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Instant Adhesive

Instant adhesive for bonding

What is instant adhesive?

Instant adhesive, also known as cyanoacrylate instant adhesive. It is also known as cyanoacrylate instant adhesive. The instant adhesive is a glue that dries very quickly and is easy to use. Moisture on the surface of the substrate can trigger the curing reaction of the adhesive, which proceeds from the surface of the substrate to the middle of the adhesive. Because of its limited gap-filling capability, the bonding process requires a tight fit on the bonded surface. For most of the substrates, the adhesive has very good adhesion and excellent performance in shear and tensile strength.

What is instant adhesive used for?

Instant dry glue is widely used for bonding small parts with fast fixing requirements. Besides, it can also be used for fast bonding of various materials at room temperature, such as steel, copper and aluminum, rubber, hard plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. It can be widely used in the production and maintenance of electric and automobile, instruments, meters, machinery, automobiles, and other industries, especially for industrialized assembly line operations.

Reaction principle of instant adhesive

Instant glue is a single-component fast-curing adhesive based on alpha-cyanoacrylate with adhesives, thickeners, stabilizers, tougheners, resistants, etc. It is a high-strength, fast-curing adhesive that can be used for high-speed bonding of various materials, especially in the woodworking industry. The adhesive is a single-component, solvent-free adhesive that does not require the addition of catalysts, heating, or pressurized adhesives, and requires only a thin layer of glue. There are natural adhesives and synthetic adhesives, which can also be divided into organic adhesives and inorganic adhesives.
The main composition of the instant adhesive is base material + curing agent + filler + plasticizer + toughening agent + thinner.
Cyanoacrylate adhesive is a one-component, low viscosity, transparent, room temperature fast curing adhesive. It has a wide adhesive surface and a good adhesive ability for most materials and is one of the important room temperature curing adhesives. The disadvantage is that the reaction speed is too fast, poor water resistance, brittleness, low-temperature resistance (<70 ℃), short shelf life, and durability is not good, so the glue should be added to the corresponding additives, mostly used for temporary bonding. The main material is specific cyanoacrylate, plus some auxiliary substances such as stabilizers, thickeners, plasticizers, polymerization inhibitors, etc. The adhesive should be isolated from water vapor as far as possible, and the packaging container should be less breathable or impermeable. Reactive acrylate (structure) adhesives are most commonly used as the base material for methyl methacrylate.
The characteristics of this fast-drying adhesive are fast curing, adhesive strength, bonding surface, the surface of the adhesive does not need to be strictly treated, two-component adhesive amount of each component does not need to be strict requirements. The disadvantage is the bad smell. The pure (meth)acrylate monomer formed by the adhesive is brittle after curing, with poor impact resistance, so often add some other compounds to improve the toughness of the adhesive layer, improve the mechanical properties of the adhesive layer, and environmental performance. If the added compounds do not participate in the reaction when the adhesive cures, but only exist in it as a toughening agent, this kind of adhesive is called the first generation acrylate structural adhesive (FGA). If the added compound can be grafted and copolymerized with the monomer during the curing of the adhesive, and modified from within the molecule, this kind of adhesive is called the second generation acrylate adhesive (SGA). There is another type of glue in the formulation of photosensitizers, sensitizers instead of peroxide initiators and accelerators, then constitute the third generation of acrylate adhesives (TGA) cured by ultraviolet light or electron beam, which is faster curing, more stable storage, and one-component.

Advantages of instant adhesive

a. Instant adhesive consists of only a single component, solvent-free and easy to use.
b. It can be applied in a very short time by using a small amount of water vapor in the air.
c. Cyanoacrylate instant adhesive can be used at room temperature without heating.
d. Cyanoacrylate instant adhesive is transparent and colorless: it has a good effect without deterioration and has high strength, suitable for bonding porous and absorbent materials. In addition, the medium viscosity of the adhesive: can be used for small area bonding.
e. Flexible formula, the adhesive layer is not white, no zou, the formation of the adhesive layer of high translucency.
f. Humidity and heat aging, good radiation resistance, can maintain a good long-term bonding effect.
g. Safety and toxicity characteristics: no volatile components, no inhalation hazard, the glue cured actual, non-toxic, easy, and safe to use.
h. Storage stability is good, stored at room temperature.

Types of instant adhesive

Types of instant adhesiveSpecific applications
Low-whitening instant adhesiveusually used for precise instrumentation bonding, will not produce whitening phenomenon after curing
High temperature resistant instantaneous dry glueusually used for bonding substrate working temperature higher than 80 degrees
Rubber Toughening Instant AdhesiveUsually used for bonding rubber substrates, which can improve the impact resistance after bonding.
General-purpose instant adhesivewide range of application, diversification of bonding materials
Surface insensitive instant adhesiveCures extremely quickly on dry and acidic surfaces and is designed for difficult surfaces. Various viscosities and curing speeds are available to meet the needs of customers in terms of bonding speed and gap filling capability. The working temperature range of this instant adhesive is from -54°C to -82°C.

Instant adhesive specifications and features

Net contentNet content 25ml/pc
Temperature resistance-50℃+120℃
Positioning time15-20 seconds
Curing time30 minutes
1. Strong adhesive force, strength can be torn material.
2. The color of the instant adhesive is transparent, and no trace is left after bonding, no white, and no brittle.
3. Easy to operate, can save glue and labor, daily waterproof.
4. Softness and toughness, environmental protection, low odor, and less pollution.

How to use instant adhesive?

1. Before using the instant adhesive, keep the adhesive clean and dry, and use alcohol to clean the surface when it is difficult to remove oil.

2. The thinner the adhesive layer of Cyanoacrylate instant adhesive, the higher the strength. Each drop of 0.02g of glue should cover an area of 8-10 square centimeters.

3. Control the closing time of the instant adhesive. After applying the glue, it should be left to dry for a few seconds, so that the glue layer can absorb a trace of water before closing.

4. After 10min of instant glue, the strength can reach 50%~60% of the rated value, and 24h is needed for complete curing.

5. Before the instant glue is fully cured, a little pressure must be applied.

6. The bonding strength can be improved if the bonded parts of the instant glue can be preheated to 60℃. The relative humidity of the environment of the bonding operation is 50%, never too dry or humid.

7. It cannot be used for bonding large areas, large contact gaps, and porous materials as well as for bonding parts subject to vibration and impact.

8. Instant can not be high-temperature resistance, the use temperature is -50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

Precautions for using instant adhesive

1. Open the front cover of the adhesive and lightly snap the tip with your finger so that there is no residual liquid left, then cut out the hole with scissors.

2. Clean the surface first, and remove dust, oil, rust, etc. from the surface. For metal, it is better to grind the surface first.

3. Remember to wipe the container after using the adhesive and store it in a cool and dry place or refrigerate it with the lid on.

4. Put a small drop of instant adhesive on the surface to be attached, and then apply it immediately and keep it until it hardens, the area to be attached should not be too large and the thickness of the adhesive layer should not exceed 0.2mm.

5. But when the glue liquid touches your hand, you can wash it with soap, water, and a special instantaneous dry glue remover.

6. The vapor of the adhesive will irritate the mucous membrane and eyes. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If there is an accident, wash immediately with plenty of water and send it to the doctor.

7. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding contact with sunlight or ultraviolet light, and the bottle should be sealed after use. The unopened original product can be stored for more than eight months at 25℃ without any disease-causing substances.

How to order instant adhesive?

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