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Lyophilized Bead Packing Machine

For lyophilized beads large scale production

What is lyophilized bead packing machine?

Lyophilized bead packing machine is special designed for lyophilized beads production. Liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead technology getting more popular from 2019.

Advantages of lyophilized reagent bead

Liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead technology can maintain the activity of enzymes/proteins to the maximum extent and the lyophilized bead have a loose network structure, which can be reconstituted quickly and can be transported at room temperature and stored at room temperature for a long time. Because of the above-mentioned significant advantages, lyophilized beads are the ideal choice for IVD diagnostic reagents.

Types of lyophilized bead packing machine

Bead Dispenser Pen


96 Well Bead Dispenser


Semi Automatic Lyophilized bead packing machine

Automatic bead packing machine


Application of lyophilized bead packing machine

Special designed for packing lyophilized beads while in large scale production. Automatic pack into various types of container for lyo beads.

Packaging forms of lyophilized reagent bead

96 well plate


PCR 8 strip tube




Microfluidic disk


Parameters of lyophilized bead packing machine

Capacity2,000pcs/H (8wells/pcs)
Tubes feedinghopper
Beads feedingcartridge
Air supply0.5~0.8MPa
Power supplyAC 220V, 50/60Hz
Internal power supplyDC/24V
Power5 KW
Weight650 kg
DimensionL 2.2 * W 1.0 * H 1.8 (m)
Machine packingL 2.6 * W 1.3 * H2.2 (m)
Hopper packingL 1.0 * W 1.0 * H 1.4 (m)

How to order lyophilized bead packing machine

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector.
If you are interested in our lyophilized bead packing machine or have any questions, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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