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Laboratory Refrigerator

Necessary refrigerating equipment for the laboratory

1. What is laboratory refrigerator?
    1.1. Refrigerator for laboratory use
    1.2. Laboratory refrigerator application
2. Laboratory refrigerator working principle
3. Types of laboratory refrigerator
4. Laboratory refrigerator specifications
    4.1. Ultra low temperature lab freezer
    4.2. Under-counter lab refrigerator
    4.3. Upright lab freezer
    4.4. Blood bank refrigerator
    4.5. Mini lab freezer
5. Laboratory refrigerator precautions
6. How do you maintain a lab refrigerator?
7. How to buy laboratory refrigerator?

What is laboratory refrigerator?

Refrigerator for laboratory use

A laboratory refrigerator is also known as a lab freezer, which is an indispensable piece of equipment used in research laboratories to store refrigerated, cryogenic and constant temperature samples and specimens, as well as vaccines, and medicines, to ensure that samples do not deteriorate.
Laboratory refrigerator application
Lab freezer is very different from ordinary household refrigerators. Ordinary refrigerators are generally used for freezing and refrigerating food, while laboratory refrigerators are mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, biological engineering, biological medicine, and other fields, compared to laboratory refrigerators have more professional.

Laboratory refrigerator working principle

Like regular refrigerators, laboratory refrigerators are made up of five basic components: a compressor, two heat exchange tubes, a safety valve, and a refrigerant.

The laboratory refrigerator works by first compressing the refrigerant gas, which increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. Meanwhile, heat exchange coils on the outside of the refrigerator help dissipate the heat generated by the pressure.

Then, as the refrigerant cools, it liquefies into liquid form and flows through the safety valve.
When the refrigerant passes through the safety valve, the liquid refrigerant flows from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area, and then it is expanded and evaporated. In the evaporation process, it absorbs heat and acts as a cooling effect.

Coils inside the fridge help the refrigerant absorb heat and keep the inside of the fridge cool. Finally, repeat the loop step.

Types of laboratory refrigerator

Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, as an indispensable equipment for laboratories, laboratory refrigerators have many different types according to their different characteristics. Customers can choose their laboratory refrigerators according to their situations. The following is about the types and introduction of laboratory freezers.

Ultra low temperature lab freezer

Ultra low temperature lab freezer is a cryogenic storage device for biological samples or drugs developed at the end of the 20th century, which is widely used in biological research, clinical, pharmaceutical, and industrial fields. General temperature can reach -40℃, -86℃, -125℃ and other different temperature ranges, according to the application field, application demand and the nature of refrigerant, ultra-low temperature refrigerator temperature limit is -86℃.
Ultra low temperature lab freezer in a research laboratory
It is well known that many scientific research projects need to be carried out at extremely low temperatures, such as superconductors, which are electrical conductors that suddenly approach or even reach zero at exceptionally low temperatures. Based on previous research experience, they need to be at low temperatures to show superconductor properties. Some electric conductors superconduct at unimaginably low temperatures. In addition, biology sometimes requires low temperatures. Therefore, scientific research will inevitably use ultra low temperature refrigerators.

Ultra low temperature lab freezer in medical
Bacteria and viruses are highly adaptable microbes. The study of microbial survival in a low-temperature environment is one of the important medical topics in the world. By studying the cryogenic environment, we can understand the limits of microbial life to the greatest extent, helping us to cope with the disease and protect people's health. At the same time, an ultra low temperature lab freezer can also help us store blood and medicine, greatly extend the use time, and increase hospital inventory.

Ultra low temperature lab freezer in the chemical industry
Chemical research is also inseparable from ultra low temperature lab freezers because chemical research is also inseparable from low temperature. Many chemicals often undergo special changes at different temperatures. Enzymes made of proteins, for example, change their molecular structure at low or high temperatures, losing their specific chemical or physical properties. Therefore, the ultra low temperature laboratory refrigerator is an essential instrument in the field of chemistry.

Under-counter lab refrigerator

Under-counter lab refrigerator includes general type, explosion-proof type and flammable storage type, its biggest characteristic is can save the space lab, because it can be installed in the lab counter or the bottom of the table, in addition to this, the Under-counter lab freezer freezer was conducted by forced air ventilation way, and universal doesn't need additional clearance space, therefore, the stage of general type under-counter freezer is very suitable for use in small laboratory space.

Upright lab freezer

Upright lab freezers are relatively similar to ordinary household freezers and are the most common variety in various experimental fields and medical research. Upright laboratory freezer
has many sizes, the smallest can be placed on the laboratory table to save space, and the largest can be used to store a large number of laboratory specimens or samples.
Most upright lab freezers are equipped with shelving to maximize space savings and sample storage.

Medical lab refrigerator

Medical lab refrigerator is also a kind of laboratory refrigerator, it is more targeted a kind of laboratory refrigerator, medical refrigerator is specifically used to store blood, vaccines, medicines, biological reagents and flammable chemicals in the laboratory medical equipment.
The most commonly medical lab refrigerator is blood bank refrigerator.

Laboratory refrigerator specifications

Ultra low temperature lab freezer

Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Temp inside the chamber: -10 ~ -40℃
Outside dimensions: 940*560*845mm
Inside dimensions: 802*387*696mm
Effective volume: 198L
Net weight: 38kg
* Ultra low temperature lab freezer equips a high-density insulation layer, a good insulation effect.

* Use environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerants.

* Microcomputer control, easy to operate

Under-counter lab refrigerator

Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Temp inside the chamber: 2 ~ 8℃
Outside dimensions: 480*445*540mm
Inside dimensions: 400*358*380mm
Effective volume: 42L
* Under-counter lab refrigerator uses microcomputer temperature control, accurate temperature control.

* Equipped with an internationally famous brand compressor, to ensure energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, quiet.

* High efficiency condensing fan, stable and durable performance, low noise.

* With sound and light alarm functions can realize high and low-temperature alarm, power failure, sensor failure alarm, and other functions.

* Electric heating glass door design effectively prevents door condensation.

Upright lab freezer

Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Temp inside the chamber: -10 ~ -25℃
Outside dimensions: 540*620*1115mm
Inside dimensions: 361*405*406mm
Effective volume: 58L
Net weight: 78kg
* The outer box of the upright lab freezer is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is treated by environmental protection ceramization and spraying process, and the inner box is made of international standard SU304 stainless steel.

* Microcomputer control system, temperature digital display, to ensure more accurate and stable operation.

* With the original compressor, the refrigeration speed is fast, the refrigeration efficiency is high and the power consumption is low.

* Equipped with a safety lock design to ensure the safety of storage items.

Blood bank refrigerator

Type: Medical lab refrigerator
Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Temp inside the chamber: 2 ~ 8℃
Outside dimensions: 500*514*1055mm
Inside dimensions: 430*350*830mm
Net weight: 60kg
* Blood bank refrigerator has automatic frost function, suitable for high temperature and high humidity areas.

* Adopts safety door lock to prevent opening accidentally.

* Blood classification and stratification storage, easy access operation.

* Caster wheels for easy access.

* Accurate microcomputer control, constant temperature control in the box within 4±1℃.

Mini lab freezer

Type: Medical lab refrigerator, Benchtop lab freezer
Voltage: 220v/50Hz
Temp inside the chamber: 5 ± 3℃
Outside dimensions: 195*548*683mm
Inside dimensions: 415*405*455mm
* The whole body of the mini lab freezer adopts high-quality cold rolled steel plate, the surface is treated by environmental protection pottery and spraying process.

* Large screen digital display is easy to observe and password protection is configured.

* Quiet design, suitable for a safe environment.

* Compact and convenient can be placed on the desktop, easy to move.

Laboratory refrigerator precautions

Laboratory freezer is used to store the research laboratory cold storage, low temperature, constant temperature goods indispensable equipment, widely used, so master the operation method of laboratory refrigerator, to avoid the laboratory refrigerator fails, lest cause unnecessary damage to the goods and the loss of the laboratory test results and significant damage to property; This is the basic principle that every laboratory worker should abide by.
Here are some precautions for using laboratory refrigerators:
1. It is forbidden to store the articles irrelevant to the laboratory in the refrigerator.

2. All samples and quality control products placed in the laboratory refrigerator must be sealed and stored.

3. The area around the refrigerator box in the laboratory should be kept clean, so as to avoid flying and being sucked into the condenser, which will affect the refrigeration effect.

4. If the temperature exceeds the specified range, adjust the temperature control to return to the normal range and record.

5. Clean the laboratory refrigerator regularly, cut off the power when cleaning, wipe the inside and outside of the refrigerator with a soft cloth dipped in water, disinfection and sterilization, to ensure the cleanliness of the cabinet.

How do you maintain a lab refrigerator?

How maintain the laboratory refrigerator is very important for prolonging its machine life. The following are some ways to maintain the laboratory refrigerator:
1. Ensure the ambient temperature. Ultra-low temperature lab refrigerator working environment temperature must be below 30°C, with good ventilation around. High temperature or poor ventilation is easy cause equipment overload operation and damage.

2. Clean the heat dissipation filter regularly (once every two months). If the filter screen is not cleaned for a long time, dust blocks the mesh, resulting in poor heat dissipation, resulting in heat dissipation motor damage, and then compressor damage. Please refer to the operation manual for the cleaning method.

3. In the process of use, the laboratory refrigerator door open not too often, try to reduce the number of times to open the door, and shorten the time to open the door, in order to reduce the leakage of gas inside the box, to save electricity.

4. Use a dry cloth to remove small amounts of dust from the inside and outside of the ultra-low temperature lab refrigerator and accessories. If the ultra-low temperature refrigerator is too dirty use a neutral detergent and rinses thoroughly with pure water after cleaning. Clean the fan at the back of the compressor of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator with care. After cleaning, make sure that the power cord is plugged in.

How to buy laboratory refrigerator?

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