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high-temperature spray adhesive

Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive  used in laboratory

What is spray adhesive?

Spray adhesive is a widely used adhesive, mainly those materials that can follow the deformation with the shape of the sealing surface and have the characteristic of not flowing easily and having specific adhesion. Its main functionality provides sealing. There are many types depending on the field of use. Spray adhesive is a verb that means to shoot out a liquid with a specific viscosity in a diffused manner. As a name, it refers to a product name under technology. It is the process of using a fully automatic glue spraying machine to disperse glue or paint and make it adhere to another object according to a certain pattern.
Universal spray glue is a variety of adhesive materials developed by the scientific processing process of aerosol universal adhesive, super permanent paste.

Application of spray adhesive

Building decoration textile, template cloth, glass, flooring, plywood, bamboo board, wallpaper, floor carpet, raw wood board, paint-free board, baking board, fireproof board, wood materials, etc..
Auto shipbuilding automobile dashboard, door panel, column, triangular window, roof, hemp fiber, cotton fiber, blended fiber, wood fiber board, iron plate and other bonding.
Furniture senior sofa thick leather and coarse leather, senior swivel chair molding sponge, senior sofa latex sponge, oil molding sponge and other materials, etc..
Hardware and plasticmetal, foam, ABS, PC, PVC, and other hard substrates (glass + glass bonding, glass + metal bonding, glass + plastic bonding, plastic + plastic bonding, plastic + metal bonding, PET special bonding, crystal, etc.).
Clothing and textile clothing, footwear, toys, hosiery, hats, bags, leather, clothing accessories and various fabrics, etc.
Electronicselectrical appliances, power supplies, lighting, computers, TVs, monitors, air conditioners, electric ironing doors and integrated small home appliances, etc.
Paper products photos, paper tubes, cardboard, books and magazines, printing, labels, trademarks and other paper products, etc.

Spray adhesive advantages

When using spray glue adhesive, has the following advantages.
1. Spray glue has strong initial adhesion, high speed is easy to use, and improves work efficiency.

2. Spray adhesive has a large spraying surface, generally 12 planes per kilogram.

3. Spray adhesive is impermeable to pressure-sensitive adhesives and has a long duration of adhesion.

4. The sticky object can be easily removed and newly positioned.

5. Spray adhesive has fine and transparent particles, which will not cause any shrinkage and penetration to most materials.

6. Spray adhesive is temperature and weather-resistant. The test comparison data shows that the water-based spray adhesive continues to withstand temperatures above 85℃ without opening and chalking, and the performance is stable and more reliable.

7. Spray adhesive atomization effect is good. In the process of using water-based spray adhesive will not appear clogged and sticky gun and other situations, but also will not produce the smoke scattered phenomenon, making the use of the process more smooth.

Quality standard of spray adhesive

Spray adhesive product quality meets the requirements of the following table.
Indicator nameIndicators
AppearanceLight brown viscous liquid
Density, g/cm≥0.8
Solid content, %≥25
Peel strength KN/mDestruction of adhered material

Spray adhesive specifications and features

Multi-purpose spray adhesive

Colorfull transparent
1. Multi-purpose spray adhesive can be repositioned and repeatedly bonded.
2. Uniformity and transparency of the sprayed glue particles.
3. Multi-purpose spray adhesive has high solid content and covers a large area.
4. Multi-purpose spray adhesive does not penetrate, does not flow, and does not wrinkle.
5. The spray adhesive can be applied to materials with uneven surfaces.
6. The material of spray adhesive can be moved, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

How to use spray adhesive?

a. First, shake the spray adhesive evenly to achieve the best adhesive effect.
b. Then spray glue 20-30cm away from the paste surface, spray evenly, and spray glue on both sides of the paste.
c. Dry for about 3 minutes, wait for the solvent to evaporate fully (glue does not stain your hands can), the sponge and the board to stick, and squeeze firmly.
d. The spray glue nozzle can be rotated 360 ° to meet a variety of operating methods.

Precautions for using spray adhesive

a. When using spray adhesive glue products pay attention to evenly spraying on the surface of the object to be glued, but the surface of the object to be glued must be dry, clean, and oil-free before spraying construction, otherwise it will affect the best effect of bonding.

b. To be sprayed at the temperature above 20 ℃ placed within 1 minute or glue is not sticky hands (depending on the workplace to master the operation of the placement time) can be applied to pressure bonding, bonding materials to the best one-time to the exact, to ensure that the effect is stable and solid.

c. In the temperature of 10 ℃ below the use of temperature placement time should be extended a little, or need to meet the operational process and other requirements, please transfer with our engineering department to ensure the best bonding performance of the product!

d. On 10 ℃ to minus 10 ℃ and rainy days, wet weather use to master the best bonding time operation, pay attention to the material and the surface of the object to be bonded whether dry, otherwise, it will lead to a bad bonding effect.

e. The special operation requirements of spray adhesive are different and inconsistent, such as spraying loose and not loose, fast drying and slow drying, high concentration and low concentration, strong sticky and non-sticky, long and short sticky time, etc.

f. Before using the spray glue, empty the water in the air compressor; preferably in the compressor suction air out plus drying equipment to ensure that the compressed air is dry, in order not to influence the adhesive effectiveness.

g. Select the correct spray gun nozzle, SBS type spray glue gun nozzle aperture in 1.5, to ensure smooth spraying and dispersion.

h. The use of spray adhesive must be evenly sprayed on the surface of the object to be bonded, but the surface of the object to be bonded must be dry, clean, and oil-free before spraying construction, otherwise the best effect of bonding.

i. To be sprayed at the temperature above 20 ℃ placed within 1 minute or glue is not sticky hands (depending on the workplace to master the operation of the placement time) can be applied pressure bonding, bonding material requirements best one-time to the exact, stable and solid results.

j. In exchange for glue not in use, be sure to solvent cleaning gun, and keep the gun clean; and can not be neoprene spray glue and SBS-type spray glue mixed, otherwise, there will be a clogged gun phenomenon.

k. If the spraying is not uniform, it will be easy to appear poorly laminated, there are similar "bubbles", "granular material", "uneven surface" and other situations. In the lamination is careful not to be the bonding surface bubbles, so as not to cause the bonding surface blistering phenomenon.

l. Precautionary measures such as fire prevention, anti-static, and smooth ventilation must be taken, relevant equipment must be grounded, and the operator's costume must prevent static electricity from being generated.

m. Before the mass production, please make sure to do the test after the trial sample to ensure whether the adhesive product is suitable and the bonding effect meets the requirements of use; if there are special requirements, please submit a written explanation.

Precautions for storage of spray adhesive

1. Spray glue should be placed in a dark and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Spray glue should be kept away from fire, high temperature, and humidity, and keep the warehouse well-ventilated.

3. It is strictly forbidden to put the spray adhesive upside down or sideways or squeeze it to release the leakage.

4. Keep the spray adhesive package intact and sealed for storage to avoid the solvent volatilization of the adhesive causing viscosity to rise and deteriorate.

5. Put the spray adhesive products on the floor, the stacking height should not exceed 3 layers (each layer contains 4 barrels on the floor).

Analysis of common problems in using spray adhesive

Reasons for poor single-sided bonding?
* The problem of the formula itself.
* The sponge cannot be wetted because of the fast evaporation of the spraying solvent.
* The amount of spray adhesive is too little or lacks glue.
* Choose to use a single-sided effect bonding good Shun for bonding spray adhesive.
* In the sticky maintenance time laminated.
* Increase the pressure.

Why does the lamination or splicing pop open?

* Spraying is not in place, lack of glue, or a serious accumulation of glue.
* Missed adhesive maintenance time lamination.
* The adhesive strength of the spray adhesive itself is not enough.
* Choose Shun for bonding priming spray adhesive, which can solve the above problems.

Why does spraying produce a large puddle like water?
* The spray adhesive itself has poor sprayability.
* The viscosity of the spray adhesive itself is low and the specific gravity is high.
* Water in the compressed air.
* Select a high-performance, high-quality Shun Wei adhesive spray adhesive.
* Drain the water from the compressor and piping.

Why the arc is not firmly bonded will pop open?
* Poor initial adhesion of spray adhesive or high sponge thickness.
* Solvent not completely evaporated or serious accumulation of glue.
* More than the sticky maintenance time after the paste.
* Choosing to use the adhesive priming spray glue can solve the above problems.

How to order spray adhesive?

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