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Circulating Water Bath

Circulating water bath used in laboratory

What is circulating water bath?

Circulating water bath, also known as a low-temperature bath, is a high-precision constant temperature source with self-cooling and heating.

Circulating water bath is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, physical testing, and chemical analysis research departments, colleges and universities, factory laboratories, and metrology and quality inspection departments. It can be used for constant temperature experiments in the bath or connected with other equipment through a hose, as a thermostat source, such as a rotary evaporator, electrophoresis instrument, viscometer, medical cold cap, cooling blanket, etc., or used for circulating cooling to other equipment, such as power supply, molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump, microwave therapy machine, etc., to provide a controlled hot and cold, uniform and constant temperature field source for users to work.

Feature of circulating water bath

a. Stainless steel inner liner, novel, and beautiful appearance.

b. Digital display and microcomputer control with timing function.

c. Over-temperature sound and light tracking alarm, so that the sample can be reliably protected.

d. Three-hole electric thermostatic sink.

e. Adopt stainless steel inner liner and top cover, anti-corrosive and easy to clean.

f. With three independent groups of sink and corresponding temperature control equipment, the temperature can be set and controlled individually.

g. Multi-segment programmable controller (optional).

h. Microcomputer program controller, time and temperature rise rate, constant temperature test at a very fast speed.

i. Pre-settable start-up and shutdown time, adjustable circulating pump speed.

j. Multi-segment programmable control with menu-type operation interface can simplify the complex experimental process and truly realize automatic control and operation.

Technical parameters of circulating water bath

Temperature control range20℃~+80℃
Constant temperature accuracy±0.05℃
Display accuracy±0.01℃
Bath volume30L
Bath opening360*140mm
Pump flow<25 L/min
Heating power2000W
Working powerAC220V±10% 50Hz
Ambient temperature5℃~40℃

Use of circulating water bath

Circulating bath

A. Add the liquid medium to the tank, and the liquid medium level should not be lower than 30mm on the working table.

B. Selection of liquid media

a. When the working temperature is lower than 5℃, the liquid medium is generally selected as alcohol.

b. When the working temperature is 5~80℃, the liquid medium generally selects pure water.

c. When the working temperature is 80~90℃, the liquid medium generally selects a 15% glycerin aqueous solution.

d. Operating temperature of 90℃ to 100℃, the liquid medium is generally selected oil.

C. Circulation pump connection

a. For the connection of the internal circulation pump, connect the outlet tube to the inlet tube with a hose both randomly with a hose.

b. External circulation pump for external circulation connection, connect the outlet tube with a hose at the inlet of the container outside the tank, and connect the inlet tube at the outlet of the container outside the tank Note: The tube in front of the left side of the instrument is the inlet tube, and the tube at the back is the outlet tube.

D. Plug in the power, turn on the "power" switch, turn on the "cycle" switch.

E. The meter operates as follows.

a. Shift, ▲ add, ▼ subtract, 〖SET〗setting function key.

b. Temperature setting. Press the set function key to enter the temperature setting state, the last bit of the set value flashes, then press shift first and then press plus or minus to set the working temperature you need, press the set function key and save the set value, then the measurement display is the current temperature of the liquid medium in the tank, after that the microcomputer enters the automatic control state; the set working temperature should be higher than the room temperature 8℃.

c. If the working temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, turn on the "cooling" switch to cool to the desired temperature.

d. Other parameters

a) SC indicates measurement correction, T: indicates time proportional period, P: indicates time proportional band, I: indicates integral system, and d: indicates differential system.
b) Press the set function key for 5 seconds and then it will automatically enter the state of other parameters setting value, at this time the measurement window shows the word "SC", set the required parameters by adding or subtracting numbers. Press the setting function key again, the measurement window will show "T", set the required parameters by adding or subtracting numbers, and so on until all parameters are modified, then press the setting function key again for 5 seconds to return to the normal control state and save each setting value.


a) Set the desired working temperature and other parameters at the end, and press the setting function key again within 15 seconds to save the set value, such as beyond 15 seconds set value automatically restores the original set value.
b) In general, please do not modify each parameter by yourself, except the measured value correction can be modified.

e. When the measured value reaches the working temperature, correct the difference between the measured value and the actual temperature in the tank against the thermometer required for the experiment inserted in the tank (the operation method is the same as the second one in Article 5D).

Precaution of circulating water bath

a. Liquid medium should be added before use.

b. Use power supply 50HZ220V. Power supply power should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument. The power supply must have a good "grounding" device.

c. The instrument should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, the back and sides away from obstacles 30mm distance.

d. After use, all switches should be in the off state, unplug the power supply.

Troubleshooting of circulating water bath


Recirculating water bath

A. The cooling speed becomes slower

Circulating water bath by the compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan (inside and outside) circulation pump, stainless steel liner, heating tube, and intelligent temperature control table. Some users said that the water cycle that has been used for more than a year is normal, but now the cooling speed seems to be getting slower, and the higher the temperature, the more obvious. The use of the water cycle is very simple, but the regular maintenance work cannot be ignored.

As the water cycle itself electrical power and refrigerant from the load take away the heat from the radiator at the front ventilation hood, if the front ventilation hood is full of dust and willow cotton, etc. will prevent the distribution of this heat, it and the cooling effect will be greatly reduced. Generally speaking, under normal conditions of use, the cooling capacity is reduced because the ventilation and heat dissipation are too poor or the ambient temperature is too high.

B. Slowing down of cooling

Noise problem. This problem is still related to the daily maintenance work of the water cycle. As we all know, there are generally very few parts of the impurities inside the water, even distilled water added to the tank is not possible to completely guarantee a little impurity. For the water cycle, the general temperature is set at 20 ℃, specially adapted to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. After a long time, these microorganisms will block the water filter causing poor return, and the pump will have a large noise. Sometimes, because of these microorganisms attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, it will make the heat exchanger heat transfer effect becomes worse, and the cooling capacity becomes smaller. Therefore, the user is in the process of using the equipment, but also in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual to do a good job of daily maintenance, regular cleaning of the inner tank, long-term out-of-use, and keeping the tank dry.

C. Water leakage

Generally speaking, in the course of normal use, there is no leakage in the water circuit. When the ambient temperature is high and the relative humidity in the air is too high, the water pump, water pipe joints, and external water pipes in the water cycle are prone to condensation, which accumulates and then drips onto the ground, so don't worry about water leaks in the water circuit. If the user is still minded or is uneasy, you can open the air conditioner to reduce the room temperature or dehumidification to avoid the generation of dew.

In general, the regular maintenance of a low-temperature constant temperature water tank cannot be ignored, the user must do a good job of a regular maintenance plan to prevent more failures and ensure stable operation of the equipment.

How to buy circulating water bath?

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