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Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilizer in laboratory 

1. What is steam sterilizer?
    1.1. Steam sterilizer definition
    1.2. Application of steam sterilizer
2. Steam sterilizer working principle
3. Advantages of using steam sterilizer
4. Types of steam sterilizer
5. Steam sterilizer specifications
    5.1. High-pressure steam sterilizer
    5.2. Bench top steam sterilizer
    5.3. Horizontal autoclave
    5.4. Portable autoclave sterilizer
    5.5. Small autoclave
6. Precautions for using steam sterilizer
7. How to maintain steam sterilizer?
8. How to order steam sterilizer?

What is steam sterilizer?

Steam sterilizer definition

Steam sterilizer is also known as steam autoclave, are widely used because they use steam to sterilize the items being sterilized. Because of the high temperature of steam, it does not damage the items being sterilized and has strong penetrating power to kill spores. Steam disinfection differs from boiling disinfection in that steam disinfection involves boiling water and steam will come out after boiling, and the temperature of the steam is very high, so it takes much less time to disinfect items using steam than boiling disinfection Steam disinfectors differ from other methods, where the key is to achieve a certain pressure and temperature.

Application of steam sterilizer

Steam sterilizer machine is fast and reliable sterilization devices that use saturated pressure steam to sterilize items. It can sterilize medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution media, etc. It is recognized as one of the most reliable sterilization technologies in the world. Steam sterilizers have a long history of over 100 years and are often used in food processing companies, laboratories, hospitals, disease prevention and control centers, inspection and quarantine institutions, and other enterprises and institutions.

Steam sterilizer working principle

The working principle of steam sterilizer in general is to use steam to sterilize, steam sterilization is to place the product in the sterilization cabinet, high temperature steam quickly released heat and cause the bacterium protein coagulation and denaturation to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Pure steam sterilization is characterized by strong penetration, proteins and protoplasmic colloids are denatured and coagulated under moist heat, enzyme system is easily destroyed, steam enters the cell and condenses into water, which can release potential heat to increase the temperature and enhance the sterilization power.
Air and other non-condensable gases are extracted from the closed sterilization cabinet using extraction equipment. The presence of non-condensable gases such as air not only hinders the transfer of heat, but also prevents the penetration of steam into the product.
Steam sterilization temperature is the primary steam parameter controlled by the sterilization cabinet. The heat tolerance of various pathogens and microorganisms varies from species to species, so the required sterilization temperature and duration of action vary according to the degree of contamination of the sterilized product. The sterilization temperature of the product is also determined by the heat resistance of the product itself and the effect of high temperature on certain characteristics of the product.

Advantages of using steam sterilizer

Here are some advantages of using steam autoclave:
1. Steam sterilizer produces steam with strong heat penetration, and the whole sterilization process is sealed, so the waste liquid does not flow and does not pollute the air and environment.

2. Steam sterilizer has high sterilization efficiency and can thoroughly kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. It is characterized by low sterilization cost, safety and reliability, and low damage to instruments.

3. The sterilization time of steam sterilizer is short, only a few minutes to complete the sterilization.

4. Steam sterilizer sterilization process does not produce any chemical physical pollution, no chemical residues, no separate cleaning, reducing the labor of the user.

Types of steam sterilizer

Classification according to the different ways of cold air emission
* Gravity displacement autoclave
The sterilization method of gravity displacement sterilizer is to use the principle of gravity displacement, so that hot steam in the sterilizer from the top down, the cold air will be discharged from the lower exhaust hole, and the discharged cold air is replaced by saturated steam, using the latent heat released by steam to sterilize the items.
* Pre-vacuum sterilizer
The sterilization principle of pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is the use of mechanical vacuum, so that the formation of negative pressure in the sterilization cabinet, steam can quickly penetrate into the interior of the goods for sterilization. According to the number of times of vacuuming, there are two types of pre-vacuum and pulsating vacuum, the latter is more reliable because the air is removed more thoroughly due to multiple vacuuming.

Classification according to the shape characteristics of the sterilizer
* Vertical steam sterilizer
* Horizontal steam sterilizer
* Desktop steam sterilizer
* Portable Steam Sterilizer

Steam sterilizer specifications

High-pressure steam sterilizer

Supply voltage380V
Size of sterilization chamberφ500*550mm
Mesh basket size465*230mm
Package size760*780*1310mm
Net size of instrument650*650*120mm
Gross weight180KG
Type: Vertical steam sterilizer
1. High-pressure steam sterilizer adopts hand wheel type quick opening structure
2. 304 stainless steel material, self-expanding seal ring
3. Automatic control of sterilization cycle program, pressure safety interlock device
4. Digital window liquid crystal display work status
5. Self-discharge of overpressure 0.145-0.217Mpa
6. Sterilization temperature optional setting range 50℃-134℃
7. Sterilization time adjustable setting range 0-99h.

Bench top steam sterilizer

Sterilization chamber volume20L (φ250×420 mm)
Rated working pressure0.22Mpa
Rated working temperature134℃
Sterilization temperature selection105-134℃
Timing time selection range0-99min
Thermal uniformity of sterilization chamber≤ ± 1℃
Power/power supply voltage1.5KW / AC220V 50Hz
Sterilization tray size340×200×30 mm (3piece)
Overall dimensions480×480×380 mm
Gross weight/net weight43/40 kg
Type: Desktop steam sterilizer
1. Bench top steam sterilizer can be sterilized quickly for 4-6 minutes, with a microcomputer displaying working status and touch keys.
2. There are three fixed sterilization programs and user-adjustable programs.
3. The whole process of adding water, heating up, sterilizing, discharging steam, and drying is controlled automatically.
4. Steam and water internal circulation system, no steam discharged to the outside, clean and dry environment.
5. Equipped with a three-layer stainless steel sterilization tray.
6. The whole machine is made of stainless steel.
7. The buzzer reminds us to stop automatically when the sterilization cycle ends.

Horizontal autoclave

Power supply380V
MaterialStainless steel
Wall thickness of pot3.0 mm
Sterilization chamber sizeΦ500×1020mm
Package size1640*830*1800mm
Type: Gravity displacement autoclave and horizontal steam sterilizer
1. Horizontal autoclave is made of 304 stainless steel, self-expanding seal.
2. It is equipped with automatic control of sterilization cycle program and pressure safety interlocking interactive device.
3. Digital window LCD displaying the working status, double scale pressure gauge with two types of degrees.

Portable autoclave sterilizer

Effective volume18L
Sterilizer inner diameter280mm
Temperature adjustable50-126℃
Adjustable time0-999min
Working pressure0.142Mpa
Size of inner liner269*260mm
Supply voltage220V 50Hz
Type: Portable steam sterilizer
1. Portable autoclave sterilizer adopts shift-type quick-open lid structure, pressure self-locking lid device.
2. Adopt high-temperature engineering speed to avoid the shell from burning hands.
3. 304 stainless steel inner liner, not easy to rust.
4. Broken code LCD display, the indicator can show the working status and operation function tips.

Small autoclave

Temperature control range100-300℃
Temperature control accuracy± 5℃
Display accuracy1℃
Time setting1min-99h59min
Voltage specificationAC220V-50-60Hz
Vessel sizeΦ40*80mm
Net Weight2.5kg
1. Small autoclave is a built-in stainless steel inner liner, plus equipped with an over-temperature protection device.
2. Small size and light weight.
3. The temperature can be up to 300 degrees Celsius so that it can effectively achieve the sterilization effect.

Precautions for using steam sterilizer

1. Steam sterilizer should be operated by trained and qualified personnel, and the whole sterilization process should be supervised by a person.

2. It cannot rely entirely on automatic water level protection, and should pay attention to the water level frequently to avoid burning out the electric heaters.

3. When adding water manually,
 you should first cut off the power supply, open the pressure relief valve 3, and then open the water inlet valve to add water. Do not open the water inlet valve when there is pressure in the sandwich, and the vent valve should be open when adding water.

4. When there is pressure in the sterilization room, the interlocking handle cannot be lifted and the door cannot be forced open.

5. After sterilizing the liquid, the autoclave should slowly release the steam. Open the door only when the liquid temperature drops to below 700C. It is forbidden to open the door immediately after sterilization.

6. If the sterilization process is below the sterilization temperature due to power failure or other reasons, the timing should be restarted when the temperature reaches the sterilization temperature again.

7. Pull the safety valve handle several times a week when there is pressure in the mezzanine to make sure the safety valve is working properly.

8. Take away the sterilizer's shelf plate after each daily shift and dry the sterilization set with a cloth to keep the sterilization room dry.

9. Finish discharging the water with pressure in the steam generator after the daily shift to reduce the scale.

10. The equipment should not be exposed when it is in operation. If it must be exposed, a protective rack should be built to prevent rain.

11. The continuous use time of the autoclave should be less than 8 hours within a day.

How to maintain steam sterilizer?

Knowledge of steam sterilizer maintenance:
1. Before each use, the water volume in the steam sterilizer must be checked to ensure that there is enough water so that the water level is higher than the electric heaters.

2. When placing sterilized items, various packages should not be too large or too tight, so as not to prevent steam penetration and affect the sterilization effect. It is strictly forbidden to block the air outlet of the safety valve and must leave an empty space to ensure its smooth deflation.

3. The safety valve should be checked regularly for reliability. Before each sterilization, check whether the safety valve has good performance, in case the pressure in the pot is too high and explosion occurs.

4. Do not install the sterilization pot in a place with flammable gas or flammable liquid. Make sure that the voltage supplied by the power supply is the same as the voltage shown in the instrument, the blue wire is the zero wire, the brown wire is the fire wire, and if the green wire is the ground wire, make sure to ground the instrument well.

5. When sterilizing the liquid, the liquid should be filled in a heat-resistant glass bottle with no more than 3/4 of the volume. To wrap the mouth of the bottle with cellophane and gauze, such as those with rubber stoppers, a needle should be inserted to drain the vapor, do not use unperforated rubber and cork.

How to order steam sterilizer?

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