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Laboratory Chair

Laboratory chair used in laboratory

1. What is laboratory chair?
    1.1 Feature of laboratory chair
2. Type of laboratory chair
    2.1 Lab chair
    2.2 Classification basis of lab stool
3. Selection of laboratory chair
4. How to buy laboratory chair?

What is laboratory chair?

Laboratory chair is usually referred to as an anti-static chair. Anti-static chairs are widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, clean rooms, and other places because they have the function of anti-static. And anti-static chairs also have the advantages of anti-folding, anti-aging, bearing strength, etc.

Feature of laboratory chair

The chair surface of the laboratory chair has high strength, high hardness, and other characteristics, but is also very wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, etc., and even fissile, and thus heat dissipation, breathable, extremely comfortable, suitable for the basic requirements of anti-static standards. Anti-static work chairs can be used in the environment and 10,000 class clean room, alcohol resistance.

A. Flexible adjustment

The general height of the laboratory chair adjustable range is approximately between 480 - 620 mm. Lab chair surface resistivity is 10^6Ω - 10^9Ω specifications, the most basic form of systemic resistance: ≤ 10^9Ω system. Configuration can be optional plastic feet, and carbon steel chrome-plated feet. Anti-static casters for easy movement and foot cup fixed. In the science lab stools of the pneumatic lift rod, the conductive chain is iron and copper.

B. Multiple fixing methods available

The material of the laboratory chair is conductive plastic surface preparation, the chair's legs are metal tube spray anti-static paint form, the basic resistance value is in the fourth power of 10 - 10 of the sixth power between the size, and the regular height of the anti-static work chair is generally about 45 cm.

Laboratory chairs can also increase a certain height according to the position of the bench, and the chair legs can be processed word for fixed, but also according to customer requirements using four horizontal bars to implement fixed.

C. Anti-static PU foam chair with a high purification level

The base material of the anti-static work chair is black PU foam molding preparation. In terms of size, the chair seat is 320x300mm, while the adjustable height range is basically between 460 - 600mm. And the surface resistivity is 10^6Ω-10^9Ω, and the systemic resistance is ≤ 10^9Ω, this purification level also reached the 1000 level form.

The basic configuration of different anti-static work chairs are high-strength overall die-casting chrome-plated aluminum alloy feet, there is a high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy wheel, is a very reliable conductive chair, this style can also be an optional fixed feet seat, and an anti-static work chair in the upper and lower design of the adjustable pedal ring and metal conductive chain and other forms.

Type of laboratory chair

Lab chair

a. Fiberglass laboratory stool. The widest range of applications, acid, and alkali-resistant anti-corrosion, relatively cheap, and a variety of color options.

b. Anti-static laboratory stool. The main anti-static, mostly used in electronic physics laboratories, for anti-static have strict requirements of the laboratory, is a safe and convenient choice, no acid and alkali resistance.

c. Stainless steel laboratory stool. 304/316 laboratory stool, manufacturing difficulty, suitable for acid and alkaline laboratory, or clean area, high-quality stainless steel in the clean area can effectively prevent pollution or produce bacteria, to avoid affecting the clean area bad environment affect the experimental results.

d. ABS laboratory stool. One-piece molding, high color aesthetics, fall-resistant and non-breakable, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion-resistant as well as lightweight.

Classification basis of lab stool

A. Different structures

a. Anti-static leather chair (color: blue, black)

b. Anti-static four-legged back chair

c. Anti-static four-legged round stool

d. Anti-static lifting foam chair

e. Anti-static Mesh Back Chair

f. Anti-static four-legged reinforced back chair

g. Anti-static lifting leather round stool

h. Anti-static lift injection chair

B. Performance of anti-static leather chair

Chair surface materialAnti-static PU/PVC leather
Chassis main materialIron plate chrome plating
Five claw support seatHigh-strength wear-resistant nylon conductive material casters (foot cup)
ColorBlue and black colors can be customized
Adjustable air rodOil-free carbon wire permanent conductive air rod, adjustable range 0mm-160mm
Seat surface specificationsChair seat 430*400MM; back 400*300MM
Height adjustable range480mm--620mm (can be customized to different heights)
Surface resistivity10^3Ω~10^6Ω or 10^6Ω~10^9Ω two specifications
System resistance≤10^9Ω
ConfigurationPlastic five-star feet or carbon steel chrome-plated five-star feet, anti-static casters (for easy movement) or foot cups (for easy fixing), pneumatic lift rod, conductive chain (made of iron or copper)

C. Performance of anti-static injection chair

Material of chair surfaceConductive plastic surface
Chair legsMetal tubes sprayed with anti-static paint
Resistance value10^4Ω~10^6Ω
Conventional height45CM

D. Performance of anti-static PU foam chair

Chair surface materialBlack PU foam molding
SizeChair seat 320x300mm
Adjustable height range460mm-810mm
Surface resistivity10^6~10^9Ω
System resistance≤10^9Ω purification level can reach 1000 level
ConfigurationHigh-strength overall die-casting chrome-plated aluminum alloy five-star feet, high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy casters, reliable conductivity. Customers can also choose the fixed foot base up and down adjustable foot ring, and metal conductive chain.

E. Performance of anti-static PVC foam chair

Chair surface materialPVC foam molding
SizeChair seat 320x300mm
Adjustable height range460mm-600mm
Surface resistivity10^5~10^9Ω. System resistance: ≤10^9Ω purification level can reach 1000 level
ConfigurationHigh-strength overall die-casting chrome-plated aluminum alloy five-star feet, high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy casters, reliable conductive. Customers can also choose the fixed foot base up and down adjustable foot ring, and metal conductive chain.

Selection of laboratory chair

Although the previous control of static electricity took several measures such as inhibition, diversion, neutralization, and elimination of static electricity, and achieved certain results. But this did not eliminate the electrostatic hazards.

After years of analysis, research people found that those methods are still local control, there are always control measures not protected to the area that may produce electrostatic hazards. So a full range of the whole environment electrostatic control has become the new concept of modern electrostatic control. Its core is committed to eliminating all equipment, materials, and personnel in all aspects of the work process due to the flow of friction and the possibility of static electricity being gathered.

Laboratory chairs should take surface treatment measures to effectively change the surface impedance of various materials so that they are subject to friction does not generate static electricity or static charge cannot be gathered.

The following are some suggestions for choosing laboratory chairs.

a. If the optional extension of the pneumatic lift rod increases the height of the chair, can be added with a foot ring to increase comfort.

b. Choose anti-static wheels to facilitate movement; choose anti-static foot cups (also called suction cups) to facilitate fixed.

c. The higher level of purification is the PP injection chair and PU foam chair.

d. The better comfort is PU/PVC leather chair.

Science lab chairs

In addition to containing the basic functions of ordinary chairs, laboratory chairs also have the special requirements of anti-static. So, in the selection of the time consider a variety of aspects, including anti-static indicators, the quality of the chair, sitting comfort, and the special requirements of the working environment. The following are some considerations in the selection of laboratory chairs.

A. Anti-static indicators

The most important advantage of the laboratory chair is its anti-static function. In general, the assessment of anti-static resistance has special standards. The surface resistivity is normally 10^7 to 10^9, to the ground resistivity should be 5 * 10^8Ω. The anti-static chair below the drag chain and conductive chair wheel, can effectively anti-static chairs on the generated charge into the anti-static floor, and then discharge to the earth.

B. Quality of the chair

Laboratory chair contains the seat function of ordinary chairs, and good quality laboratory chairs not only have to meet the standard anti-static standards, but also should be strong and durable. Normally, the common lab chair seat and backrest are used to connect the high-quality steel plate, the backrest spring is also selected from steel, these high-quality connecting accessories, ensure that the lab stool is strong and durable.

C. Comfort of the chair

The comfort of the laboratory chair is also very important. As commonly used laboratory furniture, once the staff used it for a long time to use the comfort of laboratory chairs directly affects the efficiency of the staff.

D. Work environment requirements

According to different working environments, the choice of laboratory chair in anti-static and dustproof have different needs. If the dust and anti-static requirements are high, in this case, it is necessary to choose the laboratory chairs according to the anti-static standards and the level of dust.

E. Summary

Usually, for the higher requirements for an anti-static and dustproof environment, choose the PU foam material anti-static chair; if the requirements for comfort are higher, you can choose the leather material anti-static chair; if the work of the height of the anti-static chair has special requirements, this time you can choose to stand against the anti-static chair.

How to buy laboratory chair?

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