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Water Analyzer

Water analyzer in laboratory

1. What is water analyzer?
2. Application of water analyzer
3. Types of water analyzer
    3.1. Karl Fischer moisture meter
    3.2. Coulometric moisture meter
    3.3. Infrared moisture meter
    3.4. Microwave moisture meter
    3.5. Halogen moisture meter
4. Water analyzer working principle
    4.1. Automatic water analyzer
    4.2. Benchtop water analyzer
5. Water analyzer specifications and features
6. Precautions for using water analyzer
7. How to buy water analyzer?

What is water analyzer?

Water analyzer can detect all kinds of organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases, and other samples in the water content of the instrument is designed using the principle of pyrolysis weight, and is a new type of rapid moisture detection laboratory equipment.

Application of water analyzer

Water analyzer can be widely used in all industries requiring the rapid determination of moisture, such as medicine, food, feed, seeds, rapeseed, dehydrated vegetables, tobacco, chemical, tea, food, meat and textile, agriculture and forestry, paper, rubber, plastic, textile, and other industries in the laboratory and production process of moisture determination requirements; together with the satisfaction of solid, granular, powder, colloidal and liquid water content determination.
Water analyzer is also widely used in various laboratories, suitable for a variety of uses, including incineration, degassing, drying, sterilization and sterilization. Stabilization. Sample ashing and testing.
Universities and research institute's customary laboratories: 
Used to carry out customary education and experimental research on various physics, chemistry, materials, biology, electronics, and other disciplines laboratories
Thermal processing, cement, building materials industry:
For the thermal processing of small workpieces live processing, such as heating small fine ceramics, new material development, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: 
For drug testing, medical sample pretreatment, etc.
Analytical chemistry industry: 
sitting water quality analysis, environmental analysis, and other areas of sample processing, can also be used for oil and its analysis.

Types of water analyzer

1. Karl Fischer moisture meter

Karl Fischer moisture meter has been recognized as the most accurate method by many international standards, such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS, and JIS.
Karl Fischer moisture tester is suitable for the determination of moisture content of various substances. It is the most trustworthy moisture analysis and measurement instrument at present. Wide range of applications for solid, liquid and gaseous samples. If a solid type sample cannot be measured directly, a moisture vaporization device can be connected for measurement. When used in conjunction with a moisture vaporizer, the measurement conditions such as automatic movement of the sample plate, setting of the vaporization temperature, and setting of the carrier gas aeration time can be controlled and measured automatically by the main unit. Good reproducibility, high accuracy, time saving and convenience.

2. Coulometric moisture meter

Coulometric moisture tester can determine the moisture in the sample, overcoming the shortcomings of Karl-Fischer titration method such as low accuracy, large amount of electrolyte and tedious operation, using advanced automatic control circuit and large electrolytic current and current automatic control technology, the measurement results are directly displayed digitally, the shape and structure is novel and lightweight, the instrument is more reliable and convenient to use, and the electrolyte can be used repeatedly for a long time. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, railroad, pesticide, medicine, environmental protection, etc. It has the characteristics of fast analysis, simple operation, high precision and automaticity.

3. Infrared moisture meter

The infrared moisture meter, also known as an in-line moisture meter, consists of an infrared radiation heater and an electronic balance. Its moisture determination is based on the "dry reduction method", which is a recognized standard measurement method.
Infrared heating mechanism: When far infrared radiation is applied to an object, absorption, reflection and transmission can occur. However, not all molecules can absorb far infrared rays, but only those polar molecules that show electricity can work. Water, organic substances and polymeric substances have strong properties of absorbing far-infrared radiation. When these substances absorb far-infrared radiation energy and make their molecules and atoms vibrate and rotate at the same frequency as the frequency of far-infrared radiation, the resonance or rotation of molecules and atoms can easily occur, leading to a great increase in movement, and the heat energy converted into heat energy raises the internal temperature, thus making the substance quickly soften or dry.

4. Microwave moisture meter

Microwave moisture meter is the use of the microwave penetration method to achieve moisture monitoring. When the microwave through the water-containing materials and dry materials, microwave propagation speed and intensity in the direction of propagation will be different changes, water-containing materials will make the propagation speed of microwave slower and weaker intensity. Microwave moisture meter measurement principle is through the detection of these two physical properties of microwave changes in the material through the material to calculate the moisture content of the material. The microwave signal is transmitted from the antenna below the conveyor belt, crosses the material, and is received by the corresponding antenna above the C-frame. By precisely analyzing the microwave signal after crossing the material, the mass fraction of water in the material is deduced and the results are output in real-time and displayed on the LCD screen interface.

5. Halogen moisture meter

Halogen moisture meter uses a special halogen heating light source, which can dry the sample quickly and evenly, and no media propagation, and has no effect on the appearance of the sample, physical and mechanical properties, fastness, color, etc.

Water analyzer working principle

In the water tester, moisture analysis methods - generally can be divided into two categories, namely, physical analysis and chemical analysis. Now there are several kinds of moisture meters, but different moisture meters have different working principles, the following is the introduction of the working principles of different moisture meters respectively.

Karl Fischer moisture meter

Karl Fischer's method, referred to as Fischer's method, is a volumetric splitting method for the determination of water proposed by Karl Fischer (Karl Fischer) in 1935. Fischer's method is the most specific and accurate method for water among all kinds of chemical methods for determining the moisture of substances. Although it is a classical method, it has been improved in recent years to improve the accuracy and expand the measurement range, and has been listed as a standard method for determining moisture in many substances.
Fisher method is an iodine method, the basic principle is the use of iodine oxidation of sulfur dioxide, the need for - a quantitative amount of water to participate in the reaction.
The above reaction is reversible. In order to make the reaction move in the positive direction and quantitatively proceed, a basic substance must be added. Experimentally, pyridine is the most suitable reagent, and pyridine also has the effect of combining with iodine and sulfur dioxide to reduce the vapor pressure of both. Therefore, the reagent must be added to methanol or another solvent containing a reactive OH group to convert the pyridine sulfate to the stable pyridine hydrogen methosulfate.

Infrared moisture meter

Infrared moisture meter mainly by infrared radiation heater and electronic balance to determine its accuracy and stability. Infrared radiation heater: tungsten vacuum tube can radiate near-infrared, silicon carbide is a long wavelength far-infrared radiation heater, quartz glass, and ceramic infrared heater can radiate medium infrared.
Infrared moisture meter moisture measurement benchmark of the recognized standard measurement method of "dry reduction method" is very similar to the heating and drying, quality measurement of the infrared moisture meter. It is also called the "drying reduction method" of the accepted standard measurement method (105°C, 5 hours method), (135°C, 3 hours method), etc. By heating and drying the sample in the dryer for a long time, the change in mass before and after drying is accurately measured, and the amount of moisture is calculated.

Microwave moisture meter

A microwave moisture meter uses microwave field to dry the sample, which accelerates the drying process. It has the characteristics of short measuring time, easy operation, high accuracy, and wide application, and is suitable for moisture determination in granular, powder, and viscous solid samples of grain, paper, wood, textile, chemical products, etc. It can also be applied to moisture determination in petroleum, kerosene, and other liquid samples.

Coulometric moisture meter

Coulometric moisture meters are commonly used to determine the moisture contained in gases. This approach is simple to perform and has a fast reaction, and is particularly suitable for the determination of minute amounts of moisture in gases. If it is determined by the general chemical method, it is very due to the difficult matter. However, the electrolytic method is not suitable for the determination of alkaline substances or conjugated diolefins.

Water analyzer specifications and features

Automatic water analyzer

Weighing value<100g
Calibration weight100g
Moisture range0.00~100%
Moisture scale precision0.01%
Heating sourceHalogen lamp
Type: Halogen moisture meter
1. Automatic water analyzer adopts high efficiency heating halogen lamp, can quickly and evenly dry the sample, the data is more accurate.
2. Stainless steel sample tray is used, which is corrosion resistant, and the instrument is equipped with a horizontal bubble, which can keep the horizontal bubble in the center and make the measurement results more accurate.

Benchtop water analyzer

Measurement principleKarl Fischer Coulomb method
Measurement speed33.3 μ g H2O/s
Measurement range2 μg H2O to 120 mg H2O
Measurement resolution 0.1 μg H2O
Electrolysis current0-400mA
Type: Karl Fischer moisture meter
1. Dual power supply channel design, suppress current interference
2. Stirring speed physical knob adjustment, independent speed adjustment system, not affected by program interface and status.

Precautions for using water analyzer

1. In the process of measuring moisture, it is necessary to avoid vibration, and the notch at the lower end of the heating cylinder should not be placed against the wind.

2. The measurement sample must be piled up on the weighing plate, the piled-up area should cover the bottom surface of the weighing plate as much as possible, and the piled-up thickness should be as thin as possible to facilitate the complete evaporation of water.

3. In the process of measuring moisture, you can not touch the heating cylinder with your hands, and it is strictly prohibited to knock or directly vibrate the working table.

4. Because the weighing system of this instrument is precision equipment, especially the force transferring part is especially afraid of heavy pressure and impact, so try to use the bracket when taking and putting the weighing plate each time, if you take and put the weighing plate by hand, you should take and put it lightly.

5. After the measurement is completed, immediately remove the weighing plate must use the bracket, so as not to burn your hands. The bracket should not touch the weighing bracket and the weighing plate when it is put into the instrument.

6. After the measurement, the weighing plate must be completely cooled before putting in the next specimen.

How to buy water analyzer?

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