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Microwave Extraction System

Microwave extraction system in laboratory

What is microwave extraction system?

Microwave extraction system also called microwave-assisted extraction, is a kind of extraction apparatus according to the principle of different boiling points of liquids under different air pressure, the microwave extraction vacuum and vacuum technology combined, microwave extraction equipment can be at least 20 ℃ ~-30 ℃ room temperature conditions for microwave extraction.

Mcrowave extraction system application

Microwave extraction systems are characterized by a short time, good selectivity, and low amount of extractant. Microwave extraction equipment is mainly used as a sample preparation technology for the separation of various compounds, but also as a sample pre-treatment technology widely used in laboratories in the environment, food, biochemistry, agriculture, and other major fields.
The specific applications of microwave-assisted extraction are as follows.
Microwave-assisted extraction of herbal drugs
Microwave extraction has become one of the modernization and promotion techniques of Chinese herbal drugs in the 21st century. A Chinese medicine research institute of scientific researchers has used microwave extraction methods to deal with hundreds of Chinese medicine. Both extraction speed, extraction efficiency, and extraction quality are much superior to conventional processes.

Extraction of natural substances

Microwave extraction is an effective method for extracting the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, which can be applied to the extraction of flavonoids, alkaloids, polysaccharides, organic acids, volatile oils, polyphenols, pigments, etc. Examples of applications include the extraction of polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum, among others.

Food testing
Microwave extraction can be used to determine total sugars, total acidity, and single definite substances in food products. The speed of detection is dramatically improved compared to classical methods. Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables can also be determined.

Environmental testing
Microwave extraction equipment can pre-treat heavy metal contaminants in water, soil and sediment, and solid waste, and assist in the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Phenols, pesticide residues and other various pollutants. For example, analysis of organochlorine pesticides in water samples, analysis of pyrethroids in air, etc.

Drug analysis

Microwave extraction can be used for the analysis of various drugs in biological samples such as blood samples, urine samples, hair, etc., such as the determination of six tricyclic antidepressants in serum, etc.

Advantages of using microwave extraction system

The technology of microwave extraction system, as a newly developed pretreatment means, has the advantages of short time, low cost, and low cost compared with traditional methods, with high efficiency and low reagent dosage. It provides a new extraction method for food and drug research with good results and is widely used in the food and drug research industry.

The microwave extraction equipment can quickly process 40 complex samples in the same batch to ensure the recovery of volatile elements. It can be used for sample pretreatments such as acid digestion and solvent extraction of soil, food, and agricultural products. The processing capacity of complex samples such as environmental edible oil can reach 0. 5 g or more. Also, non-contact control of temperature and pressure for 40 sample tanks is available. Easy operation. No need to connect sensors and automatic pressure relief is used. It is an ideal complementary product for atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP, and other spectroscopy equipment.

Microwave extraction has high efficiency, high purity, low energy consumption, low operating costs, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. In addition, microwave extraction has simple equipment, a wide range of applications, high extraction efficiency, good reproducibility, time-saving, saving solvent, low pollution, and low overall cost of the production line and operating cost.

Microwave extraction system working principle

The following is a description of the principle of the microwave extraction system.
The microwave radiation process is the process of high-frequency electromagnetic waves penetrating the extraction medium to reach the microtubule bundle and glandular cell system inside the material. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the temperature inside the cell will rise rapidly, thus the pressure inside the cell exceeds the capacity of the cell wall expansion can withstand, as a result, the cell ruptures, and the active ingredients inside it flow freely and dissolve in the extraction medium at a lower temperature. Through further filtration and separation, the desired extract is obtained.

Microwave radiation process is the process of high-frequency electromagnetic waves penetrating the extraction medium to reach the microtubule bundle and glandular cell system inside the material. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the temperature inside the cell will rise rapidly, thus the pressure inside the cell exceeds the capacity of the cell wall expansion can withstand, as a result, the cell ruptures, and the active ingredients inside it flow freely and dissolve in the extraction medium at a lower temperature. Through further filtration and separation, the desired extract is obtained.

As the frequency of microwaves and the frequency of molecular rotation, microwave energy is a kind of non-ionized radiation energy caused by ion migration and dipole rotation of molecular motion, when it acts on molecules, can promote the rotation of molecular motion, if the molecules have a certain polarity, can be in the microwave field under the action of instantaneous polarization, and 2.45 billion times / s speed for polarity change motion, which produces bond Vibration, tearing and inter-particle friction and collision, and quickly generate a lot of heat energy, prompting the cell rupture, so that the cellular fluid overflow and diffusion to the solvent. In microwave extraction, the difference in the ability to absorb microwaves can make some areas of the matrix material or some components of the extraction system be selectively heated, so that the extracted material is separated from the matrix or system, into a smaller dielectric constant, relatively poor microwave absorption capacity of the extraction solvent.

Microwave extraction methods

There are three general methods of microwave extraction, namely, atmospheric pressure method, high-pressure method, and continuous flow method.
Atmospheric pressure method
Atmospheric pressure method generally refers to a method of microwave extraction in an open container, and there are three main types of equipment. The first is the direct use of ordinary household microwave ovens or microwave ovens converted into microwave extraction equipment, by adjusting the length of the pulse interval to adjust the microwave output energy, most of the world's research is currently using this equipment. The second is suitable for dissolution, extraction, and organic synthesis of microwave experimental equipment products, and the third is the experimental microwave extraction system.

High-pressure method
The high-pressure method is a microwave extraction method using a closed extraction tank, which has the advantage of short extraction time and low reagent consumption, and this method is one of the most reported methods. High-pressure method generally requires a device with power selection, with control of temperature, pressure, and time accessories for microwave sampling equipment.

Continuous flow method
The continuous flow method is a microwave extraction system in which the extraction solvent flows continuously and the sample flows or remains stationary.

Microwave extraction system specifications

Automated microwave extraction system

Microwave power0~1000W adjustable
Microwave frequency2450MH
Temperature measurement range 0~300℃
Ultrasonic power 0~1500W adjustable
Ultrasonic frequency25KHz
Inner cavity size355X267X230mm
Liquid tank volume5L
1. Automated microwave extraction system can choose ultrasonically, microwave, ultrasonic-microwave combination, magnetic stirring four kinds of working mode at will.
2. The non-pulse type continuous microwave heating method is adopted.
3. Different speeds of magnetic stirring can be provided to make the reaction more adequate and the temperature more uniform.
4. Open reaction system, equipped with dropping funnel and condenser tube, etc. for reflux reaction.

Multi-flux microwave extraction system

Max. withstand pressure 15MPa(2200psi)
Max. withstand temperature300℃
Max. working temperature250℃
Inner tank volume100ml
Microwave frequency2450MHz
Microwave maximum output power1000 W
Physical size of the machine450 x 515 x 510mm
1. Multi-flux microwave extraction system uses piezoelectric crystal pressure measurement technology to ensure no cross-contamination of the main control tank.
2. SafetyBolt ensures both the safety and accuracy of test results.
3. Continuous rotation of the digestion rotor in the same direction increases uniformity and reliability.

How to use microwave extraction system?

The following is about the use of microwave extraction system
1. Accurately weigh a certain amount of the sample to be measured in the microwave sample cup.

2. Add an appropriate amount of extraction easily according to the extract, taking care not to exceed 50 ml.

3. Put the sample preparation cup with the sample into the sealed jar according to the microwave sample preparation requirements, and then put the sealed jar into the microwave sample preparation fire.

4. Set the target temperature and extraction time, heating extraction until the end of time.

5. Allow the sample-making jar to cool to room temperature, and remove the sample-making cup and filter or centrifuge to separate.

Precautions for using microwave extraction system

Microwave extraction instrument precautions when using.
1. When the torque wrench tightens the tank, only after hearing the sound that the tank has been tightened, avoid repeated tightening.

2. The inner tank can be soaked in 5% nitric acid or detergent solution before use to keep it clean.

3. The tank can be cooled in water, pay attention to the water level line do not cross the height of the outer tank, otherwise, it may contaminate the sample.

4. The experiment should be completed in the fume hood when the canister is opened. As there is solvent in the canister, the canister should be opened carefully and slowly.

5. Confirm that there are no water droplets on the outer wall of the canister before an operation to avoid absorption of microwave energy during the heating process.

How to buy microwave extraction system?

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