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Portable Fridge

Portable fridge used in laboratory

What is portable fridge?

Portable fridge is a small refrigeration unit for use indoors in the laboratory, outdoors, on the road, or in the office. Portable refrigerator will keep your food and drinks cool and fresh. Toggle the switch at the back of the box to switch to a heating system that heats items or samples to 65°C. With cooling and heating functions. In addition to being used in the home, office, and laboratory, it can also be used directly in the car.

Portable fridge application

Portable fridge is suitable for the preservation and refrigeration of food and drinks for outings, sports, leisure fishing, and training.

Portable freezer is suitable for medical, health, health care, and epidemic prevention departments refrigerated transport vaccines, and drugs.

Portable refrigerator freezer is suitable for home, car, and medical use.

A small portable freezer is suitable for economical and practical promotional gifts.

Portable fridge features

Portable refrigerator adopts the new concept of space technology PELTIER effect, without the bulky compressor, noise, and fluorine ammonia pollution, long life, lovely appearance, small size and light to carry, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with the dual-use function of hot and cold; PCW-07 semiconductor portable cooling and heating box series products are equipped with DC (DC) 12, 24V and AC (AC) 110V-240V Power outlets (with AC and DC power cords). Therefore, the portable refrigerator can be used in the laboratory, home, and office, but also directly in the car. Product life up to 85,000 hours of refrigeration tablets, 30,000 hours of life DC fan cooling, insulation, and insulation to ensure the service life of the product; powerful cooling capacity: cooling: the lowest can be up to 5 ℃, 20 ~ 25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. Heating capacity: set by the thermostat up to 65 ℃.

Portable deep freezer novelty and unique, strong applicability. No power supply, easy to carry, not only for home use, suitable for car and travel.

Beautiful and generous, seasonal. Portable passive small refrigerator in the hands of a large and generous, beautiful, attractive, people are eager to get the seasonal goods.

Portable fridge low price, with a variety of specifications models, different price points to choose from.

Portable fridge retains cold for an extra long time, keeps the cold temperature low and can work below 0℃ for a long time.

Portable refrigerator construction system


Temperature control system in portable refrigerator

Portable refrigerator with microcomputer control, digital display box temperature, box temperature -10 ℃ ~ -40 ℃ adjustable, temperature adjustment precision 0.1 ℃; ambient temperature display; power failure memory function. High and low-temperature alarm control, can set the alarm temperature point according to the need.

Control system for safety in portable refrigerator

Portable fridge configured with a variety of fault alarms high and low-temperature alarms, sensor failure alarms, power failure alarms, and battery Undervoltage alarms.
In addition to the portable refrigerator a variety of alarm methods: beeping alarms, light flashing alarms, and remote alarms can be connected. Start delay, stop interval and other protection functions can effectively protect the compressor.

Refrigeration systems in portable refrigerator freezer

Portable refrigerator with imported high-efficiency compressor and fan motor, rapid cooling.
Small portable fridge adopts a high-density insulation layer using 100mm fluorine-free foam thickening, super microporous foam technology with good insulation effect. Environmental protection, fluorine-free refrigerant, green and environmental protection.
Multi-layer shelf type evaporator, rapid refrigeration, the more uniform temperature inside the box.
Quick-freezing function. Reasonable optimization of evaporative condensing system design, and strong refrigeration.

Humanized design in portable fridge

Portable refrigerator with a double-door design, each door is equipped with a safe metal door lock to prevent random opening, convenient for multiple users, and ensures storage safety.
Wide voltage band design, suitable for 187~242V voltage use, suitable for voltage instability area use.
Independent 10 drawers, effective volume up to 525L, classified storage items more and more convenient.
Door lock with locking function, inside and outside double sealing structure design, better heat preservation performance.
Metal handle design, open and close the door more labor-saving; universal wheel independent fixed foot design, easy to move, fixed, and stable.
The back side is equipped with temperature measurement holes for user convenience; the door frame is designed to prevent frosting at the sealing strip to ensure that the door is sealed off.

How does portable fridge work?

Portable freezer is characterized by not using electric energy, but chemical energy, is small volume, lightweight, can be moved, convenient to carry, and portable refrigerator by the refrigerator insulation shell, refrigerant storage bag, and chemical refrigerant composition.
Portable refrigerator cooling can be used with the opening, the cooling duration can be decided by adding the amount of chemical energy, and the temperature inside the box can be reduced to zero degrees Celsius to -10 degrees Celsius, suitable for high-temperature work in the field, when it is hot, long-distance transportation of goods to keep fresh, the sick body cooling first aid.
A portable fridge insulation shell that uses polystyrene foam, by foam mold-shaped manufacturing, in the insulation shell on the front of the cover to open a groove and a hole, insert a right-angle thermometer.

How to extend the life of portable fridge in lab?

In the laboratory, portable fridge for low-temperature equipment is suitable for universities, research institutes, institutions, biological and pharmaceutical chemical enterprises, hospitals, and other preservation of laboratory reagents and consumables, drugs, biological products, etc.
Portable refrigerator maintenance and maintenance for the extension of its life and normal use is particularly important, if the temperature control is not accurate often leads to the preservation of objects damaged, and the experimental results are caused by a great impact, thus affecting the normal conduct of research work.
Therefore, in the use of portable refrigerators, such as the discovery of common failures, please promptly eliminate them, the following are the use of laboratory refrigerators' common failures and methods of elimination.
Common faults and causesRemoval method
When the power is turned on, the air switch of the main power supply of the portable refrigerator is automatically disconnected.
This fault is generally caused by the instability of the power supply because the first stage starts first, so the damage is usually in the first stage
Check if the first level of the refrigeration system compressor is damaged, if damaged will cause a short circuit, causing power protection. Can replace parts, if there are no original parts, can be measured by the replacement of the refrigerator compressor of equivalent power, the pipeline will be welded, after pressure checks the pipeline airtight vacuum and add R-12 Freon 23.00z, and then turn on the machine to test whether normal.
Due to detecting the temperature of the thermistor damage portable fridge box temperature has not reached the set temperature and has stopped working.Although the set temperature is not reached in the mini-fridge, the panel shows that the temperature has reached the set temperature. This is due to damage to the thermistor that detects the temperature and requires replacement parts. If the original parts are not available, a new set of temperature control systems can be installed to eliminate the fault.
Due to the compressor leakage caused by the whole box with electricity, the refrigerator cooling effect is reduced, and people touch the metal part of the box with an electric shock feelingUse a multimeter to measure the refrigerator leakage, using the segmentation method to check. In to high-temperature level compressor alone energized operation, check whether it is due to the compressor leakage caused by the whole case with electricity. Static test compressor terminals, pay attention to observing the motor winding inside the lead plug part, if there are traces of firing with the case, indicating the leakage of electricity.
Portable refrigerator alarm activation alarmCheck that the power supply is not faulty or that the plug is not pulled out of the socket; check that the internal thermometer is not out of the proper range, in which case the items placed will heat up the refrigerator and trigger the alarm; check that too many items are placed at once.
Inadequate cooling of ultra-low temperature portable refrigeratorCheck if the floor is solid; if there are objects touching the back of the refrigerator; check if the refrigerant is missing

Precautions for using portable fridge

a. In the laboratory, the samples and quality control products put into the portable refrigerator must be sealed and kept.

b. Portable fridge box sometimes will have dew, this is a normal phenomenon, not that the product is faulty, but the use of high temperature and wet environment, please open the lid, so that the body is down, from the front of the body drainage, but also available dry rag will be wiped clean dew can be.

c. The portable refrigerator is in maintenance, please be sure to unplug the power, and do not wash it with water or water beads, otherwise, there is the risk of electric shock, and short circuit.

d. Portable freezers according to the use of the environment sometimes dew, and portable refrigerators such as not wiping dry placed, there will be moldy phenomenon and odor generation.

e. A portable refrigerator can not use alcohol, Tiana water, in addition to light liquid to wipe, otherwise, it will be discolored.

f. In the use of the process, the door does not open too often, try to reduce the number of times to open the door, and shorten the time to open the door, to reduce the leakage of gas inside the box, to save electricity.

g. Should keep the small ice The area around the box body clean and clean, to avoid fluttering and being inhaled at the condenser, affecting the refrigeration effect.

How to buy portable fridge?

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