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UV Ozone Cleaner

UV Ozone Cleaner is a scientific instrument that used in laboratory 

What is UV Ozone cleaner?

UV Ozone cleaner is a simple, economical, and fast material surface cleaning equipment and is a new type of non-damaging optical cleaning technology that can quickly remove organic contaminants from most inorganic substrates. UV cleaning is ideal especially when the substrate and film vapor deposition need to be well bonded. To obtain an ultra-clean surface, only a few minutes of conventional cleaning followed by the equipment is required, making the UV Ozone cleaner an important piece of laboratory equipment.

Application of plasma sterilizer

Due to its high cleaning efficiency, UV Ozone cleaner can be adapted to the cleaning of many instruments and products, mainly in the following areas

Surface cleaning of quartz/glass products
LCD panels, color filters, photomasks, prisms, lenses, mirrors, etc.

Surface cleaning of microelectronics products
Micromotor shaft, magnetic head drive frame, optical disc, optoelectronic devices, micro speaker/receiver vibrating membrane, semiconductor silicon wafer, mask version.

Surface cleaning of precision integrated circuits
LCD ITO, precision circuit boards, flexible circuit board connectors, cleaning of BGA substrates, cleaning of COG, cleaning of COF (ILB) joint surface, cleaning of thin film substrates, cleaning of metal substrates, cleaning of BGA substrates and bonding pads.

Before gluing or printing, surface modification of polymer products
Rubber bonding, plastic automotive parts, lens protection film, plastic film, resin molding airbags, IC packaging, surface properties of injection needle bonding parts, surface modification of intervention catheters, etc.

Surface cleaning and treatment for scientific research processes
Semiconductors, biochips, nanomaterials, polymers, photochemistry, etc.

UV Ozone cleaner working principle

UV Ozone cleaning machine works by UV lamps emitting appropriate intensity of 185nm and 254nm wavelength high-energy ultraviolet light to destroy the molecules of organic matter that is pollutants. 185nm wavelength UV light energy can break down the oxygen in the air into ozone, while 254nm wavelength UV light energy can break down O3 into O2 and reactive oxygen, 254 nm UV light while exciting the surface of organic molecules to improve their sensitivity, which can be destroyed by ozone molecular groups. In the continuous photosensitive oxidation reaction, the generated reactive oxygen atoms and activated organic matter, i.e. hydrocarbon molecules oxidation reaction, generating volatile gases such as CO2, CO, H2O, NO, etc. escape from the surface of the object, to completely remove the organic pollutants adhering to the surface of the object, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Because ozone has a short half-life, it can also be destroyed by 254nm UV light, so the sample is correctly positioned to achieve a good light irradiation effect. CO2 and water vapor are then released and the remaining ozone is restored to molecular oxygen.

Advantages of using UV Ozone cleaner

1. UV Ozone cleaner is suitable for non-destructive cleaning of various substrates.

2. Easy to remove organic contaminants on the surface of substrates that cannot be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning.

3. UV Ozone cleaner can remove the residual organic solvent in the wet cleaning process.

4. UV Ozone cleaners can work under normal pressure, with no vacuum environment.

5. UV Ozone cleaner is an ideal solution for pre-treatment of thin film-coated substrates.

UV Ozone cleaner specifications and features

Benchtop UV Ozone cleaner

Power supply 220V
Lamp 250W, life 5000 hours
Main working spectrum185nm+254nm
Effective cleaning area 6 inches
Cleaning time controller 0-99.99 hours
Lamp preheating time 15 minutes
Illumination height 20-100mm, can adjust the height by tray four side nut
Benchtop UV Ozone cleaner using the independent control system, with the work of the wrong touch function, the use of ergonomic structure, the content of the digital form of display, the substrate can be a highly unpolarized adjustment, the use of stable product devices.

Stainless steel UV Ozone cleaner

Materialthe whole machine is made of mirror stainless steel
Power supply 220V 1.5A 300W
Lamp light intensity 26-30mW/cm2. 250w
Working spectrum 185nm+254nm
Effective cleaning area10 inches
Cleaning time controller0-99.99h
Illumination height20-100mm
1. The operation panel of stainless steel UV Ozone cleaner is digital touch control, simple and convenient to operate.
2. 304 stainless steel inner liner, corrosion resistant, long service life.

UV Ozone cleaner and plasma cleaner

Definition of plasma cleaner

Plasma cleaner also called plasma surface treatment instrument, is a new high-tech technology, the use of plasma to achieve the effect of conventional cleaning methods can not achieve the cleaning machine.

Difference between UV Ozone cleaner and plasma cleaner

Cleaning principle is different
UV Ozone cleaner is the surface of the object carbon and hydrocarbons absorb light to generate volatile gas: carbon dioxide and water vapor, etc. escape from the surface, to completely remove the carbon and organic pollutants adhering to the surface of the object. The plasma cleaner is a gas-forming plasma under the action of a radio frequency power supply, and the surface stains are removed through the chemical and physical action of ions.

Cleaning object is different
Plasma cleaning machines clean a wide range can clean oxides, organic, inorganic, oil, etc. UV Ozone cleaning machine can only clean carbon and hydrogen compounds.

Precautions for using UV Ozone cleaner

In the use of UV Ozone cleaning machine should pay attention to the following matters.

1. Strictly by the UV Ozone cleaner processing range of processing wood, otherwise, it will lead to machine damage and staff injury, curing machine should be properly screened equipment, UV light is not easy to penetrate.

2. Appropriate personal protection, wear long-sleeved clothing, cloth work gloves, anti-UV glasses, and a face shield, do not look directly at the lamps.

3. Before starting the machine, you must confirm that the saw blade and other components are tightened, and all safety guards should be in place. When starting the machine, to prevent the workpiece and the debris entrapped in the round wood rebound, personnel are strictly prohibited to stand in front of the feed and discharge ports.

4. When the machine is cutting and processing, do not artificially lift the bulletproof device, otherwise the workpiece is released, which may cause damage to the machine and staff injury.

5. Please do not repair the machine when it is running, abnormal conditions should first cut off the power supply to ensure that the machine stops running before checking and repairing.

6. Pay attention to the ventilation of the environment to prevent the accumulation of ozone. Generally speaking, there is no need to worry too much, because the equipment manufacturer in the design of the equipment is generally taken into account to protect the equipment, and to operate according to the regulations.

How to maintain UV Ozone cleaner?

UV ozone cleaning machine maintenance matters are as follows,
1. Please place the UV Ozone Cleaner in a dry and smooth location.

2. In the process of using the ultraviolet Ozone cleaning machine, you need to pay special attention to not move the product at will or not to be able to open the top cover of the ultraviolet Ozone cleaning machine, thus preventing the occurrence of water overflow.

3. After the end of the use of UV Ozone cleaning machine, in order to prevent the machine has an internal generation or bacteria breeding, it needs to be cleaned in a timely manner. The usual cleaning agents can be used.

4. It is important to keep the equipment clean and dry, especially to prevent backwater. The voltage and current of the instrument is normal to carry out regular checks.

5. For the inspection and maintenance of tools about once a week, to the bearings and other rotating parts to add grease, to add oil to the pneumatic motor parts.

6. When not in use for a long time, we can rinse and wipe all parts of the object, each rotary part and the belt and chain and other attached debris should be completely removed and each rotary part and the active part of the friction, fully oiled to prevent the emergence of rust phenomenon.

How to choose UV Ozone Cleaner

In the choice of UV Ozone cleaner, the following principles should be followed.
1. The principle of high productivity and good product quality. The high or low productivity directly reflects the production capacity of the line. So the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits it generates. In order to improve product quality, you should choose equipment with high precision and high degree of automation of the cleaning machine. But the selling price of the equipment also increases accordingly, increasing the unit cost of the product. Therefore, in the selection of products, should be combined with the production process requirements, the relevant factors for comprehensive consideration.

2. The principle of serving the production process. First, according to the nature of the material (viscosity, foaminess, volatility, gas content, etc.) to choose the appropriate equipment to meet the production process requirements.

3. The principle of a wide range of processes. UV Ozone cleaning machine process range refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements. The wider the scope of the process, the more you can improve the utilization of equipment to achieve a machine, that is, the use of the same equipment can clean a variety of materials and a variety of specifications.

How to order UV Ozone cleaner?

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