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Orbital Shaker

Orbital shaker used in laboratory

1. What is orbital shaker?
    1.1. Definition
    1.2. About orbital shaker incubator
    1.3. Application
2. How does an orbital shaker work?
3. Orbital shaker function
4. Types of orbital shaker
5. Orbital shaker specifications
    5.1. Benchtop orbital shaker
    5.2. Large orbital shaker
    5.3. Mini orbital shaker
    5.4. Refrigerated orbital shaker
    5.5. Digital orbital shaker
    5.6. 96 well plate orbital shaker
    5.7. Microplate orbital shaker
6. How to use and maintain orbital shaker?
7. How to order orbital shaker?

What is orbital shaker?

Orbital shaker is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controlled constant temperature water bath and oscillator, it is also commonly used in laboratory equipment, therefore, an orbital shaker is a kind of the lab shakers. Orbital shaker is widely used in cell or bacterial culture, hybridization, fermentation, biochemical reaction, enzyme, and research which have high requirements on temperature and oscillation frequency.
In addition, orbital shakers have circular vibration motion at low speeds (25-500 RPM). Some of its features are that it doesn't vibrate, and it produces low heat compared to other kinds of vibrators, making it ideal for growing microbes. In addition, due to its low temperature and vibration, it can be modified to create incubator shakers by placing them in incubators.
About orbital shaker incubator
Orbital shaker incubator can be thought of as a cross between an incubator and a shaker. It can be shaken while maintaining optimal conditions to grow microbes or replicate DNA. The device is useful because for the cell to grow, it needs oxygen and nutrients that need to be shaken so that they can be evenly distributed around the culture. Therefore, orbital shaker incubator is a derivative of orbital shaker.
Lab shaker is suitable for oscillation culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, bacteria, and so on in colleges and universities, oil chemical industry, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring, and other scientific research departments.

How does an orbital shaker work?

Orbital shaker mainly consists of a group of driving mechanisms and a control system. Its working principle is through the panel adjusting knob speed regulation, set voltage, through PID closed-loop regulation system control, change the power supply voltage driving device work, so as to change the output speed of the motor, by the eccentric mechanism pulling the shaking table according to the set speed to do turnover or reciprocating movement.

Orbital shaker function

The main function of the orbital shaker is that it can shock any glassware which is loaded with a solution in the laboratory. A Laboratory shaker is a piece of ideal laboratory equipment for cultivating temperature-sensitive microorganisms with strong applicability and complete functions.

Types of orbital shaker

Because orbital shaker is very popular in laboratory, so derived from many different categories of shakers, according to different classification methods can be divided into a variety of lab shakers.
Classification methodTypes of orbital shaker
By oscillation method* Rotary orbital shaker
* Reciprocating orbital shaker
By oscillation frequency* 30-200RPM orbital shaker
* 300-400RPM orbital shaker
* 60-400RPM orbital shaker
By size* Large orbital shaker
* Small orbital shaker
* Mini orbital shaker
By temperature* Refrigerated orbital shaker
* Orbital shaker incubator
By the number of layers* Single layer orbital shaker
* Double layer orbital shaker
By display method* Digital orbital shaker
* LED orbital shaker
By placement method* Benchtop orbital shaker
* Floor orbital shaker
By function* 96 well plate orbital shaker
* CO2 orbital shaker
* Microplate orbital shaker
Among them, the types of orbital shaker which are mini, refrigerated, digital, benchtop, 96 well plate, CO2, and microplate are the most common equipment in labs.

Orbital shaker specifications

Benchtop orbital shaker

MaterialsDc brushless motor and belt system
Platform size320*260mm
Overall dimensions354*388*146mm
Range of speed20-500rpm
Orbital diameter12.7mm, 19.1mm
Net weight22kgs
Features* In line with the world's high standard, speed up to 500rpm
* Low center mechanism design ensures stable oscillation
* PID feedback control to ensure accurate operation
* All kinds of fixtures can be selected according to different containers
* With an intelligent diagnosis function, when the device is abnormal, it automatically diagnoses errors in real-time

Large orbital shaker

MaterialsExcellent 304 stainless steel production
Platform size500*360mm
Overall dimensions700*560*1260mm
Range of speed30-300rpm
Orbital diameter26mm
Net weight50kg
Features* Tilt humanized control panel, large backlit LCD screen, good visual effect
* The intelligent control circuit ensures that the shaker starts slowly, accelerates smoothly, and protects the experimental samples
* The whole machine quiet design, electrostatic spray box, beautiful shape
* The whole machine quiet design, electrostatic spray box, beautiful shape
* With an automatic recovery function, not affected by a power interruption, the equipment can automatically resume operation according to the original program

Mini orbital shaker

MaterialsBrushless DC motor and microcomputer control technology
Platform size250*250mm
Overall dimensions249*235*109mm
Range of speed50-300rpm
Orbital diameter13mm
Net weight8kg
Features* LCD displays the timing time and speed value in real-time
* Equip a button knob operation, easy to use and choose
* The incubation time is set arbitrarily within 1min-99h59min hours, and the prompt sound will be automatically sounded after the operation
* A variety of trays are available to meet a wide range of needs
Uniform acceleration, effectively avoid sample splashing

Refrigerated orbital shaker(Orbital shaker incubator)

MaterialsDc brushless motor and belt system
Platform size450*450mm
Overall dimension678*895*934mm
Range of speed20-500rpm
Temperature range-15℃-80℃
Net weight21kg
Features* Full touch screen operating system, all parameters can be directly displayed and set
* Standard transparent tempered glass observation window, convenient to observe the internal sample state at any time
* Double stack function, can save space
* The optimized design structure can reduce vibration
* When the equipment is in an unstable state, it will automatically adjust the speed

Digital orbital shaker

MaterialsBrushless DC motor and microcomputer control technology
The largest load2.5kg
Overall dimensions284*264*90mm
Range of speed50-250rpm
Orbital diameter20mm
Net weight12kg
Features* LED display timing speed, low noise mute
* Computer control, automatic alarm, realize unmanned operation
* Equipped with the speed control button, step-less speed control
* Digital display indication, timing work real-time digital display
* Trays for different containers can be replaced

96 well plate orbital shaker

MaterialsBrushless DC motor
The largest load0.5kg
Overall dimensions260*150*110mm
Range of speed0-1500rpm
Orbital diameter2mm
Net weight3kg
Features* New design for 96 well plate, durable
* Can work continuously for a long time, the motor does not heat
* ABS engineering plastic molding, corrosion-resistant, safe and clean
* Wide voltage, suitable for 80-240V voltage
* Single 96 well plate and double 96 well plate various options

Microplate orbital shaker

MaterialsBrushless DC motor
The largest load4 microplate
Overall dimensions340*320*200mm
Range of speed300-1350rpm
Orbital diameter3mm
Net weight9.5kg
Features* Low noise, low interference, maintenance-free
* Hot cover heating function
* Supports automatic preheating
* Built-in temperature calibration function
* Displays all running information and setting information in real-time, helping you observe the device running status
* Suitable for various types of microplate

CO2 orbital shaker

Materials304 stainless steel tank
The largest load70*250ml 48*500ml 24*1L
Overall dimensions1200*800*1500mm
Range of speed30-300rpm
Orbital diameter26mm
Net weight240kg
Features* Personalized program design, can preset up to 10 sections of programmable and can choose whether to cycle the program, to achieve automatic operation of temperature, speed, and time
* Built-in lighting system and UV sterilization system
* The detection and control of CO2 concentration adopt imported first-class infrared waveguide patent and gold-plated probe to ensure the stability of measurement data.
* Stable constant temperature function, avoid sample evaporation and drying

How to use and maintain orbital shaker?

Orbital shaker use
1. Load the test bottle and keep it balanced. If it is a dual-function orbital shaker, set the oscillation mode.

2. Switch on the power supply and set the timing time according to the machine surface scale. If orbital shaker needs to operate for a long time, please set the timer to "Normal".

3. Turn on the power switch and set the constant temperature:
* Put the small control switch in the "setting" section, adjust the knob, and set it to the temperature you need to work. The working temperature you set should be higher than the ambient temperature, when the machine starts heating, the yellow light will be on, otherwise, the machine will not work.
* Put the control part of the small switch in the "measurement" end, at this time, the display temperature is the actual temperature of the air in the test box, with the change of the air temperature in the box, the number displayed will change accordingly.
* When heating to your required temperature, heating will automatically stop, green indicator light; When the heat emission in the test chamber is lower than the temperature you set, a new round of heating will start.

4. Switch on the oscillating device: Turn on the oscillation switch on the control panel, the indicator lights up, then adjust the oscillation speed knob to the desired oscillation frequency.

5. After work, cut off the power supply and set the speed control knob and temperature control knob to a lower point.

6. Clean the machine after each use.
Orbital shaker maintenance
1. Appliances should be placed on a firm work surface, the environment should be clean and tidy, well ventilated.

2. The power sockets provided by users should be properly grounded.

3. It is strictly forbidden to move the machine during normal working hours.

4. Objects are strictly prohibited from striking the machine.

5. Children are strictly prohibited from approaching the machine in case of accidents.

6. Before replacing the fuse, ensure that the power supply is cut off.

7. Please clean the machine after use, no water droplets and dirt residue.

How to order orbital shaker?

ANTITECK provide lab equipment, lab consumable, manufacturing equipment in life sciences sector.
If you are interested in our orbital shaker or have any question, please write an e-mail to [email protected], we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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