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Ice Container

Ice container used in laboratory

What is ice container?

Ice container, with a plastic PE shell and refrigerant inside, is formulated with high-tech biological materials. It is clean and non-toxic, with excellent cold retention performance, and can be used repeatedly. Its plasticity is good, the deformation is small after freezing, its effective use of cold capacity is 3 to 5 times that of ice, and it can replace ice as a heat exchange carrier to transfer heat, when used, it needs to be placed in the refrigerator freezing.

Ice cube container is divided into an ordinary ice box and a high-barrier performance ice box.

The high-barrier performance ice box has greatly improved the performance based on the ordinary ice box. Compared with an ordinary ice box, it has the following advantages.

a. Reduce the contamination of transported products caused by the leakage of carrier refrigerant.

b. Solve the problem of ice box storage pollution caused by refrigerant leakage.

c. Reduces the problem of swelling caused by temperature changes of the refrigerant carrier, and greatly increases the service life of the ice box.

Function of ice container

a. Used for refrigerated transportation of biochemical reagents, solder paste, veterinary drugs, blood products, aquatic products, seafood, food, etc.

b. For patients with high fever physical cooling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold beauty, falls, strains, hemostasis, and other auxiliary treatment.

c. Refrusting electricity. Put the ice bag (pre-cold) in the refrigerator in the refrigerator to keep the refrigerator refrigerated for a certain time.

d. Put in the refrigerator freeze room, you can use it for 10-12 hours of ice.

Application of ice container


Ice bucket for freezer

Biological Products

Biopharmaceuticals, serum products, virus vaccines, active cells, beast vaccines, and all active biological products, medicines, injections, etc., need physical and cold items.

If there is a cold temperature requirement during the sampling, sending, and transportation process, various specifications of super ice packs (ice boxes) can be used. And according to the height of the cold temperature, use the ice container to adjust.

Fresh product

Place a suitable amount of ice in fresh or frozen food containers to preserve the quality and freshness during the delivery process. Super ice packs can be placed in grocery stores, supermarkets, live pools, and live crab melters to extend the shelf life. It saves time and money and is superior to machine ice. (Because ice containers can be used repeatedly for cold storage)

Home use

Buy an ice box for ordinary families and place it in the refrigerator freezer for a long time, which can reduce the number of times the refrigerator is started and achieve the goal of saving electricity and can be taken out for use at any time. For example, cold fever, toothache, epistaxis, eye darting, neurological pain, bruises, sudden heat stroke, etc. can be used as cold compresses. The effect is confirmed, safe, and reliable, without any side effects. When you go out for a short trip on a hot day, carry milk, fruits, food, etc. Put a few pieces of frozen ice in the container to keep the quality cool. Storage cold power saving, in the refrigerator during power outages to maintain low-temperature food preservation.

Precision instrument

An appropriate amount of ice boxes placed in precision instruments can ensure their precision and accuracy.

Vegetables and fruits

The right amount of ice container placed inside the container of vegetables and fruits can ensure their freshness and coolness. It saves both time and money.

How to buy ice container?

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