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Foil Cover

Foil cover used in laboratory

What is foil cover?

Foil cover is a kind of metal packaging cover, but also the current standard cover type of food metal cans, using a new technology of aluminum foil and tinplate bonded together, which is recognized by many consumers. Aluminum foil is a kind of packaging material that can be applied to food and medicine, which is hygienic and non-toxic; after a professional processing process, the volume and weight is lighter and thinner, which reduces the cost problem of metal cans.
The sealing performance of aluminum foil easy-open lids is excellent, and the overall quality is thin and light, which effectively reduces the cost. It is also easy to open, without the use of any tools to open the seal, because it uses the form of a pull ring to help open, and the maker also carefully made the position of the pull in the ring flap design, in such a way to open the lid can be used to protect the skin well by the sharp edge of the scratch, safe and convenient.
Aluminum foil is a metal aluminum directly calendered into a thin sheet of stamping material, its stamping effect is similar to the effect of pure silver foil stamping, so also known as a fake silver foil. Due to its soft nature and excellent extensibility, aluminum possesses a bright silvery-white luster.

Foil cover application

Because of its excellent characteristics, aluminum foil cover is widely used in food, beverage, cigarette, medicine, photographic backing, household goods and so on, usually as its packaging material. In addition, aluminum foil cover can also be used for medicine, milk powder and other metal can packaging cover, can also be used for metal sealed cans, has excellent reflective properties to light and hot spots, for some need special storage of food is a very suitable packaging; it can be heat and cold resistance, has a very good protection function, exquisite sealing material can effectively isolate bacteria, insect bacteria; not only that, for the contents of the can can can also effectively prevent oxidation, tasteless change. For the contents of the can can also effectively prevent oxidation, taste and deterioration, is a multi-effect packaging material can not only heat-resistant, but also frozen.
Among the various applications mentioned above, the most effective use of aluminum foil is as a packaging material. Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, which is not only moisture-proof, airtight, light-blocking, wear and corrosion-resistant, fragrance-preserving, non-toxic and tasteless, but also more easily favored because of its elegant silver-white luster and easy processing of beautiful patterns and designs in various colors. Especially after aluminum foil is laminated with plastic and paper, the shielding property of aluminum foil is integrated with the strength of paper and the heat sealing property of plastic, further improving the shielding property against water vapor, air, ultraviolet light and bacteria, etc., which is necessary as a packaging material, and greatly widening the application market of aluminum foil. Since the packaged items are fully isolated from external light, moisture and gas, the packaging is thus well protected. Particularly for the packing of boiled food, the use of this composite aluminium foil materials can guarantee that the foods will not be spoiled for at lease a year. Moreover, it is convenient to heat and open the package, which is very popular among consumers.

Advantages of aluminum foil cover

1. Foil cover has a strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, and water and moisture resistance.

2. Aluminum foil cover has strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance, and tear resistance.

3. Aluminum packing covers high-temperature resistance (121℃), low-temperature resistance (-50℃), oil resistance, and good performance of fragrance preservation.

4. The aluminium parcel cover is non-toxic and tasteless, in line with the food and pharmaceutical industry packaging hygiene standards.

5. Aluminum foil with cover has good heat sealing performance, softness, and high barrier performance.

6. Foil cover Can protect the material from perishable, health, hygiene, safety, and easy to carry.

Types of foil cover


All-Aluminum cover

Although the cost of all-aluminum cover (such as lift-off cover and tear-off cover) is lower than that of aluminum-plastic combination caps, these caps require a two-handed operation to open, risk injury from sharp edges, and show little evidence of tampering, so they are commonly used for veterinary and diagnostic medications.

Aluminum-plastic combination cover

The aluminum-plastic combination cover can be opened with one hand. The different colored plastic caps allow for quick identification of the drug and differentiate it from other products on the market.1 These plastic caps are tamper-proof (the principle is that once the plastic cap is lifted, it cannot be reconnected properly). In addition, the foil caps are specially designed with a tapered aluminum bridge. There is neither the risk of exposed sharp edges nor the risk of damage to the user due to the bridge buckling after the plastic cap has been removed. They are most commonly used for injectables.

Foil cover specifications and features

Aluminum foil sealing gasket

Material layering cardboard + aluminum foil + sealing layer
Specification processon demand
Production processmodel-cut
1. Aluminum foil sealing gasket with good sealing effect, make the interior moisture preservation, promote the product shelf life.
2. It can be water-resistant and leak-proof, to achieve leak-proof and prevent internal products from leaking during transportation.

Aluminum foil sealing membrane

Structure PET/AL/ easy peeling sealing layer,AL/ easy peeling sealing layer
Appearance pattern Loose pattern / dot pattern / check pattern
Punching size6MM-150mm
Sealing methodhot press welding type
Opening characteristicseasy to reveal type, airtight type
1. Aluminum foil sealing membrane has good alcohol resistance and chemical resistance.
2. Easy to tear while ensuring sealing performance.
3. Wide range of temperature resistance and tested by extreme temperature test and long-lasting test.
4. Clean and tidy sealing surface without residue.
5. Strict batch management to ensure product quality stability.
6. Suitable for heat sealing a wide range of microplates for sample storage and PCR experiments.
7. 100% sealability for long distance transport, low temperature sterilization, high altitude and low pressure.
8. No adhesives to avoid contamination with samples.
9. Electrically heated heat sealing film for all heat sealers.

Aluminum foil cover three standards

1. Sterilization resistance: take an appropriate amount of aluminum cap, after 1h of hot air at 180℃, the surface should have no obvious changes, and the surface layer should have no bulging or detachment.

2. Compatibility: take an appropriate amount of aluminum cover after 1h of hot air at 180℃, cover the bottle with nominal volume of water, and seal it with capping device, and it should be suitable.

3. Coating solidity: take an appropriate amount of aluminum cap after 1h of hot air at 180℃, after steam sterilization at 121℃±2℃ for 30min, wipe the surface with skim cotton dipped in 80% (V/V) ethanol solution for 30 seconds, then wipe the surface with skim cotton dipped in 70% (V/V) isopropyl alcohol solution for 30 seconds, the coating should not have any wear.

How to use foil cover?

Usage of aluminum foil sealing gasket

To master the professional use of aluminum foil gaskets, it is important to first understand the following expertise in its structure and principles:
Aluminum foil sealing gaskets are generally composed of an adhesive layer, aluminum foil, a weak adhesive layer, cardboard elastomer, etc. Depending on the material of the sealing bottle, they can be divided into PET foil gaskets, PE foil gaskets, PP foil gaskets, glass (general purpose) foil gaskets, PS foil gaskets, and so on. They are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, daily chemical, lubricant, pesticide, spice and other industries.
The professional usage of aluminum foil sealing gasket is as follows:

1) The bottle mouth plane should be intact and without gap or bulge.

2) There should be no gap between the bottom of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth after tightening.

3) The adhesive sealing layer should be kept clean and free of contamination.

4) The parameters of the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine must be adjusted.

Usage of aluminum foil sealing membrane

a. Remove the board sealing foil from the self-sealing bag and reseal the self-sealing bag to maintain the enzyme-free environment in it.

b. Keeping the backing side up, hold the sealing plate foil.

c. Fold the end tabs down at the tangent line of the backing.

d. If using a product with a single end label of sealer film or foil, partially remove the liner and anchor the sealer film or foil to the board so that it is sealed across the board, then proceed to remove the liner. This approach removes the curling and recoiling of the seal film or foil.

e. If using a product with two end tabs, peel the center liner in a continuous smooth motion. Slow peeling of the liner minimizes curling. Take care not to reach the bonding surfaces of the membrane.

f. Using both hands, grasp the white portion of both ends and lower the film onto the aperture plate.

g. Slowly scrape and press the foil using the laminate to seal it to the plate. This procedure shall be performed at minimum two times in horizontal and perpendicular orientation. It is essential to exert enough force to obtain a good seal.

How to order foil cover?

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