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Acid Cleaner

Acid cleaner is a scientific instrument used for laboratory vessels

What is acid cleaner?

Acid cleaner is mainly heated by multi-functional graphite electric heating plate to produce high-purity acid vapor on the vessels under the effect of repeated convection and condensation shower. It can thoroughly and safely clean various microwave digestion tanks used for trace analysis, various digestion tanks for conventional pressure digestion, glass such as test tubes, beakers, volumetric flasks, etc., quartz material experimental vessels, and trace cleaning of atomization chambers and flame tubes used for ICP. The general cleaning time is about 2-4 hours. Suitable for hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and water, and other reagents, is an automatic, airtight, acid steam cleaning instrument.

Application of acid cleaner

Acid cleaning system with cleaning, pure water rinsing, and drying in one, widely used in laboratory experimental vessel cleaning, can safely clean a variety of glass, quartz, PFA, PTFE, TFM, and other vessels in trace analysis and ICP/MS accessories of inorganic element residues, effectively reduce the ion background, to meet the needs of trace detection.
In addition, the acid cleaner has been widely used in food, agricultural products, grain and oil, the environment, and other fields, to help experimenters solve the difficult metal ion cleaning problems.

Acid cleaner working principle

The working principle of acid cleaner is to use the hot steam of sub boiling HF, HCL, HNO3, high purity water, alkali, and other common laboratory acids, bases, and other common solvents to clean reaction tubes, test tubes, dissolution tubes, beakers, crucibles, volumetric flasks, and other common laboratory utensils.
The whole cleaning process is heated through the heating plate to produce high-purity acid and alkali vapor on the repeated convection and condensation of the vessels under the effect of washing, the cleaner using air cooling and additional cooling water, can achieve economic overnight work, compared with conventional cleaning or acid bubble method, steam cleaning method of cleaning effect, cleaner.

Advantages of using acid cleaner

The use of acid cleaners has the following advantages:
1. More safety. The heating module and control module are designed separately, and the control module can be used outside the fume hood, which not only ensures the safety of operators but also avoids the damage of corrosive gas to the control module.

2. More anti-corrosion. The heating module adopts isostatic graphite material with acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, high conductivity, and high heat preservation performance, and is treated with Teflon anti-corrosion coating.

3. The power connection cable protection sleeve is made of high temperature resistant and anti-corrosion PFA threaded pipe.

4. More professional. The heating module adopts an anti-dumping edge design, surrounding three-dimensional heating, fast and convenient.

5. More practical. By adding different modules, in addition to acid steam counter-current cleaning, it can also realize the functions of sample heating, constant temperature, boiling, disintegration, and acid driving. It reflects the practicality, economy, and multi-functionality of the equipment.

6. More stable. The heating system adopts embedded design, stable performance, fast heating, and simple and convenient maintenance, 2-3 times the life of other similar products.

7. More intelligent. The application of automatic quantitative acid addition and discharge system changes the fatal defect of traditional funnel acid addition and valve acid discharge, ensures the safety of laboratory personnel, and makes acid steam cleaning more intelligent.

8. More accurate. Adopting intelligent programmed temperature control technology, the temperature can be calibrated to ensure the accuracy, uniformity, and stability of temperature control, the temperature difference between samples is less than ±1℃.

9. No metal accessories on the heating module, to ensure no pollution.

10. More beautiful. Novel design, beautiful and elegant.

11. More durable. Acid cleaner can work continuously for more than 48 hours.

12. More credible quality and more reliable safety.

Acid cleaner specifications and features

Small acid cleaner

Cleaning objects: Supporting different manufacturers of microwave digestion instrument inner jars, supporting all kinds of digestion tubes, centrifuge tubes, test tubes, beakers, crucibles, reagent bottles, and other common laboratory utensils as well as quartz jars. It is even used for the trace cleaning of the atomization chamber and torch tube of ICP.

Main material: The cavity is high purity and all parts in contact with the vessel are high purity experimental grade PTFE material.
A heating system can be made into an energy-saving silica gel heating pad, powering 350W.

1. Small acid cleaner is a professional design, simple structure, and is easy to operate.

2. Suitable for trace analysis vessel cleaning, PFA and PTFE dissolution sample jars, microwave digestion jars, beakers, digestion tubes, test tubes, etc.

3. One-time processing capacity of up to 26, 52, 104 samples depending on the actual situation of the size of the vessels, but also according to the height of the vessels designed into multi-layer, more efficient and fast.

4. The amount of acid used in the cleaning process is small, and the cleaned acid can be reused and recycled many times to save cost.

5. Acid vapor net cleaning under closed conditions, laboratory pollution.

6. Only pure acid vapor contacts the surface of the vessels to be cleaned and all contact parts are made of high purity Teflon material to ensure cleanliness and low background value.

7. After the surface contaminants are removed, clean vessels will be in contact with the cleaning solvent - compared to the acid cylinder immersion, which is pure cleaning.

Automatic acid cleaner

Temperature control rangeRoom temperature-260℃
Measurement accuracy0.1℃
Processing capacity 60 samples can be processed
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz
1. Automatic acid cleaner adopts split type external control module with 5" color touch screen, displaying intuitive and easy to operate.

2. Graphite heating module, after special anti-oxidation technology treatment, overall spraying Teflon.

3. Adopt PID temperature control technology, accurate temperature control, high precision, fast temperature rise, temperature calibration function, with temperature overshoot protection function.

4. The cleaning barrel is connected to the atmosphere, and the connecting hole is equipped with an automatic pressure control device for circulating trapping, which can not only automatically adjust the pressure in the cleaning barrel, but also automatically trap the acid vapor and reduce the leakage of acid gas to the maximum extent.

5. It can clean various microwave digestion tanks, atmospheric pressure digestion tanks, glassware, quartz material experimental vessels, and ICP atomization chamber and flame tube, etc.

6. Cleaning bucket and cleaning bracket using polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material, suitable for various reagents such as water.

7. Each test tube in the cleaning barrel is cleaned evenly to ensure that each test tube is cleaned within the set time.

Acid cleaner and glassware washer machine

Glassware washer machine definition

Glassware washer machine is composed of stainless steel water pump, high-pressure nozzle, electrical box, etc. It is suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. Brush-type cleaning and water flushing type cleaning alone or with the use of special equipment for cleaning.
The bottle washing machine adopts high-pressure backwash spraying and washing so that the debris on the bottle wall can be detached and fall into the water tank in time.

Difference between acid cleaner and glassware washer machine

The difference between the acid cleaner and the glassware cleaner machine is very obvious in the inorganic experiments.
Ordinary glassware cleaner because the inside is made of stainless steel, so in the cleaning process, there must be part of the precipitation or dissolution, can not meet the inorganic experiments for the ultra-high requirements of the instrument.
Therefore, this requirement can only be met by the acid cleaning machine, because the entire inner cavity of the acid counter-current cleaning machine made of PTFE, can meet the high requirements of inorganic experiments.

How to use acid cleaner?

Standardized, automated acid steam cleaning machine must be the future laboratory trend. Acid steam cleaning machine washing quality can be guaranteed, the washing process is safe and reliable, washing records can be traced, the entire cleaning process from acid steam to dry without too much manual participation, 1-hour acid steam cleaning effect is equivalent to the acid tank soaked overnight. The cleaned utensils can reach a PPT level or even a non-detectable level.
Therefore, the following is the process of using the acid washer.
1. The first step, injected sub-boiling acid steam cleaning, ultrapure acid steam through the tube to clean the inner wall of the vessel, the vessel is slowly filled with acid gas, acid gas slowly condensation flow down, take away the metal ion residue.

2. In the second step, ultra-pure water injection rinsing, not less than 6L of ultra-pure water is automatically sprayed into the inner cavity of the equipment and the interior of the vessel, rinsing off the acid residue on the inner and outer walls of the vessel.

3. In the third step, hot air drying, the pipeline compressed fan blows the hot air filtered by HEPA into the interior of the vessel for efficient drying.

How to maintain acid cleaner?

For the acid cleaner to work efficiently for a long time, it is essential to do a good job of daily maintenance,
The following is the maintenance method for acid cleaner system.

1. Temperature sensor, PH meter, flowmeter, fan, etc. do a regular check once a quarter to see if they can work normally and if there are problems to be repaired in time.

2. We should always pay attention to observe whether the action of each part is synchronized, whether there is any abnormal sound, whether the fasteners in various places are loose, whether the nozzles and filters are blocked and cleaned, and once abnormal conditions are found, they should be dealt with in time.

3. Before each use, check whether there is sufficient reagent liquid in the alkali bottle and acid bottle, and if not, add it to the corresponding position in time.

4. Every six months, we need to check the color change of the acid gas filter adsorption column, if the color is lighter, we need to replace the filter adsorption column.

How to order acid cleaner?

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