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Rotary Shaker

Rotary shaker in laboratory

1. What is rotary shaker?
2. Rotary shaker working principle
3. Rotary shaker function
4. Types of rotary shaker
5. Rotary shaker specifications
    5.1. Vortex shaker
    5.2. Rotary shaker incubator
    5.3. Orbital rotary shaker
    5.4. Rotary flask shaker
    5.5. Mini rotary shaker
    5.6. Multi-test tube rotary shaker
6. Rotary shaker safe operation
7. How to use rotary shaker?
8. How to maintain rotary shaker?
9. How to order rotary shaker?

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What is rotary shaker?

Definition and application
Rotary shaker is laboratory equipment for mixing and growing chemicals, solvents, and other laboratory samples. They are widely used in basic chemicals, pathological work analysis, and other scientific fields. In addition, rotary shakers can also be used to shake solutions in the Erlenmeyer flask.

Rotary shaker working principle

The working principle of the rotary shaker is mainly an LC circuit consisting of a capacitor and an inductor, which produces free oscillations through the interconversion of the electric and magnetic field energy. As the positive feedback becomes stronger and stronger, it leads to a transient steady state. During the transient state, another transistor is gradually charged by the capacitor and then turns on or off, and the state is flipped and another transient state is reached. This way the principle of oscillation is formed over and over again.

Rotary shaker function

There are many functions of the rotary shaker machine, but it can be summed up in four main functions:
1. To make the solution even out
In general, whatever the type of rotary shaker, the main function is to oscillate and mix samples at a certain temperature and speed, so that the solution is evenly distributed.
In addition, in biochemical research or experiments, rotary shakers are used for the culture of microorganisms, such as bacteria in liquid media.
2. Homogenize a solution of high viscosity
Because the swing angle and vibration speed of the rotary shaker can be changed, even if the viscosity or density of the sample is quite high, the rotary shaker can also homogenize the sample.
3. Homogenize nutrients
One type of rotary shaker is the rotary shaker incubator, which is actually a combination of the shaker and the incubator. The shaker produces vibrations, and the incubator maintains certain conditions necessary for the microbial culture process, so the function of the rotary shaker is to homogenize nutrients.
4. Samples can be homogenized at low temperatures
Some sample solutions need to be processed at low temperatures, and rotary shakers can be a good solution to this problem, because in rotary shakers, there is a type of rotary shaker because of its low speed, so the vibration frequency of the shaker is very low, the temperature is also relatively low. Therefore, the rotary shaker is very suitable for the culture of microorganisms.

Types of rotary shaker

The following types of rotary shakers in a laboratory are usually available: 
* Vortex shaker
* Rotary shaker incubator
* Orbital rotary shaker
* Rotary flask shaker

Rotary shaker specifications

Vortex shaker

Voltage110-120V/ 220-230V
Circle diameter4mm
The motor typeShaded Pole Motor
Speed range2800rpm
Permissible ambient temperature5-40℃
Permissible relative humidity80%
1. Vortex shaker can mix any liquid powder you need to mix quickly, evenly, and thoroughly in a high-speed vortex form.

2. Stepless speed regulation, up to 2800RPM.

3. Eccentric ball shaft design and vibration head installation are convenient.

4. Silicon base, compact shape, shockproof, suitable for high-speed work.

5. The noise index is 26dB, much lower than the international noise index.

Rotary shaker incubator

Voltage220V 50Hz
Speed range40-280rpm
The motor typeDC brushless motor
External dimensions540*460*375mm
Tray dimensions250*290mm
Permissible ambient temperature10-30℃
Timing range1-9999min
1. Rotary shaker incubator is laboratory equipment integrating an incubator and rotary shaker, which can be used in one machine.

2. Microcomputer control temperature and oscillation frequency, with timing function, the LCD screen can continuously, accurately and real-time display temperature, frequency, smooth operation, constant and reliable, but also equipped with overtemperature, power outage, leakage, sensor fault alarm function.

3. With observation window design, the inner liner and shaking table surface with anti-bacteria stainless steel, four corners rounded design, easy to clean.

4. Compressor and circulating fan are imported products, environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigeration.

Orbital rotary shaker

Voltage100-240V, 50/60Hz
Shimmy amplitude8mm
The motor typeDC brushless motor
Speed range60-400rpm
External dimensions330*370*130mm
Tray dimensions210*282mm
Permissible ambient temperature 5-40℃
Permissible relative humidity 80%
1. Orbital rotary shaker can be applied to a variety of trays, shakers, fixtures, and accessories replacement is convenient, and greatly improve the experimental benefits.

2. Large LCD, timing, speed, and temperature values can be displayed in real-time, and the operation page is easy to understand.

3. Locking operation mode can effectively prevent accidental contact.

4. Brushless motor drive, low noise, stable speed, long service life, easy maintenance.

5. Uniform acceleration, effectively avoid sample splashing.

Rotary flask shaker

Voltage220V, 50Hz
Shimmy amplitude35mm
The motor typeDC brushless motor
Speed range20-300rpm
External dimensions900*680mm
Tray dimensions800*600mm
Timing range0-500h
1. Rotary flask shaker adopts 304 stainless steel material, easy to remove and clean.

2. A variety of special shaking frame and fixture for choice, shaking frame and fixture replacement is convenient, greatly improve the efficiency of the experiment.

3. The parameters set by the user can be automatically stored in the case of sudden power failure, and run the original setting program after the power is turned on.

4. The unique design of speed monitoring circuit can stop the oscillation when the speed is too fast or too slow, so as to ensure the safe operation of the shaker without failure.

5. Multi-section oscillation frequency and time synchronous programming, common and programming operation mode is optional, preset value and running value display at the same time, can simplify complex cultivation requirements, truly realize automatic control and operation.

Mini rotary shaker

TypeVortex shakers
Voltage100-240V 50/60Hz
Shimmy amplitude35mm
Speed range1000-3500rpm
External dimensions125*115*76mm
1. The mini rotary shaker is compact and takes up no space.

2. Equipped with a powerful motor, can oscillate at high speed.

3. Suitable for mixing small amounts of samples.

4. Pad for the suction cup, can be firmly adsorbed on the table, to ensure the stable work of the instrument

Multi-test tube rotary shaker

Shimmy amplitude35mm
Speed range10-80rpm
External dimensions290*220*360mm
Timing range 0-120min
1. Trays of multi-test tube rotary shaker can be loaded with different sizes of test tubes.

2. Insert tube without any fixture.

3. Different types of test tubes can be mixed at the same time to meet your different experimental needs.

4. Incubator tray rotation angle 0℃~90℃ arbitrary adjustment, convenient and flexible.

5. The tray is made of ABS engineering plastic and is strong and durable.

Rotary shaker safe operation

When using the rotary shaker, in order to avoid unnecessary equipment failures and to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, please follow the following requirements:
1. Position
Place the rotary shaker on a level table or work table that can support the weight of the shaker and all related components.

2. The use of environment
Please make sure the indoor temperature range is 18℃. 34℃, and the relative humidity is up to 90%.

3. Power supply voltage
Before using rotary shkers, ensure that the local power supply voltage meets requirements. You are advised to connect the device to a power supply with grounding protection installed.

4. Equipment leveling
The equipment is properly levelled by placing the bubble level on the drive bearing housing at the top of the center.

5. Component installation
The installation of a flask fixture is accomplished by securing the base of the fixture to the platform using the correct type and number of screws.

How to use rotary shaker?

1. When the rotary shaker rotates at high speed, in order to avoid large vibration of the instrument, the culture reagent bottles should be placed symmetrically on the shaker, and the culture liquid of each bottle should be roughly equal.

2. Please firmly fix the sample on the shaker, make sure that the sample will not swing violently when the shaker is working before leaving.

3. In the sampling process, if any sample is found missing that is including the plug drop, the total power supply should be turned off, and the debris should be removed with tweezers as far as possible. If necessary, part of the parts should be removed for cleaning.

4. It is forbidden to put the pipe frame made of plastic foam into the shaker, so as not to inhale the foam particles into the rotating shaft of the fan, resulting in overheating and burning of the fan!

5. When taking out the sample, turn off the power or set the speed to zero.

How to maintain rotary shaker?

1. The surface of the rotary shaker should be cleaned frequently to keep it clean, and the side of the instrument control panel should be avoided to avoid water droplets entering the instrument and damaging the instrument.

2. When the instrument is often used, an appropriate amount of grease should be added every few months, and the fuse box, control components and fastening screws of the instrument should be checked regularly.

3. after long-term use, equipment failure, should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel, can not be easily disassembled.

4. When the shaker is not used for a long time, especially in the rainy season or wet season, it should be powered on regularly (every 1 month) for 5-8h to remove the moisture absorbed by the electrical components of the equipment.

How to order rotary shaker?

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