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Flash Sterilizer

Flash sterilizer for laboratory sterilization

1. What is flash sterilizer?
    1.1. Definition of flash sterilizer
    1.2. Flash sterilizer application
2. Flash sterilizer working principle
3. Structure of flash sterilizer
4. Advantages of using flash sterilizer
5. Flash sterilizer specifications
    5.1. Benchtop flash sterilizer
    5.2. Stainless steel flash sterilizer
    5.3. Large flash sterilizer
    5.4. Small flash sterilizer
6. How to use flash sterilizer?
7. Precautions for using flash sterilizer
8. How to buy flash sterilizer?

What is flash sterilizer?

Definition of flash sterilizer

Flash sterilizer, also called flash autoclave, refers to the process of using saturated steam under heating conditions to make the medium temperature reach high temperature quickly, maintain it for a few seconds and then cool it to the culture temperature relatively quickly to complete the sterilization, flash sterilizer is mainly used for steam sterilization of cavity items and appliances, etc.

Flash sterilizer application

Flash autoclave is suitable for sterilization of high-temperature resistant laboratory metal utensils and medical instruments and articles. It can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to sterilize cloth articles or drugs that do not need cooling and are explosion-proof, such as corks, operation tools, a large number of work clothes, etc. It can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce sanitary materials, dressings, instruments, and other products as sterilization equipment, and can be used for sterilization, fumigation, and drying of herbs. It can also be used for food sterilization.

Flash sterilizer working principle

The working principle of flash sterilizer is to use saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium and apply the method of forcibly excluding the air from the pulsating vacuum using instruments.
Pulsating vacuum is the method of vacuuming the sterilization chamber several times, and after completing one vacuum, putting a certain amount of steam into the sterilizer to make the remaining air fuse with the steam to meet a certain amount of steam at one time, and then implementing the vacuuming operation and entering steam sterilization.
Pre-vacuum is a method of autoclaving to remove the maximum amount of air from the sterilization chamber before entering the steam, and then integrating it into the steam for sterilization.
Therefore, the principle of flash sterilization is that after the microorganism is subjected to heat, the movement of protein molecules will accelerate and hit each other, thus causing the peptide chains to break, and the molecules will change from a regular tight structure to a disorderly diffuse structure, and a large number of hydrophobic groups will be exposed on the surface of the molecules, and they will fuse to form very large aggregates and precipitate and solidify, that is, by irreversibly changing the structure of The purpose of killing microorganisms is achieved by irreversibly destroying proteins and enzymes.

Structure of flash sterilizer

The structure of the flash autoclave machine is as follows:
Pressure vessel
Includes sterilization chamber, jacket, door and other parts connected to the sterilization chamber. It is generally made of stainless steel and has a layer of insulation material.
Sterilization chamber
The space where the items to be sterilized are placed.
Generally a stainless steel structure welded around the outside surface of the sterilization chamber to achieve mechanical reinforcement and temperature control of the sterilization chamber.
Piping system
Steam entry piping: directly connected to the steam source to deliver steam to the sterilization chamber or jacket.
Steam drainage piping: discharges steam condensate.
Sterilization chamber discharge piping: connects the sterilization chamber with the discharge piping, and is the channel for the gas and condensate in the sterilization chamber to be discharged outside.
Water supply line: provides working water for the sterilizer.
Return air line: connects the sterilization chamber to the atmosphere, when the inner chamber is dry, a vacuum is formed, and through the return air line, the inner chamber is balanced with the external atmospheric pressure.

Advantages of using flash sterilizer

Flash autoclave machine sterilization thoroughly, high efficiency, light damage to the items, normal temperature in the operating room, saving energy, manpower, and material resources, in addition, flash sterilizer sterilization effect is good, while the sterilization speed is very fast, this is because of its high sterilization temperature, the general temperature of 130 degrees Celsius or so. And the temperature of both inner and outer layers is the same. At the same time, it will pre-exhaust before sterilization, so it can achieve a 99.9% sterilization effect, which is an excellent sterilization instrument.

Flash sterilizer specifications

Benchtop flash sterilizer

Power supplyAC220V, 50Hz
Sterilization temperature121℃/134℃
Design pressure0.2Mpa
Water tank volume3.5L
Ambient temperature5-40℃
Relative humidityNot more than 85%
Atmospheric pressure76Kpa-106Kpa
Inner chamber size247*36mm
Net weight48Kg
1. Benchtop flash sterilizer equipped with pressure, mechanical, electronic 3-layer safety interlock device, to eliminate all safety hazards.

2. Adopted high-quality pressure sensor, the pressure value can be accurate to 0.001 bar, while increasing the sampling frequency of information to improve the accuracy of information.

3. The sterilization cavity adopts the ring heating method so that the internal heat is even.

4. The vacuum pump adopts a high-efficiency double-headed pump with low noise, and the vacuum capacity reaches -92Kpa.

5. The plate-type fast steam generator is used to produce steam quickly, which makes the temperature of the sterilizer rise quickly and the internal temperature difference is small.

Stainless steel flash sterilizer

Effective volume of sterilization75L(400*600)mm
Rated working pressure 0.22MPa
Rated working temperature134℃
Maximum working temperature136℃
Thermal uniformity±1℃
Timing selection range1~99min
Temperature selection range0~134℃
Power / supply voltage 4500W /AC220V 50Hz
Shipping volume820*600*1380 (mm)
Gross weight / net weight140Kg / 118Kg
1. Stainless steel flash sterilizer is made of high quality stainless steel and equipped with double-layer stainless steel mesh basket.

2. Use microcomputer control, LCD display the whole process of sterilization intuitive display, touch key.

3. The temperature, pressure, time and vacuum degree are displayed in dynamic LCD throughout the process; the running process status is displayed.

4. The whole process of water inlet, pulsating vacuum, temperature rise, sterilization, drainage and steam discharge, and vacuum drying is carried out automatically.

5. Pulsating vacuum drying system for several times after sterilization to ensure good drying effect of sterilized items.
6. Handwheel flush type fast door structure, self rising seal.

Large flash sterilizer

Working power380V
Temperature setting rangeroom temperature +5℃~135℃
Water supply pressure0.3-0.4Mpa
Sterilization chamber size62*109*92cm
1. Large flash sterilizer equipped with a full-color large LCD screen display and screen touch operation.
2. Adopt microcomputer modular design control system with double PID temperature control of water tank and sterilization chamber.

3. The sterilization chamber and the jacket are equipped with overpressure protection device, and the jacket and the sterilization chamber are equipped with over-temperature alarm control, which stops the sterilization process after the alarm.

4. When the sterilization work is finished and the temperature and pressure reach the opening condition, the alarm and the screen will prompt at the same time.

Small flash sterilizer

Sterilization chamber volume20L
Rated working pressure 0.22Mpa
Sterilization temperature selection105-134℃
Thermal uniformity of sterilization chamber ≤ ± 1℃
Power/power supply voltage1.5 KW / AC220V 50Hz
Sterilization tray size340×200×30 mm
Dimension480×480×384 mm
Gross weight/net weight43/38kg
1. Small flash sterilizer has fast sterilization, 4-6 minutes to complete sterilization.

2. Water circulation system, no steam discharge to the outside, clean and dry environment.

3. Microcomputer display working status, touch button.

4. The sterilization chamber is made of stainless steel.

5. Automatic shutdown by beeping at the end of sterilization cycle.

6. Automatic control of water addition, temperature increase, sterilization, steam discharge and dryness in the whole process.

How to use flash sterilizer?

1. The flash sterilizer must be placed on a sturdy horizontal surface.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the outer pot, put the items to be sterilized into the inner pot, cover the lid, and twist the screw symmetrically.

3. When the pressure gauge pointer reaches 33.78kPa, open the exhaust valve to discharge the cold air, then the pressure gauge pointer drops, when the pointer drops to zero, close the exhaust valve.

4. When the pressure in the pot increases to the required pressure, reduce the fire and maintain the steam pressure for a certain period according to the characteristics of the sterilized items, then turn off the power of fire of the sterilizer and let it cool naturally before slowly opening the exhaust valve to remove the remaining gas before opening the lid to take the items.

Precautions for using flash sterilizer

1. When using the flash sterilizer, the articles to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly.

2. The cold air must be fully removed, otherwise, the temperature inside the pot will not reach the specified temperature and affect the sterilization effect.

3. After sterilization, do not deflate and reduce the pressure, otherwise, the liquid in the bottle will boil violently, wash off the stopper, and overflow or even cause the container to burst. The pressure in the sterilizer must be reduced to the same pressure as the atmosphere before opening the lid.

4. When sterilizing liquids, the liquid should be filled in a heat-resistant glass bottle, with no more than 3/4 of the volume, and the bottle mouth should be made of cotton yarn. Do not use perforated rubber or cork; after sterilization, do not release steam immediately, but wait until the pressure gauge pointer returns to zero before discharging the remaining gas.

5. Do not sterilize different types of items with different sterilization requirements, such as dressings and liquids, etc. together to avoid losses.

6. Nowadays, there are microcomputer automatic control autoclaves, which only need to release cold air, and then the instrument can be automatically timed at constant pressure, and the power will be automatically cut off and the horn will be sounded when the time is up, which is very convenient to use.

How to buy flash sterilizer?

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