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Glass Washer Machine

Glass washing machine for laboratory

What is glass washer machine?

Glass washer machine in a lab is also called a glassware washing machine, it is mainly used for laboratory cleaning of glassware, beakers, test tubes, slides, cover slips, glass pipettes, pipettes, and other laboratory ware cleaning. When the cleaned parts are precision glassware, components, or assemblies, glassware often becomes the only cleaning method that can meet its special technical requirements. Glass washer machine is cleaned by ultrasonic high-frequency vibration to achieve the cleaning effect.
Laboratory glass washer machine is suitable for cleaning and drying glassware in various laboratories such as pharmaceutical enterprises, disease control systems, scientific research institutes, environmental protection, water systems, hospitals, petrochemical systems, electric power systems, etc.

Advantages of using glass washer machine

In today's increasingly demanding cleaning, traditional manual cleaning can no longer meet the requirements, and the laboratory glass washer machine can be a good solution to this problem. It can greatly improve the cleaning effect and pass every time even in the face of trace requirements. It can reduce a lot of heavy work and save labor costs; meanwhile, it can avoid personnel exposure to harmful cleaning reagents and protect personnel health.
The advantages of the glassware washer machine in a lab are as follows:
1. Reduce errors and improve the accuracy of the experiment.

2. Effectively avoid risks: traditional manual washing has many risk factors, which can cause certain physical and chemical injuries to the relevant personnel, and enterprises and individuals often suffer huge economic losses. And the use of automatic bottle washing machines can protect personal safety and business economic benefits.

3. Intelligent and efficient: With the continuous development of automatic control technology and programming technology, the control system of cleaning and disinfection machine is more intelligent and the human-machine interface is more and more friendly. Just start the switch button, it can automatically complete the whole process from pre-washing to drying.

4. Practical and economical: Save water, time, and cost, which can free the staff from a lot of work and reduce the burden.

Types of glass washer machine

With the rapid development of the economy, different laboratories have different requirements for laboratory glassware cleaning and drying, the cleaning process must ensure that the ware is not affected by the last use in the next use, given the different requirements of different laboratories for glassware cleaning, glassware washing machines also have different classifications, they have their characteristics.
At present, the common types of laboratory glassware cleaning machines on the market are mainly these two:  

* Automatic glass washer machine

* Ultrasonic glass washer machine

Transmission unit, bottle inlet paddle wheel, ultrasonic system, two roller mechanism, water flushing system, air flushing system, bottle discharge system, and electrical control composition. The roller makes a gap rotary movement. The paddle wheel pushes the glassware into the roller channel, and after the bottle fills the channel, the bottle feeding paddle wheel stops sending the vessels, and the roller rotates one station and turns to the ultrasonic water tank to start washing. In this cycle, the washed glassware is constantly pushed out by the later vessels into the bottle storage tray.

Glass washer machine specifications

Under-counter glass washer

TypeAutomatic glass washer machine
External Dimension607*730*990mm
Inner cavity dimensions529*520*680
Number of washing rack layers2
Water cleaning power1.1KW
Water heating power3KW
Water consumption15L
Control systemMicrocomputer control, 16 groups of preset programs, infinitely expandable program types
* The housing, cleaning pipeline, cleaning chamber and cleaning rack of the under-counter glassware washer are made of high-quality stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L) as well as sanitary fittings and valves, which meet pharmaceutical grade standards.
* Independent drainage pump, with water seal design of drainage pipeline to prevent backflow of sewage.
* Using color LCD screen, the operating screen tilt angle design in line with ergonomic principles, easy to operate, better user experience.
* The whole machine integrated design, can be installed independently; instrument bottom casters design, easy to move.

Freestanding glass washer

TypeAutomatic glass washer machine
External dimension690*790*1950mm
Inner cavity dimensions600*629*820mm
Water cleaning power 3.6KW
Water heating power5KW
Water consumption15L
* Freestanding glass washer adopts European imported circulation pump, stable and reliable cleaning pressure.
* Optimized design of the rotating spraying arm of the flat mouth type nozzle to ensure spraying 360 ° with no dead angle coverage.
* Simultaneous drying water circulation pipeline, to avoid pipeline moisture pollution cleaning system
* Equipped with a 7-inch color LCD touch screen, information about the operation of the device can be shown in full text.

Benchtop glass washer

TypeUltrasonic glass washer machine
External dimension370*270*325mm
Inner cavity dimensions300*240*200mm
Ultrasonic power300W
Heating power 200W
* Benchtop glassware washer uses industrial grade 304 stainless steel liner, not afraid of corrosion, high-temperature resistance.
* Upgrade 3D cooling system, Sa heat fast, can protect the circuit, enhance the service life.
* High-frequency cleaning, with constant temperature heating, strong cleaning strength.

How to use glass washer machine?

The following is about the laboratory glass washer machine operating instructions.

1. The product packaging box has a supporting and protective role, the instrument should ensure that the packaging box has no obvious signs of damage when accepted. If there is damage or even affects the normal use of the instrument, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

2. When using the instrument, avoid using wet hands to plug and unplug the power supply.

3. The inlet pipe of the instrument is not resistant to high temperature and is susceptible to chemical reagent erosion, so try to avoid contact.

4. To achieve a better cleaning effect, it is recommended to use a special cleaning agent.

5. Beakers, measuring cylinders, Petri dishes, volumetric flasks, and other laboratory glassware with thermal stability, and chemical stability, can be placed in the instrument for high-temperature cleaning. Do not put the heat-resistant vessels (such as plastic vessels) into the instrument for high-temperature cleaning.

6. To avoid hot steam will be scalded, the instrument is strictly prohibited to open the door during operation.

7. If the instrument malfunction, please contact the manufacturer's professional and technical personnel to repair it.

8. If the instrument is not used for a long time, please disconnect the power supply, and close the water inlet valve.

How to properly place glassware to glass washer machine?

The placement of glassware is not standardized is easy to cause damage to the ware and cleaning is not clean, the following is about how to correctly place the glassware to the glass wa
sher machine instructions:

1. If the glassware is heavily contaminated (containing particles, sticky gelatinous material, etc.), to ensure the cleaning effect and avoid damage to the pump, it is recommended to pretreat before cleaning with the instrument.

2. Before placing the glassware, place the filter correctly and ensure the cleanliness of the vessels.

3. Follow the principle of "lower first and then upper" when installing the cleaning baskets. Install the lower basket first, and then install the upper basket.

4. Glassware placement follows the "matching" principle. Will be different calibers, and different heights of the vessels placed in the matching basket rack. If the large beaker is into the small nozzle, it will not wash clean; the sample vial in the large nozzle will be sprayed out by the water when cleaning.

5. After cleaning the basket frame into the bin, it should ensure that the spraying frame is stable, the nozzle is aligned to the center, and the spraying arm rotates freely.

How to maintain glass washer machine?

In our daily operation of the glass washer machine, in addition to the correct operation, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the glassware washer in a lab.

1. Each time the washing liquid is replaced and the wastewater is discharged, the machine should be flushed up and down, remove the dirt and broken glass, and clear the brush to unclog the filter barrel.

2. Every quarter, the heater should be sprayed with high-pressure water once, and the steam pipeline dirt filter and liquid level detector cleaning once.

3. Every month, brush the nozzle, unclog the nozzle, and adjust the nozzle alignment promptly.

4. Every six months check a variety of chain tensioners when needed to adjust.

5. Maintenance according to the requirements of use: add grease to the bearings of sleeve roller chain, bottle inlet system, bottle outlet system, and return device every shift; add grease to other bearings such as chain box drive shaft and universal coupling every two shifts; check the lubrication of each gearbox every quarter, and replace the lubricant when needed.

6. We should always observe whether the action of each part is synchronized, whether there is any abnormal sound, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the liquid temperature and level meet the requirements, whether the water pressure and air pressure are normal, whether the nozzles and filters are blocked and cleaned, whether the bearing temperature is normal and whether the lubrication is good. Once the abnormal situation is found, it should be dealt with in time.
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How to order glass washer machine?

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