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Safety Shower

Safety shower in laboratory

1. What is safety shower?
    1.1. Safety shower definition
    1.2. Safety shower application
2. Safety shower parts and functions
3. Types of safety shower
4. Safety shower specifications
    4.1. Composite eyewash
    4.2. Vertical eyewash
    4.3. Wall-mounted eyewash stations
    4.4. Portable eyewash
5. How to use safety shower?
6. Precautions for using safety shower
7. How to maintain safety shower?
8. How to buy safety shower?

What is safety shower?

Safety shower definition

Safety shower, usually refers to the emergency eyewash station, is a kind of laboratory safety equipment when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquids, etc.) are sprayed onto the staff's body, face, eyes or when a fire causes the staff's clothes to catch fire, used in emergency situations to temporarily slow down the further infringement of harmful substances on the body, further treatment and therapy need to follow the doctor's instructions to avoid or reduce unnecessary accidents.

Safety shower application

Emergency eyewash is mainly used in a chemistry lab, petrochemical plants, electronic plants, electroplating plants, paint factories, ships, docks, new energy, nuclear power, environmental protection, electric power, paper, semiconductor, textile, fire, construction, cleaning industry, food processing, and other industries. Used for the eye, face, hands, skin, and the whole body after chemical contamination used for emergency flushing to alleviate the symptoms of the device.

Safety shower parts and functions

The structions for safety shower are mainly divided into seven parts:
1. Eyewash nozzle: used for eye and face cleaning nozzle, generally ABS material, eyewash nozzle can be flexible rotation.

2. Eyewash nozzle dust cover:
used to protect the eyewash nozzle dustproof device, generally ABS material, attached to the eyewash nozzle above, when the water flows through the eyewash nozzle, which can automatically open down under the action of water pressure.

3. Shower nozzle: used to clean the whole body with the spout, you can make stainless steel or ABS material, in the shape of a shower, easy to flush the body.

4. Switch valve: The valve device used to open and close the water flow, is generally made of ABS, switch valve switch is generally larger to increase the contact area with the hand, to facilitate the convenience of opening in case of emergency.

5. Through the water pipe: used to guide the water flow device, can be ABS material and stainless steel material, used for the input and output of shower and smoking liquid, generally water.

6. Strainer: Used to filter out the debris and water impurities entering the emergency shower eyewash.

7. Base: The device used to fix the emergency shower eyewash.

Types of safety shower

1. Composite eyewash

The composite eyewash is an emergency shower and eyewash station that is installed directly on the ground for use. When chemical substances are sprayed onto the staff's clothing or body, the spraying system of the compound eyewash can be used to flush, and the flushing time is at least greater than 15 minutes; when harmful substances are sprayed onto the workers' eyes, face, neck or arms, the eyewash system of the compound eyewash can be used to flush, and the flushing time is at least greater than 15 minutes.

2. Vertical eyewash

Vertical eyewashes only have an eyewash system, no spray system, and are installed on the floor of the work site for use. When harmful substances are sprayed on the workers' eyes, face, neck, or arms, the eye wash system of the vertical eyewash can be used for flushing, and the flushing time is at least greater than 15 minutes.

3. Wall-mounted eyewash stations

Wall-mounted eyewash with only an eyewash system and no sprinkler system is installed directly on the wall of the work site for use. When the user's eyes, face, neck, or arms are endangered by chemical substances, the wall-mounted eyewash system is chosen to flush a large amount of water.

4. Portable eyewash

Portable eyewash is suitable for places where there is no fixed water source or the working environment needs to be changed frequently and can be divided into ordinary portable eyewash and pressure portable eyewash. Application industry: offshore oil field, desert oil field, disease prevention, and control center, port operations, etc.

5. Benchtop eyewash

The benchtop eyewash can be installed directly on the work site countertop, the eyewash is mainly used in factory laboratories, school laboratories, or hospital laboratories. The benchtop eyewashes have a rescue radius of 5 meters and only an eyewash system that can flush only the face, eyes, neck, and arms.

6. Stainless steel eyewash safety shower

The stainless steel eyewash is made of stainless steel 304, which can resist the corrosion of chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt, and oil, however, it cannot resist the corrosion of chemical substances such as chloride, fluoride, sulfuric acid and oxalic acid with a concentration of more than 50%.

Safety shower specifications

Composite eyewash

Working pressure0.2-0.4Mpa
Size of water inlet RC1-1/4,height 1520MM
Drainage port sizeRC1-1/4,height 90MM
Rinse nozzle flow rate 120-180L/min
Flow rate of eyewash nozzle>12L/min
Total height of the eyewash2340mm
Flush nozzle height2150mm
Height of eyewash nozzle1050mm
Use of media in line with health standards room temperature living water.
* Composite eyewash uses SS304 stainless steel, high quality, and quality assurance.
* The shower net consists of 64 4mm round holes and 30 semi-circular holes arranged into a water column type, spraying cleaning more thorough and safe, water bead density, easy to clean scattered low range small.
* The soft foam-type water flow of the eye flushing nozzle increases cleaning efficiency by 50% compared to ordinary eye wash nozzles.

Vertical eyewash

Working pressure0.2-0.4MPa
Flow rateshower nozzle 120-180 liters/min
Eyewash nozzle12L/min
* Vertical eyewash uses 304 double-layer filters, can filter water impurities, slow down the water pressure, soft not stinging eyes.
* Fast water discharge, high flow rate.
* Switch push plate, a push that water, convenient and fast.
* Selected high-quality 304 stainless steel, smooth and bright surface, rust and corrosion resistance, strong and durable

Wall-mounted eyewash stations

Nominal pressure1.0Mpa
Working pressure0.2-0.4Mpa
Height of eyewash nozzleDepends on the site
Eye wash flow11.4L/min
Inlet sizeInlet height varies with product installation height
Drainage port sizeThe height of drainage port changes with the installation height of the product
Gross weight3KG
Net weight2.5KG
Package size30*290*230mm
Product size400*380*280mm
Use mediumMeet the sanitary standard room temperature living water.
* Wall-mounted eyewash stations use special SS304 stainless steel that meets national standards. After pickling and passivation treatment, it is more resistant to acid, alkali, salt, and oil chemicals than SS304 stainless steel without pickling and passivation.
* Easy maintenance, no need to disassemble the switch valve body, the valve core can be replaced directly from the side of the switch, effectively reducing the user's maintenance costs.
* Eye washes nozzle built-in multi-layer filter, effective filtration of impurities in the water, so that the water flows into a foamy water column, effectively prevent impurities in the water or due to excessive water flow to the injured eye nerve and injury parts caused by secondary injury.

Portable eyewash

Volume: 3L, 5L, 12L
* Portable eyewash without installation requirements can be installed or used directly according to site needs.
* Professional protection promptly, fast and convenient.
* The water outlet hole leaves enough space to rinse the eyes and face, and if necessary, you can help rinse by hand.
* Pressure type skin wash, non-toxic polyethylene container with pressure reducing valve water flow stability, plus pure water 5 liters, every 90 days should be changed pure water and gas, gas with hand push about 10 times 2.5MPA. for continuous water flow 15 minutes.

How to use safety shower?

The following is about the use of safety shower methods, however, these emergency showers are only a preliminary treatment for the eyes and body and cannot replace medical treatment. In serious cases, further medical treatment is necessary.
1. Remove the dust cover.
2. Stand in a good position.
3. Ask other colleagues for help if necessary.
4. Keep your eyes close to the water outlet.
5. Use your fingers to hold open your eyes.
6. Push the valve open with your hand and flush your eyes with water.
7. Close the valve after rinsing.
8. Put on the dust cover.
9. Seek medical attention immediately after rinsing.

Precautions for using safety shower

Doing experiments in the laboratory will inevitably lead to occasional accidents, and when we accidentally splash test drugs into our eyes, we should take some emergency first aid measures. The emergency eyewash station is our first aid equipment, but we should also pay attention to the following points when using it:
1. Before using the eyewash, you need to cut off the power of the electrical equipment within 1.5 meters of the eyewash.

2. First use the foot to step on the water switch several times, the unclean water will be fully emptied.

3. the water in the middle of the eyewash to control the valve to the water spray gear, and then foot on the water switch, so that the water from the nozzle spray. Adjust the silk head on the nozzle so that the water splash meets the requirements of use. Then the face is to be cleaned, eyes, neck or arms, and other parts of the water splash to clean. The general cleaning time should not be less than 15 minutes.

4. If you use a shower head, pull down the lever by hand, the spray water will automatically spray out. Shower water is mainly used for the whole body, clothing, etc. for showering. The time of spraying should not be less than 15 minutes. After the use of the shower system, the lever is reset.

5. Eyewash after use, the valve to control the water to the emptying, put the clean water storage, spare.

6. Emergency shower eyewash is only used in emergencies, temporarily slows the construction of harmful substances on the eyes and body of further aggression, can not replace medical treatment, flushing after the more serious cases must be treated as soon as possible to the hospital.

7. This equipment is room temperature equipment, the winter to do a good job of pipeline anti-freeze work.

8. Related items shall not cover, affecting the normal use of the emergency eyewash.

How to maintain safety shower?

1. Try once a week the laboratory safety shower switch (shower puller and eyewash push plate) to ensure that the flow of water in the tube is smooth.

2. Laboratory eyewash nozzle and shower head wipe once a week to prevent dust from blocking the eyewash nozzle and shower head to affect the use of the effect.

3. According to the standard annual inspection, if the laboratory eyewash nozzle or shower head does not produce water, please check whether the eyewash nozzle or shower head hole is blocked by impurities, please use a needle thin rod to clean up.

How to buy safety shower?

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If you are interested in our safety shower or have any questions, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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