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Thermostatic Box

Thermostatic box used in laboratory

What is thermostatic box

The box-type apparatus used to raise or cultivate organisms or parts of organisms (cells, etc.) at a certain temperature is called a thermostatic box. In the past, thermostats used for egg incubation were heated by hot water, which is a water temperature thermostatic box. However, most of the current ones used in laboratories are electric types, equipped with electric heaters and thermostats, which is a kind of box or cabinet with insulating material on the outer wall.

Thermostatic box is a piece of necessary test equipment for aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research, and other fields. It is usually used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic, and other products and materials after the change of temperature environment for high-temperature tests, whether they can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, identification, and factory inspection.

Thermostatic boxes are usually used in laboratories, industry, medicine, and other industries.

In biological laboratories, the requirements for a constant temperature experimental environment are very strict, because temperature changes will affect the accuracy of experimental results. Therefore, for the laboratory, the role of the thermostat becomes quite important. It will have a great impact on the research process and the results of the laboratory. At the same time more accurate research results for the practical application of the resulting test results to produce a positive effect.

In industrial production, thermostatic box has a wide range of applications. Thermostatic boxes have a huge propulsive effect on the development of biology, agriculture, and fisheries. The product manufacturing process is very demanding in terms of temperature, so more attention will be paid to the maintenance of a constant temperature environment. Maintaining the stability of the constant temperature environment is very important for the products in the factory workshop and the industrial production associated with it. Temperature changes will directly affect the quality of the product, so the role of the thermostat in the industry is in a pivotal position, too. At the same time, in the industrial production process, the requirements for the thermostat are also more stringent, for example, the reliability of the quality, cost of maintenance and management, price of the thermostat itself, etc. These are quite important factors for companies that produce mass-produced products in the industry.

In medicine, the medical thermostat is mainly used for the storage and transportation of drugs and reagents, refrigeration and insulation of vaccines and blood, heating dialysis fluid, heating saline, etc. For medicine, thermostatic box is always in a fairly important position.

Types of thermostatic box

a. Laboratory, industrial and pharmaceutical industries by industry of application

Thermostats in the laboratory are generally used for plant culture, breeding tests; bacteria, microbial culture, used as breeding, fermentation, microbial culture, various constant temperature test, environmental test, material denaturation tests, and storage of medium, serum, drugs, and other items, etc.

Thermostatic boxes can be widely used in drugs, textiles, food processing, and other aseptic tests as well as widely used in medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, agricultural research, environmental protection, and other research applications.

Thermostatic boxes in the industry are generally used in electronics, electrical, household appliances, automotive, instrumentation, electronics, chemical, parts, raw materials and coatings, plating for high and low temperature, high and low humidity experiments in aerospace, aviation, shipping, weapons, electronics, petrochemical, post and telecommunications, communications, automotive, and other fields.

b. Divided by temperature, size, power supply voltage

Temperature range: 0-150℃

Size: Determined by the size of the test product. The size of the inner box should be greater than or equal to three times the size of the test product.

Power supply voltage: 220V / 380V

c. Air-cooled and water-cooled

Thermostatic box is generally air-cooled in the lab while water-cooled thermostatic box is more often used in the industry.

d. Fluorinated and non-fluorinated

e. Non-programmable and multi-segment programming

f. Non-computer controlled and computer-controlled

g. Numerical display and LCD

h. Stainless steel inner liner, aluminum inner liner, and engineering plastic inner liner

i. Polyurethane foam formation, rigid Polyurethane foam, and Polyimide ester foam

j. Double-layer insulating glass and single-layer glass

Model of thermostatic box


Principle of thermostatic box

There are three key control parts of a thermostatic box. They are temperature probes, refrigeration compressors, and heaters (some with infrared heating, or direct heating with resistance wire).

The measuring end of the temperature probe is stretched in the air inside the thermostat, which cannot be in contact with the object or the box to avoid contact, and the temperature inside the box is monitored in real-time. In the control panel, you can set the constant temperature range of the thermostat, which means setting the upper and lower limits of the allowable temperature. When the probe detects that the temperature is lower than the lower limit, the machine turns on the hot blower to heat, and the temperature starts to rise; when the probe detects that the temperature is higher than the upper limit, the machine turns on the refrigeration compressor to cool down the temperature. This is repeatedly done.

Some thermostats can be set to deviate from the degree. For example, normally, the temperature should start heating when it reaches the lower limit. But in reality, the heating time will be slightly late because the temperature may have to drop for some time after the heating starts. In this case, you can set the deviation to let the machine heat up or cool down earlier.

Structure of thermostatic box

The thermostatic box is mainly composed of a plate gold box, refrigeration system, heating system, humidification system, air circulation system, and control system.

Structure components

Outer box material: high-quality A3 steel plate CNC machine tool processing molding with spraying shell surface.

Inner box material: senior stainless-steel plate.

Insulation material: high-density glass fiber wool.

Circuit system: door opening design for easy maintenance and access.

Sealing: a double-layer high-temperature resistant seal is used between the door and the cabinet to ensure the airtightness of the test area.

Door handle: non-reaction door handle, easy operation.

Casters: The bottom of the machine uses high-quality fixed PU movable wheels.

PLC instrumentation

Temperature sensor

Digital display tube (2 pieces)


Water Pump (2 pieces)

Metal tubes with good thermal conductivity (several)

Water-storage tank (3 boxes)


Status Indicator (3 pieces)

Functions of some structure components

Metal tubes
The metal tubes are divided into two sets. The first set of metal pipes is used to lower the temperature of the chamber. It is connected to the pump to feed cold water to lower the temperature inside the thermostatic box. The second set of metal pipes is used to raise the temperature of the chamber. It is connected to the pump to feed hot water to raise the temperature inside the thermostat.
Temperature sensor Vs. PLC instrumentation
The temperature sensor is connected to the PLC instrument to detect the temperature inside the thermostat at any time and communicate the data to the PLC instrument.

Common malfunctions and handling methods of thermostatic box

a. In the high-temperature test, if the change of temperature cannot reach the test temperature value, you can check the electrical system and eliminate the problem one by one. If the temperature rises very slowly, you should check the air circulation system to see if the air circulation adjustment flap is open normally; vice versa, you should check if the air circulation motor is running normally.

b. If the low temperature does not reach the target of the test, it is necessary to observe the temperature change, to determine whether the temperature drops very slowly, or the temperature to the value of the trend back up. If the temperature drops very slowly, you should check whether the studio is dried before doing the low-temperature test or not, ensuring that the studio is kept dry before putting the test samples into the working chamber to do the test, full circulation of wind and samples are not placed in excess. After checking and excluding the above influencing factors, you have to consider whether it is a fault in the refrigeration system. If it is trouble in the refrigeration system, you need to ask professionals to overhaul it. The reason for the failure of the refrigeration system may be the use of equipment in a bad environment. The placing ambient temperature and placement location of the thermostatic box are required to meet the provisions, which are specified in the equipment operation and use instructions.

c. When having the experiment of damp and hot, there may be a big difference between the actual humidity and the target humidity.

The reasons are as follows:
a) Check whether the wet bulb sensor in the water tank is short of water, because this may be caused by the wet bulb sensor on the gauze dry.
b) Check whether the water level controller water supply system is working normally.
c) Check whether the water level controller works normally.
d) Wet bulb gauze is used for a long time and could not be replaced in time.
e) The gauze is hardened by the water quality so that the gauze cannot absorb water and dry.
f) The humidifier system fails.

a) Change or wash gauze.
b) Ask a professional to check the electrical control system and overhaul it.

d. When the equipment suddenly fails during the test operation, the corresponding fault display prompts on the control instrument and has an audible alarm prompt. The operator can quickly check which type of failure belongs to the troubleshooting chapter in the operation and use of the equipment. You can also ask personnel for quick troubleshooting to ensure the normal conduct of the test.

e. Thermostatic box also needs regular maintenance while the condenser of the refrigeration system needs to be cleaned regularly, too. For moving parts, you should follow the instructions for oil lubrication, and the electrical control system should be regularly maintained and checked, etc.

How to buy thermostatic box?

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