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Test Tube Holder

Test tube holder used in laboratory

1. What is test tube holder?
    1.1 About test tube holder
    1.2 What is the test tube holder called?
2. What is the use of a test tube holder?
    2.1 Test tube camp Vs. Test tube holder
    2.2 Use of test tube holder
3. Types of test tube holder
    3.1 Wooden test tube rack
    3.2 Metal test tube rack
    3.3 Plastic test tube rack
    3.4 Glass test tube rack
    3.5 Cardboard test tube rack & Foam test tube rack
4. Test tube holder specification
5. How to purchase test tube holder?

What is test tube holder?


About test tube holder

Historians speculate that the test tube was invented in the early 19th century. And test tube racks were produced with the invention of test tubes because they need to be used to hold, store and transport the test tubes. Nowadays, the test tube holder is the most basic experimental instrument used to place and dry test tubes in the chemical laboratory.

Sometimes the test tube can be placed on the test tube rack to observe the inside reaction phenomenon. There are two kinds of tube holders, one is with holes, and the other is cylindrical objects with corresponding holes. The former one can let the test tube keep upright and continue to be observed the reaction in the experiments. The latter one allows the test tubes to be placed upside down for drying.

What is the test tube holder called?

The test tube holder is also called test tube rack, test tube stand, test tube shelf, lab tube holder, lab tube rack, science tube holder, etc. As it is widely used in laboratories around the world, there are many different names for it. The most common names are test tube holder and test tube rack.

What is the use of a test tube holder?

Test tube camp Vs. Test tube holder

A test tube clamp is a kind of experimental instrument for clamping a test tube in place when the tube is hot or should not be touched. When the test tube is heated or should not be touched by hand, the tube clamp is used to transfer the tube to the tube rack. The test tube clamp can only take one tube at a time. The test tube holder is a container for placing multiple test tubes at the same time.

Use of test tube holder

While some empty tubes can be transported by hand or in the pocket of a lab jacket, safely transporting large numbers of tubes or tubes that may contain dangerous chemicals requires the use of test tube racks. Modern laboratories often use large quantities of test tubes for comparative tests or to collect multiple samples, and the need to move multiple test tubes safely and efficiently at once is a frequent occurrence.

Besides that, the test tube with test tube rack in the lab because the test tube is usually designed with a round bottom. Without the test tube stand holder, the experimenters have no place to put their test tubes in laboratories. The boiling tube rack, blood tube holder, lateral flow test tube holder, and culture test tube holder are the most commonly used test tube stands in the lab.

Types of test tube holder

chemistry test tube holder
Because of the operability restrictions, the materials of the test tube used in the laboratory are divided into glass, plastic, and stainless steel. The test tube holder does not have restrictions like test tubes, so there are many materials to choose from.

Wooden test tube rack

Almost all of the wooden test tube racks are made of sturdy wood construction that can withstand laboratory wear and tear. Usually, they are designed to be 6 or 12 well, which means they can hold up to 6 or 12 test tubes. Because of the small volume and little space occupied, they are popular in various laboratories. Although they are designed to be used in professional laboratories, test tube holders are also often used in science classrooms. Because of their ornamental value and durability, many families take them to the kitchen to store spices, cutlery, and brushes, take them to the den to place pens, and even place them in other places to decorate art. They are sometimes referred to as spice rack test tubes or decorative test tube racks.

Metal test tube rack

The metal tube test rack has incomparable advantages over other material tube racks. Compared with other types of tube racks, the metal tube racks have higher temperature resistance, fire resistance, and heat resistance, better corrosion resistance, cleaning, versatility, durability, sustainability, and lower water absorption and manufacturing costs. The stainless steel test tube rack, brass test tube holder, and wire test tube rack are the different types of metal tube test holders.

Plastic test tube rack

The plastic test tube rack has the characteristics of convenient cleaning, accurate hole location, strong stability, acid and alkali resistance, tasteless and non-toxic, and is also one of the most popular tube rack materials in the laboratory. It is reusable but has a short life for use than other materials mentioned previously.

Glass test tube rack

Traditional glass materials are usually fragile, it is not the best choice for a glass test tube rack because the glass test tube holder with a certain hardness is more convenient for experimental personnel to operate in the experiment. Plexiglass meets this requirement. Acrylic is a kind of commonly used plexiglass and the Acrylic test tube rack is also very popular on the market.

Cardboard test tube rack & Foam test tube rack

The cardboard test tube rack and foam test tube rack are suitable for temporary use or disposable use in various places outside the laboratories. When mentioning them, disposable test tube racks are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Because their materials are so readily available, many people choose to DIY them to place test tubes for temporary experiments.

Test tube holder specification

Test tube holders support the tubes in vertical wells that prevent them from tilting. Some laboratory test tube holders feature wells with a very narrow tolerance and hold test tubes securely in a vertical position. Other racks have wells with larger diameters and allow the tubes to tilt slightly without spilling their contents.

Specification of Test Tube Holder

* Materials: wood, plastic, glass, metal (stainless-steel / brass / wire), cardboard and foam

* Types: classic rack, interlocking cube form, stackable rack, test tube drying rack, slant rack, single test tube holder (1-well rack), vial racks

* Sizes: 5ml test tube rack / 50ml test tube rack / 20mm test tube rack / 25mm test tube rack / 30mm test tube rack

How to purchase test tube holder?

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