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Tissue Processor

Benchtop tissue processor, carousel tissue processor, automatic tissue processor in laboratory

1. What is tissue processor?
2. Application of tissue processor
3. Main steps for tissue processor
4. Type of tissue processor
    4.1. Benchtop tissue processor
    4.2. Carousel tissue processor
    4.3. Automatic vacuum tissue processor
5. Safety about using tissue processor
6. How to order tissue processor ?

What is tissue processor?

Tissue processor is a kind of pathology instrument that automatically and quickly processes tissue specimens. It is a kind of medical equipment that can immerse the animal and plant tissues into various solvents automatically according to the procedure for pathological analysis. The function of a tissue processor is to automatically and rapidly process through fixation, dehydration, clearing, and infiltrating samples with paraffin. Therefore, tissue processor is vitally important for high-quality histology and efficient laboratory working processor.

Application of tissue processor

Tissue processor is mainly used in histopathology department, medical research units, biopharmaceutical, animal and plant research, medical college and food testing units, and other laboratory departments.

Main steps for tissue processor

The purpose of fixation in tissue processor is to prevent bacterial corrosion and tissue autolysis, it is a vital step in tissue processing and preservation of the cell’s inherent material. Fixation can coagulate or precipitate the cell or tissue fluid, glycogen so that the cell or tissue maintains the same as the material in life. Only after the fixation of the tissue can the subsequent series of preparation, until the final completion of the section.

Dehydration in a tissue processor is to get rid of moisture and fixations from tissue, and use dehydrating fluid to replace them.

The clearing is the next step after dehydration, which means using the miscible liquid which is made up of dehydrating fluid and the embedding liquid to replace the dehydrating fluid.

Infiltrating samples with paraffin
This function in a tissue processor is to make the paraffin wax dissolve slowly in the transparent agent dipped in the material, and the paraffin wax dissolved in the transparent agent gradually goes deep into the cells of the material, and finally, the transparent agent is completely replaced by paraffin wax, so that it is convenient to slice.

Type of tissue processor

Benchtop tissue processor

Benchtop tissue processor is a kind of tissue processor, it is compact and beautiful in shape, and can be placed on the experimental table.It is also a piece of portable experiment equipment. A Benchtop tissue processor is suitable for those places with small laboratory space

1. Use True color screen Graphics color screen display, equip touch screen operation, it is easy to run.
2. Scientific real-time monitoring of organizational processes.
3. The operation design is intelligent, it can judge and automatically deal with the abnormal situation in time, benchtop tissue processor also has the function of self-check so that it can make sure the tissue specimens from damaged.
4. Any cylinder can be started and stopped, it also set a suspension function, and it can automatically enter the original working state, it is very convenient to check or add tissue specimens during operation
5. There is a separate heating control function, it can set the heating time in advance, it is humanized design to protect the quality of paraffin immersion tissue of tissue specimens.
6. Benchtop tissue processor adopts new heating material anhydrous intelligent heating control, reduces standby loss, and multiple temperature control protection. It has the function of power failure protection function. The device automatically runs after the electric power is coming again.
7. It is made of a streamlined stainless steel work table, it can resist pollution and corrosion, and it is easy to clean.
8. There is a hand-held fixture so that it is easy to change reagents can be lifted with one hand reagent cylinder operation.
9. It can store 10 sets of programmable for different tissue processing.

Carousel tissue processor

Carousel tissue processor is also one of the tissue processors, the biggest highlight of the carousel tissue processor is the cylinder can spin during working. It can be run automatically. Carousel tissue processor is also a kind of benchtop tissue processor, so it is a small piece of equipment in the laboratory. Therefore, it has commonly used in medical industries.

1. In fully automatic operation mode, it is easy to operate.
2. Set a cylinder change control rod, flexible and convenient, can be arbitrarily placed in any cylinder position.
3. Adopting dehydration method which can make the tissue fully mixed with solvent and paraffin contact, to achieve good dehydration effect.
4. Large LCDs can be monitoring each step of tissue processor processing.
5. The inner surface has been peroxide-treated to prevent pollution.
6. A hanging basket anti-collision stop device is provided
7. Can restore 10 sets of programs
8. It can be equipped with a power supply according to users' requirements, which can be used for other functions outside the wax cylinder to operate for 4-6 hours after a power failure to ensure the safety of the organization.
9. Using Mitsubishi PLC to control the whole working process, this equipment is stable and reliable.
10. Wax cylinder adopts digital constant temperature control system, temperature control precision is high.

Automated vacuum tissue processor

Automatic vacuum tissue processor is a kind of automatic vacuum tissue equipment with a unique design, fully enclosed, without pollution and smell. It is an international standard model for clinical pathology so it has a long service life, safety, and reliability. The software of operation is flexible which can improve sample quality and control laboratory costs.

1. With full color LED intelligent touch screen, is easier to operate automated vacuum tissue processor
2. Equipped with a three-level password protection device, that can prevent damage or loss caused by misoperation effectively.
3. There has a backup power system that can last up to 16 hours without being affected by the power cut.
4. An automated vacuum tissue processor is a fully enclosed vacuum design, the air inside will flow automatically. Therefore, there is no pollution gas leakage risk, and its more environmental protection.
5. Steel wire hanging basket is manufactured for a special purpose, the leakage is better than before, the residue is less, and the cost consumption is less than other products of the same nature.
6. Discharge is nuisance less, it can avoid tissue residual gas injury to operators.
7. There are 8 sets of user programs for operators to choose from.
8. The treatment tank of tissue is made entirely of stainless steel and can store 5.3L reagent.
9. Automatic vacuum tissue equipment has the function of timing automatic operation, which can be set to start up automatically at any time on any day in a month.
10. Tissue sample capacity can be up to 348, which is suitable for large volume work.

Safety about using tissue processor

Although tissue processor has a high degree of intelligence, they can judge abnormal situations in time and process automatically, for our safety, the following point should pay attention to when using tissue processor:

1 - The power supply should be grounded and installed horizontally. The operator should unplug the power supply if the tissue processor machine is not used for a long time.

2 - Before switching on the machine, the operator should check the water level of the water tank. Water should be added to the position of the green line demarcated by the water tank. Do not be lower than the red line. Otherwise, the machine is liable to break down. The paraffin wax cylinder must be filled with the water to the blue line and could not exceed it.

3 - Because different tissue processor has different special function, before using the machine for the first time, programming and operation must be carried out strictly by the operating instructions of the machine.

4 - Do not overturn the cylinder head plat so that it not affect the reset and sealing.

5 - Do not make the hanging basket hover for a long time.

6 - Please press the “reset” key to make the hanging basket fall to the original position and cut out the power supply after the machine finishes working each time.

7 - Stop using tissue processor if liquid spills into the device.

8 - Keep the tissue processor clean and remove wax or dirt on the workbench immediately after finishing working. Do not scrub tissue processor with xylene, benzene, and other organic solvents or sharp instruments.

How to order tissue processor ?

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