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Hot Plate Stirrer

Hot plate stirrer used in laboratory

1. What is a hot plate stirrer?
    1.1 Hot plate stirrer
    1.2 Magnetic stirrers & overhead stirrers
    1.3 Digital hot plate stirrer
2. Hot plate stirrer function
3. Usage hot plate stirrer
    3.1 The use of a hot plate stirrer
    3.2 Precautions when using a hot plate stirrer
4. Hot plate stirrer model
5. How to buy a hot plate stirrer?

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What is a hot plate stirrer?

Hot plate stirrer

Hot plate stirrer that consist of a heating element installed underneath a plate surface, manufactured from conductive steel or plastic, and connected to a digital or analog controller in the lab are called laboratory hot plate. They are ubiquitous in clinical, production, and research labs. They are used to slowly and safely heat samples, reagents, and chemicals without the dangers associated with the open flame of a Bunsen burner. The stirring heating plate is usually equipped with an overhead or magnetic stirring. Few devices are more important to daily laboratory operations than a hot plate magnetic stirrer. The hot plate stirrer, hotplate stirrer, or hot plate magnetic stirrer is used for mixing and heating aqueous solutions for a great variety of chemical reactions.

The hotplate stirrer is a widely used pre-treatment equipment in the laboratory. t consists of a motor, permanent magnet, and control circuit. It works on the principle of magnetic field and vortex. When the device is working, a rotating magnetic field will be generated near the magnetic base, which will drive the agitator to circulate in a circle and form a vortex in the container, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring. The base of the chemistry hot plate stirrer also has a heating function, which can heat the solution to a specified temperature while stirring.

The heated magnetic stirrer is classified according to its size, configuration, and applications. The best hot plate stirrer should be able to mix the viscus solutions efficiently and should not uncouple the bar from the drive magnet. The multi position magnetic stirrer with hot plate meets the diversified needs of the laboratory.

Magnetic stirrers & overhead stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are a kind of device widely used in laboratories and consist of a rotating magnet or a stationary electromagnet that creates a rotating magnetic field. This kind of device is used to make a stir bar, immerse in a liquid, quickly spin, or stir or mix a solution, etc.

Overhead stirrers are a kind of laboratory device used for mixing, homogenizing, suspending, and recirculating large volumes or high-viscosity substances, which typically can't be handled by a magnetic stirrer. Most of them allow for the monitoring of reaction progress as a function of viscosity change.

Differences between the magnetic stirrer and overhead stirrer:
Magnetic StirrerOverhead Stirrer
Viscositylow viscosity (like water)high viscosity
Volumeup to 50Lup to 100L
Speed30rpm to 1700rpm6rpm to 2000rpm
HeatingEquipped with a hot plateSeparate equipment for heating

Digital hot plate stirrer

Before the advent of the digital hot plate with magnetic stirrer, controllers were usually manually operated. Safe operation depends on whether the operator returns to the console at the appropriate time to turn off the heating element of the equipment and turn off the stirring function. Hand-controlled devices with old heating plates pose a safety risk. If the operator is busy or forgets to turn off the equipment, there is a risk of evaporating all the liquid, which may be a risk of fire or even cause an explosion.

The digital hotplate stirrer is simple, robust, and complex basic laboratory equipment. It can be programmed with multiple parameters, such as the target temperature of the stirred liquid, the speed of the magnet that rotates to produce the desired mixing action, the length of time at a given temperature, and the time it takes to mix, etc.

Hot plate stirrer function

The magnetic stirrer hot plate makes the solution get a full mixing reaction at the set temperature, so it is widely used in biology, medicine, chemistry, chemical industry, and other fields. The purpose of stirring is to make the mixture of the reactants uniform and make the temperature uniform. If a liquid needs to be heated in a closed container in the laboratory, it needs to be prevented from boiling over, for example, add some zeolite when having distillation or use a magnetic stirrer to help stir. The heated magnetic stirrer can also be used to speed up the reaction, or speed up evaporation and shorten the time.

Advantages of the hot plate stirrer and magnetic stirrer:

a. Made of Teflon and high-quality magnetic steel agitator. High-temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, strongly magnetic.

b. Hot plate laboratory with digital temperature control.

c. A fully enclosed heating plate can be used for auxiliary heating and long-term heating.

d. Mixing can be carried out in a closed container with an ideal and convenient using experience.

e. Intuitive and accurate digital display.

Usage of hot plate stirrer

Magnetic stirrers work on the principle that like charges repel each other while dissimilar charges attract. The micro-motor drives the magnet to generate a rotating magnetic field to stir the stirring bar in the container so that the solution can be completely mixed. The stirring speed is adjustable. It is widely used for stirring solvents with different viscosity. Equipped with the temperature control system, the sample can be heated and controlled according to the requirements of the experiment, maintaining the required temperature conditions to ensure the mixture meets the requirements of the experiment.

Determined by the working principle, the heating magnetic stirrer is suitable for heating and stirring liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with small viscosity. Compared with ordinary electric stirring equipment, the lab hot plate stirrer has the advantages of low noise, stable speed, heat resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. It has become the preferred heating stirring equipment in many laboratories.

The use of a hot plate stirrer

1) Put the sample vessel on the working table.

2) Turn on the power switch and the indicator will light.

3) Use the heating function. Turn on the heating power switch. The indicator is light means the heater is on working.

4) Insert the sensor solution and adjust the thermostat knob to the desired temperature scale.

5) Adjust the speed control knob, and rose to the required speed.

6) Set the speed control knob at the lowest speed position to let the heating switch in a non-working state. Then turn off the power switch and cut off the power supply after being used.

7) Clean the working surface and sensor to make sure no water and dirt on it.

Precautions when using a hot plate stirrer

1 - The instrument housing should be properly grounded to avoid accidents.

2 - The instrument working environment must meet the requirements of temperature and humidity, without corrosive gases. Generally, the recommended ambient temperature is 0-50 ° C, and the relative humidity is 35-85% (without condensation).

3 - The instrument should be kept clean and dry, and prohibit the solution flow into the machine to avoid damage to the machine. Turn it off after work each time.

4 - In the process of stirring, when it is found that the mixer is beating or non-stirring, reduce the speed or turn off the power to check whether the bottom of the beaker is flat or whether the location is positive.

5 - Stirring heating time should not be too long, intermittent use can prolong the life. It must be stirring when being heated.

6 - Medium-speed operation can work continuously for 8 hours while high-speed operation can work continuously for 4 hours. Prevent severe vibration during operation.

7 - The lab hot plate with magnetic stirrer should be placed on a non-combustible or fireproof surface. Pay attention to the influence of the instrument's magnetic field on the surrounding environment, and do not place data memory, pacemaker, and other objects easily disturbed by a magnetic field near the magnetic stirrer.

8 - The surface temperature of the heated magnetic stirrer is high when working. You should be careful of scalding when touching the instrument. After the instrument is closed, be careful of residual heat.

9 - When unused for long periods, cut off the power supply and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

Hot plate stirrer model


How to buy a hot plate stirrer?

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