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Heavy-duty Ice Bags

Heavy-duty ice bags used in laboratory

What are heavy-duty ice bags?

Biological ice bag is a biological product. It can be used to freeze items and keep them in a low-temperature state. The presence of heavy-duty ice bags meets the requirements of laboratories for the preservation of different substances.

Product Ingredients of heavy-duty ice bags

The main component of heavy-duty ice bags is polymer, water-absorbent resin. The contents of ice bags are made of cold capacity, non-toxic, and odorless polymer as the basic composition of raw materials, the contents of which are crystal clear non-corrosive non-anti-radiation, and elastic. The main material is CMC.

Biological ice bags belong to the classification of ice bags, the use of CMC, a new cold capacity of this substance for biological agents and other pharmaceuticals that require low-temperature transport, blood, fruit, and other insulation. Biological ice bags are actually not related to biology.

Component Safety: non-toxic and non-corrosive.

The ice bag is filled with refrigerant and water. The ice bag is mainly made by the refrigerant to make the liquid inside the ice bag cold quickly. In this way, it can achieve the effect of cooling.

Principle of ice bag

The most common type of ice bag is the quick ice bag, which works by absorbing a large amount of energy from the outside and then releasing it at a slow and steady rate to achieve the purpose of keeping warm and cold. The whole process is a physical change process energy conversion and does not produce any chemical toxic substances. The use of ice bags must be used in combination with insulated bags or boxes to achieve the best insulation and cooling effect. Ice bags are thawed without water contamination, can be used repeatedly, hot and cold, and have effective use of 6 times the cold capacity of the same volume of ice, and can be used in place of dry ice, ice cubes, etc. The types are simple and clear, divided into reusable ice bags and disposable ice bags.

Safety of ice bag

Ice bags are commonly used in aquatic preservation, dairy preservation, fruit and beverage refrigeration, biological reagents, plasma, and vaccines to keep cold, as well as bruises, fever, and other areas of physical cooling, providing multiple safeguards for human health in vivo and in vitro. Ice bags are commonly used in aquatic preservation, dairy preservation, fruit and beverage refrigeration, biological reagents, plasma, and vaccines to keep cold, as well as bruises, fever, and other areas of physical cooling, providing multiple safeguards for human health in vivo and in vitro.

The reason why ice bags can be used for fresh food preservation role of fruits and vegetables. Its filler composition is basically non-toxic and harmless, so the ice pack manufacturers printed on the packaging similar "in the case of non-breakage, can be reused" words. If the customer finds the packaging marked " Nonreusable " or the composition of the filler is marked with a certain degree of toxicity, the ice bag is not suitable for repeated use or is broken and should be discarded immediately.

Heavy-duty ice bags, like other ice bags, can be used in the following fields.

a. Used for long-distance refrigerated fresh transportation of biochemical reagents, tin paste, veterinary drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish, dairy products, meat products, agricultural products, flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc.

b. Used for medical high fever cooling and antipyretic, patient high fever cooling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprains, falls, hemostasis, skin care, pus, and other auxiliary physical therapy.

c. Refrigerated transportation of various biological frozen reagents, tin paste, poultry medicine, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish, and foreign trade fresh food long-distance refrigerated logistics.

d. Cold storage power saving. In the refrigerator power off can release cold, maintain the refrigerator for a certain period of time refrigerated constant temperature, and in the refrigerator work, reduce the number of times the refrigerator start function and play a power-saving effect.

e. Used for sports athletes’ training and competition outside the process of bruises, sprains, falls, etc.

Waste sorting of ice bags

When opening the package of harmless ice packs, customers will find a gel-like liquid inside. These fillings cannot be flushed down the drain. So, it is recommended that when customers dispose of ice bags as garbage, they can cut open the ice bags and put the outer plastic and the inner filler separately. Plastic outer packaging can be used as "recyclable garbage", the filler non-toxic can be put into the "other garbage or dry garbage" bucket, and toxic filler is classified as "hazardous waste" disposal.

Features of heavy-duty ice bags


A. Reusable and low cost of use

The filling of the ice bag is gelatinous and can be used repeatedly. Cost saving, hot and cold dual-use, high cold capacity, its cold source release evenly and slowly (the release rate is 6 times slower than ice). It also has a good effect on keeping cold for a long time. Due to the ice in the release of cold will produce water damage, easy to make the goods moisture and affect the quality, so biological ice bags are widely used in air cargo. Unlike dry ice as a one-time use, the cost of use is huge, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce the cost of use for some low-temperature goods back and forth repeatedly transported occasions.

B. No geographical restrictions

Unlike dry ice, which is restricted, customers can use heavy-duty ice bags as long as they have insulated boxes, foam boxes, and cryogenic refrigerators. This is a revolutionary change for cryogenic transportation in remote areas and field sampling in research institutes.

C. Long insulation time

It is widely used in the preservation and distribution of vaccines, diagnostic reagents, blood, low-temperature food, and other goods that need to be frozen and refrigerated.

Auxiliary equipment

Bio-refrigerated boxes, insulated boxes, and refrigerated bags are made of food-grade environmental protection LLDPE material and refined by the world's most advanced rotational molding process in one go. These devices are generally equipped with marine stainless-steel latches and rubber anti-slip pads at the bottom. With the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, anti-UV, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, good insulation effect, not afraid of falling and touching, and long serving life.

These devices make the use of ice bags to extend the cycle, continuous refrigeration, and insulation time up to several days. In addition to ice bags, these devices are suitable for long time refrigeration and preservation of any items, but also for medical sampling, sampling, biological agents refrigerated cryogenic transport, blood transport, etc.

Function of heavy-duty ice bags

a. Reusable, hot and cold dual-use.

b. Used for medical cooling and antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold number hemostasis, physical therapy and skin care, hot and cold number physical therapy bags.

c. Reefer transportation of various biological reagents, pharmaceuticals, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, homegrown, fish watching, and foreign trade fresh food products in long-distance high refrigeration.

d. Long-term storage, reusable, comfortable, and convenient.

Heavy-duty ice cube bags

In various industries, ice can be divided into industrial ice, edible ice, clear ice, crushed ice, etc. The role of different ice varies from one ice to another. Ice is highly used in companies or laboratories, however, the packaging of ice before transporting it becomes a problem for many companies or laboratories.

ANTITECK offer an idea to solve this challenge - the use of heavy-duty ice bags.

Heavy-duty ice bags can be used for industrial ice, edible ice, clear ice, and crushed ice. The bag types available are back seal, corner bag, four-side hot, etc.

Use of heavy-duty ice bags

Heavy-duty ice bags are an upgraded alternative to ice cubes, with longer refrigeration time and more applicability. They are easy to use, sanitary, and versatile, and can be used for long-distance refrigerated transport.

How to use heavy-duty ice pack?

a. The first time you use a heavy-duty ice bag, you should open the seal at the ice bag filling port, the ice water should not exceed 2/3 of the place or the maximum amount of water filled.

b. Vent the air from the heavy-duty ice bag and seal it. Seal the bag with air

c. Put the heavy-duty ice bag into the freezer to fully pre-cool for 12 hours and then it can be used as a freezing medium in the laboratory.

d. Before use or usually can be placed in the ice room for a few freezing. Pre-chilling 12-24 hours can keep longer keeping cold time. Keep cold time and insulation box, box contents, the number of ice bags, the use of ambient temperature, etc. have a close relationship. If you need more strict temperature control, please be sure to take a sample to test a few times first to decide whether it can achieve the desired effect.


a. Not edible.

b. Ice packs need to be placed flat before freezing, or shaped as needed.

How to buy heavy-duty ice bags?

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