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Supercritical Extraction Machine

Supercritical extraction machine, Supercritical CO2 extraction machine in laboratory

What is supercritical extraction machine?

Supercritical extraction machine, also known as supercritical fluid extraction equipment, can be abbreviated as SFE equipment. Supercritical extraction machine is a kind of process test instrument used in the field of chemistry, food science, and technology. Supercritical extraction refers to the use of supercritical conditions of the fluid as an extractant, the extraction of specific components from the liquid or solid to achieve a separation method is an emerging extraction and separation technology.
As an environmentally friendly technology, the supercritical extraction and separation method is gaining more and more attention because of its unique physicochemical properties and the many advantages it possesses, and with continuous research, the application of supercritical extraction and separation method is becoming more and more widespread.

Supercritical extraction machine application

Food area
1. Remove the coffee caffeine from coffee beans and tea leaves.
2. Extraction of vegetable oils from soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut, sesame and other plant species.
3. Extract the physiologically active substances in animal fats such as fish oil and cod liver oil that are beneficial to lowering blood lipids and cholesterol.
4. Extracting natural pigments from pepper, carrot and other plant species.
5. Extraction and separation of fatty acid glycerides, sucrose fatty acid esters, lecithin, fatty acids and other oil mixtures.
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic area
1. Extracting alkaloids, tocopherols, essential oils and other medicinal ingredients from animal and plant raw materials.
2. Concentration and refinement of drugs such as antimicrobials.
3. Refining and recovering enzymes and vitamins.
4. Refining cosmetic raw materials such as surfactants and fatty acid glycerides.
Chemistry laboratory field
1. Separate and refine aliphatic, aromatic and cycloalkane homologues.
2. Used for dehydration of aqueous solutions of caprolactam, adipic acid, dimethyltryptamine, etc., recovery of organic matter, especially separation of alcohol-water azeotropic mixtures.
3. Recovery of catalysts such as alkyl aluminum and lubricants.
4. Objective phenolic products can be recovered from large amounts of wood processing fertilizers, and distillate oils can be rapidly separated from residual oils, while removing bitumen and heavy metals.

Supercritical extraction machine advantages

a. Supercritical extraction equipment can be extracted at a temperature close to room temperature of 35 to 40°C and under a C02 gas envelope, effectively preventing the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, the active ingredients of medicinal plants are maintained in the extracts, and substances with high boiling points, low volatility, and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at temperatures far below their boiling points.

b. The use of SFE is a clean extraction method, as the entire process does not use organic solvents, so there is no residual solvent material in the extract, thus preventing the presence of harmful substances to humans and environmental pollution during the extraction process, ensuring 100% safety.

c. Supercritical extraction equipment has a wide range of adaptability. Since the phenomenon of a specific increase in solubility of supercritical fluids is widespread, it can theoretically be used as a universal and efficient extraction and separation method by taking advantage of the difference in solubility of different substances, provided that the appropriate solvent, supercritical scintillation force, and temperature are selected.

d. Extraction efficiency is high and the process is easily adjustable. Supercritical fluid machines combine the properties of both gases and liquids, with the solvency capacity of liquids and the good mobility, volatility and transfer properties of gases, resulting in higher extraction efficiencies than single-phase solvents. Since a small change in pressure and temperature near the critical point may significantly change the solubility of the fluid, it is easy to regulate and control the separation process.

How supercritical extraction machine works?

The working principle of supercritical fluid extraction apparatus is carried out by using the relationship between the solubility of a supercritical fluid and its density, i.e. by using the effect of pressure and temperature on the solubility of a supercritical fluid. Using this property, the different components of the mixture can be extracted and separated out successively according to their different solubility sizes in the fluid by simply changing the pressure of the extractant fluid.
The substances with high solubility at low pressure are extracted first, and as the pressure increases, the insoluble substances are gradually separated from the solvent. Therefore, supercritical extraction under programmed pressure can not only extract components, but also play a role in separation. Changes in temperature also change the ability of supercritical fluid extraction, which is reflected in the impact on the density of the extraction solvent and the vapor pressure of the solute in two ways - in the low-temperature region, the increase in temperature reduces the density of the fluid, while the vapor pressure of the solute does not increase much, the solubility of the extractant is reduced, so that the solute from the fluid extractant precipitation. Further increase in temperature to the high-temperature region, although the extractant density is further reduced, but the rapid increase in solute vapor pressure plays a major role, thus increasing the volatility, the extraction efficiency is not reduced but has a tendency to increase - in addition to pressure and temperature in addition to a small amount of other solvents in the supercritical fluid can also change its ability to dissolve solutes.

Supercritical fluid selection

Solvents for SFE equipment

In SPE equipment, there are many solvents that can be used as SFE, and the critical properties of different solvents vary, while different extraction processes require different solvents. The fluids that can be used as supercritical extractants are mainly ethane, ethylene, propylene, CO2, etc. When using SFE technology to extract natural substances, supercritical CO2 extraction is the preferred extraction equipment.

Advantages of using supercritical CO2 extractor

The principle of the supercritical CO2 extractor separation process is based on the use of supercritical CO2 to have a special solubility effect on certain special natural products, using the relationship between the solubility of supercritical CO2 and its density, i.e. using the effect of pressure and temperature on the solubility of supercritical CO2. The use of supercritical CO2 extractors has the following advantages.
① CO2 has good mutual solubility with most organic compounds, and CO2 liquid has greater volatility compared with extractable, which makes the separation of extractants from extractables easier.

② With good selectivity, supercritical CO2 exhibits excellent solubility properties for low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons, and low polarity lipophilic compounds such as esters, ethers, and endolipids.

③ Low critical temperature (31.1℃) and low vaporization enthalpy, are more suitable for industrial production.

④ The critical pressure (7.38 MPa) is low and can be easily reached.

⑤ Carbon dioxide is chemically inert, has no risk of combustion and explosion, is non-toxic, non-corrosive, does not constitute an erosion of equipment, and will not cause pollution to the product and the environment. And cheap, higher purity of CO2 is easy to obtain.

⑥ In the extraction system, the high concentration of CO2 has an effect on sterilization and anti-oxidation of the product.

Supercritical extraction machine specification

Supercritical CO2 extraction machine

Extraction kettle volume300ml
Extraction kettle quantity3pcs
Number of separation kettles2
Pressure level50Mpa
1. Supercritical CO2 extraction machine equipped with special CO2 metering pump and unique seal design to ensure no leakage.
2. With the quick-open structure of the extraction kettle, the kettle can be opened after releasing CO2 gas, and the sealing material does not swell and can be used repeatedly, which saves the time of material change and improves the utilization rate of supercritical extraction equipment.
3. There is an auxiliary agent inlet, adding different auxiliary agents, together with the dryer and purifier, can make the extracted material and CO2 completely separated.
4. It has CO2 recovery function to improve gas utilization rate, and all heating and cooling parts are equipped with heat preservation measures to save energy and protect the environment.

How to use supercritical extraction machine?

The following is the operation procedure of a model of supercritical extraction device, but different supercritical extraction machines will be a little different in operation, so the following operation is for reference only.
First send the air switch, the power is on, then press the start power button.
Turn on the refrigeration switch, and at the same time turn on the water circulation switch.

a. To start heating, first turn on the heating switch of extraction cylinder, separation I, separation II and distillation column, and adjust the respective temperature control instrument to the respective required setting temperature. If the distillation column to participate in the whole cycle need to open the corresponding heating switch with the distillation column.

b. After the freezer temperature drops to about 0℃ and the temperature of extraction, separation I and separation II is close to the set requirements, perform the following operations.

c. Start the refrigeration while the CO2 gas cylinder through the valve into the purifier, cold coil and storage tank, CO2 for liquefaction, liquid CO2 through the pump, mixer, purifier into the extraction cylinder, and so on pressure balance, open the extraction cylinder emptying valve, slowly release the residual air, after reducing part of the pressure, close the emptying valve.

d. Add pressure: first pull the electrode point to the required pressure (upper limit), start the pump press, when the pressure is added to close to the set pressure, about 1MPa in advance, start to open the throttle valve at the back of the extraction cylinder.

e. After the extraction is completed, close the freezer, pump various heating cycle switch, and then close the total power switch, the pressure in the extraction cylinder into the back of the separator or distillation column, wait for the pressure in the extraction cylinder and the balance behind, and then open the venting valve, after the extraction cylinder no pressure, open the extraction cylinder cover, take out the material Jane until the end of the whole extraction process.

Precautions for using supercritical extraction machine

Supercritical extraction machine uses carbon dioxide in a supercritical state to extract compounds instead of organic solvents and has important applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. As a commonly used extraction equipment, understanding the operating precautions can reduce operating errors, prolong the service life of the instrument, and also allow to improve the efficiency of the test. The following are the precautions for using supercritical extraction equipment.

1.Supercritical extraction machines are high-pressure flow devices, that only operators familiar with the system process can operate.

2.Operators should not leave their posts during high-pressure operations, and if abnormalities occur, they should immediately shut down the main power supply for inspection.

3.Before starting the pump system, check whether the lubrication is following the instructions, and the packing pressure cap should not be too loose or too tight.

4.The electrode point pressure gauge should be pre-adjusted to the required value before the operation, otherwise, it will produce an automatic pump stop or electrode malfunction under overpressure.

5.Check the refrigerant oil before starting, the normal condition has been adjusted, and generally do not move the valve.

6.To frequently check whether the connection parts are loose.

7.Pump in a certain period to replace the lubricant.

How to order supercritical extraction machine?

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