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What Is 96 Deep Well Plate?

Posted on April 9, 2022 by JasonAntiTeck

What Is 96 Deep Well Plate?

96 well deep well plate is a kind of laboratorial plate based on 96 deep well microplates but designed with deeper wells, to increase capacity of each well. The length and width of the plate are in line with SBS International Specification. 96 deep well plate is capable of specific application by using new raw materials, mainly of polypropylene(PP) and polystyrene(PS), and promoting surface treatment technology.

Application Of 96 Deep Well Plate

What is 96 Deep Well Plate Used For?

96 deep well plate is used to extract genomic DNA, plasmid DNA and nucleic aid of various samples. It also helps high throughput automatic liquid operation, such as protein precipitation and liquid extraction, and it is available for animal tissue, bacteria, plants, soil, clinical samples, yeast, etc.


Application Scope of 96 Deep Well Plate

Storing samples: 96 deep well plate can store samples as a 1.5ml centrifugal tube, and it can be neatly placed and space-saving. 96 deep well plate is available for larger storage and lower temperature of -80℃.
Treating samples: 96 deep well plate can be used with pipette discharge gun and high throughput automatic liquid operation instrument, to perform high throughput operation, such as protein precipitation and liquid-liquid extraction. Efficiency can be largely improved. Polypropylene, the main raw material, make it available for sterilization of high temperature and high pressure.
Injecting samples: 96 deep well plate is suitable for all kinds of auto samplers, and it can be placed in directly. It helps inject samples in multiple numbers and realize injecting samples after treatment on 96 well plate directly, which omits works of absorbing and placing samples, putting lids, inserting tubes, washing bottles etc.

How is 96 deep well plate used for microbial cultivation?

96 deep well plate is widely applied in cell biology, molecular biology, drug development, combinatorial chemistry, screening and genomics. 96 deep well plate is specially designed for microbial cultivation.

Types Of 96 Deep Well Plate

Classification by pass design, there are 96 round deep well plate and 96 square deep well plate.
Classification by bottom design,there are u-shaped 96 deep well plate and v-shaped 96 deep well plate. 96 deep well plate should be selected according to specific experimental purposes.
U-shaped 96 deep well plate: Its higher refractive index make it easy in sample addition, absorption and mix. The color of samples can be detected visually. U-shaped 96 deep well plate is available for suspended cells.
V-shaped 96 deep well plate: V-shaped 96 deep well plate is designed to samples absorption and storage. It is mainly generally used for cultivating suspended cells, sometimes used for immunological blood agglutination.


Appearance Of 96 Deep Well Plate

Shapes Of 96 Deep Well Plate

96 deep well plate(round, u-shaped)
96 deep well plate(round, v-shaped)
96 deep well plate(square, u-shaped)
96 deep well plate(square, v-shaped)

Sizes Of 96 Deep Well Plate

96 deep well plates are able to hold various volume according to sizes:
1ml deep well plate, 1.2 ml deep well plate, 2ml deep well plate, 2.2 ml deep well plate, etc.

Feature Of 96 Deep Well Plate

  • 96 deep well plate is made of polypropylene, a kind of macromolecular material, which offers a wide chemical compatibility. It is capable of storing most of laboratorial liquid, like polar organic solution, acid solution and alkaline solution.
  • Avoid bubbles, stripes and leakage.
  • High mechanical strength and good cohesiveness.
  • Available for gamma ray sterilization and non-sterilization.

Comparison among ELISA plate, PCR plate and 96 deep well plate

ELISA plate is designed for Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay, and the most common used plate is 96 well plate. PCR plate is in coordination with instrument and used for PCR reaction, and 96 well is generally used. ELISA plate and PCR plate can be classified as microplates, because the storage of each well is small. Unlike 96 well microplates, 96 deep well plate owns deeper wells and its volume is larger.

Famous brands of 96 deep well plate

  • Kingfisher deep well plates
  • Eppendorf deep well plates
  • Axygen deep well plates
  • Nunc deep well plates
  • Corning deep well plates
  • Greiner deep well plates
  • Thermo fisher deep well plates

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