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Thermostatic Bath

Thermostatic bath used in laboratory

1. What is thermostatic bath?
2. Types of thermostatic bath
    2.1 Thermostatic water bath
    2.2 Thermostatic oil bath
    2.3 Thermostatic metal bath
3. How to buy thermostatic bath?

What is thermostatic bath?

Thermostatic bath is a general term for the thermostatic water bath, thermostatic oil bath, and thermostatic metal bath. Thermostatic baths are used for incubation and inactivation of cultures, processing chemical reactions, warming bacteriological media, or thawing frozen samples in research labs, standard and special labs that deal with medicine, science, and industry. They are mainly used in some occasions where the temperature demand is special and are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, biological and other fields.

Types of thermostatic bath


Thermostatic water bath

Thermostatic water bath is a laboratory precision instrument for direct or auxiliary heating in the biological, plant, physical, chemical, medical, environmental protection, and other experimental science fields. Its temperature control device is designed with high stability operational amplifier and double integral high precision A/D conversion technology and far infrared heating technology. At the same time, It also has the characteristics of a circulating stirring system and a short thermal equilibrium time of the product, which makes it have the advantages of small temperature fluctuation and good uniformity.

Features of thermostatic water bath

a. The design of side air intake, side exhaust, and corner rounding can prevent accidental injury. The addition of casters makes it more convenient to move.

b. Light touch button for easy operation. There is a devolved liquid port, which makes it convenient to update the medium.

c. Over-temperature protection and alarm systems enhance the safety factor of equipment.

d. It can be continuously cooled down from 200℃ to -78℃. High temperature cooling speed of up to 5℃ to 10 ℃ / min and thus improve the work efficiency.

e. PID control method is adopted to make the machine temperature control accuracy greatly improved. Refrigeration or heating with the temperature setting microcomputer is automatically switched to work, simplifying the operating procedures to avoid damage to the machine by mistake.

Five ways of improving the sensibility of thermostatic water bath

a. Thermostatic medium
If the medium has good medium flow and large heat capacity, its sensitivity is high.
b. Thermometer
If its heat capacity is small, the contact surface with the constant temperature medium is large, the adhesion between the mercury and platinum wire and capillary wall is small, then its sensitivity is high.
c. Heater
The smaller the heating power, the higher the sensitivity.
d. Stirrer
The stirring speed must be large enough so that the temperature of each part of the constant temperature medium can be as consistent as possible.
e. Position of parts
The heater is placed near the stirrer so that the heat is rapidly transferred to each part. The thermometer should be placed near the heater, and the thermometer for temperature determination should be placed near the system under study.

Use of thermostatic water bath

a. It is best to add warm water when using, which can shorten the heating time and save electricity.

b. Turn on the power switch. The power indicator light indicates that the power is on.

c. Set the meter to the target temperature. The heating indicator light is on to indicate that the power to the electric heater is on and heating. When the temperature indicated by the temperature gauge reaches the target temperature, wait a few minutes, and the instrument will automatically thermostat control.

d. The scale of the thermostatic controller is only for temperature control indication, not the actual temperature scale.

e. After working, put the temperature control knob at the minimum value and cut off the power.

f. If the water bath is not used for a long time, please drain the water from the tank, wipe it clean with a soft cloth and dry it.

g. Please do not use the heater in the state of no water in the water bath.

Technical parameters of thermostatic water bath

Thermostatic water bathTechnical parameters
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature to 100℃
Working size40×30×18 cm
Overall dimension52×36×39 cm

Thermostatic oil bath

Thermostatic oil baths are widely used in the production process of drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents, etc. They can be used for the impregnation of pharmaceutical and biological products, as well as for constant temperature heating of water baths and other temperature tests. Thermostatic oil bath is necessary for education and research in biological, genetic, viral, aquatic, environmental, pharmaceutical, health, biochemical laboratories, and analytical laboratories.

Use of thermostatic oil bath

a. Oil must be added to the pan before use.

b. Turn on the power.

c. The digital temperature control meter shows the actual measured temperature. Adjust the knob switch and observe the reading to the set target temperature value.

d. When the set temperature value is higher than the current temperature of the oil, the heating indicator light turns on, indicating that the heater has started to work.

e. When the temperature of the oil reaches your target temperature, the constant temperature indicator light comes on and the heating indicator light goes off.

f. Pay attention to the oil inside the pot. The electric heating tube should not be exposed to the oil surface to avoid burning and causing leakage.

Faults and Solutions of thermostatic oil bath

PhenomenonPossible faultsSolution
Normal display but no heatingThe set value is lower than the actual measured temperatureCheck setting value
Heating light on but no temperature riseHeating light on but no temperature riseCheck heater tube and output relay and troubleshoot
The displayed temperature is higher than the actual valueWater in the probeCheck and dry the probe
Normal display but the temperature is out of controlShort circuit or broken circuit in the wiring controlling the heaterCheck the wires and troubleshoot
Temperature does not riseThe set advance is too largeDecrease the amount of advance
The displayed data is faint and flickeringThe displayed data is faint and flickeringThe displayed data is faint and flickering

Precaution of thermostatic oil bath

a. To ensure safety, please connect to the ground wire.

b. Dry firing without oiling is strictly prohibited.

c. Turn off the power when not working to avoid accidents.

Technical parameters of thermostatic oil bath

Thermostatic oil bathTechnical parameters
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature to 300℃
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
Heating power2500W
Circulation pumpInternal circulation
Circulation pump flow≥ 8 liters/min
Power source220V±10V 50Hz
Inner pan size400×300×180 mm

Thermostatic metal bath

Adopting microcomputer control, thermostatic metal bath is a high precision temperature control and good sample-making parallelism instrument, which can replace the traditional water bath device. It can be widely used in a variety of sample incubation, preservation, and reaction scenarios. Its application industries are all over the pharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, quality control, environment, etc.

Compared to the traditional thermostatic water bath, the thermostatic metal bath differs in the mode of heat conduction. The thermostatic water bath is a constant temperature instrument that uses water or ethanol as the medium, and the medium is heated electrically to achieve the ideal constant temperature for constant temperature, while the thermostatic metal bath is made of semiconductor material and heated electrically to achieve the constant temperature effect. The thermostatic metal bath has fast temperature rise, accurate precision, and high controllability. The temperature fluctuation coefficient of the constant temperature water bath is greater.

Features of thermostatic metal bath

a. Instant temperature display, time decreasing display.

b. Double section time and temperature setting.

c. Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

d. Temperature deviation calibration function.

e. Convenient module replacement, easy to clean and disinfection.

f. Built-in over-temperature protection device.

g. LCD screen display, membrane switch.

Use of thermostatic metal bath

a. Check whether the power cord plug has been reliably inserted into the power outlet and the power cord grounding is reliable.

b. Turn on the power switch. All the indicator lights and digital tubes are on. After about 5 seconds, the number displayed in the instant temperature display window is the instant temperature of the metal module, and the number displayed in the setting temperature display window is the setting temperature of the last use.

c. Press the Set button. Then, the leftmost digit of the setting temperature display (SV) flashes. You can use the up and down keys to change the blinking digit to the target value.

d. Press the SET key again, the blinking digit will move one position to the right, change the blinking digit with the up and down keys until the target value.

e. Press the setting key once again, and the blinking digit moves one digit to the right. Again, you can use the up and down keys to change the blinking digit up to the target value and finish setting the temperature. Or press the SET key again and start setting again from the left.

f. 8 seconds after the temperature setting is completed, the digital flashing phenomenon disappears, indicating that the system of this machine enters the operation state and runs according to the current set temperature value.

How to buy thermostatic bath?

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