots for labor protection

a. Wear finger cots on your fingers when counting money or distributing newspapers, so your hands won't slip and you can keep your hands tidy.

b. When writing on the blackboard with chalk, wear finger gloves on your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to prevent the cost of lime in the chalk from burning your fingers, ideal for teachers.

c. Wear finger cots on your hands when working to prevent skin contamination and allergy, and avoid skin abrasion and injury.

d. The surface of the finger cots with wrinkles can improve friction to play a non-slip role.

C. Medical finger cots

a. Protect medical staff from infection.

b. For examination of rectum, etc.

c. For intra-anal plugs, etc.

d. Emergency finger hemostasis

D. Anti-static finger cots

Anti-static finger cots are also known as conductive finger covers, avoid skin allergy, prevent the fingertip sweat stain pollution to the components, fingertip ultra-thin for finger flexible operation, and can safely discharge the operator with the human electrostatic charge; suitable for the semiconductor industry, photoelectric industry and other work when wearing.

Use of finger cots

a. When used for waterproofing, please first check whether there is air leakage, blow into the set, and then pinch the mouth to see whether the set has become smaller, if not smaller, that does not leak and can be used.

b. It is not recommended to wear finger cots for a long time. If you feel swelling, numbness, or purple at the fingertips, remove rubber finger cots immediately and lift your fingers up, they will slowly recover as before.

c. Finger cots can be used repeatedly.

d. When it is not good to wear many times, you can put some prickly heat powder or talcum powder to lubricate.

e. Take when rolled from top to bottom to take, so that good off is not easy to break, easy to wear next time.

Notes on finger cots

a. Avoid stabbing with sharp objects, such as needles, scissors, toothpicks, etc.

b. Avoid contact with oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, bath gel, massage oil, butter, etc. to avoid affecting the performance of natural latex condoms.

c. Do not use daily or industrial finger condoms for medical and sexual purposes.

d. Medical finger cots are limited to single-use and may not be reused.

e. When storing finger cots, pay attention to the environment to keep low temperature, dry, light, and ventilation.

How to buy finger cots?

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